When her rather explicit copy is rejected, magazine journalist Kate is asked by her editor to come up with an article on loving relationships instead, and to do so by the end of the day. This gets Kate thinking back over her own various experiences, and to wondering if she is in much of a position to write on the subject.

Also Known As: Amor y sexo, Amor aos Pedaços, Любов и секс, Любовь и секс, Szerelem és szex, Rakkauden jalo taito, Milosc i seks, Love & Sex, Amour et sexe

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  • marko-hrovat
    marko hrovat

    The funniest, most edgy and true-to-life movie of the year. The dialogue is clever, biting and realistic. The situations are hilarious. The actors are perfect and act like real people. Famke Janssen is superb! This movie gets as close to showing my own relationships as any I’ve ever seen. I loved it.

  • tamara-stanescu
    tamara stanescu

    Adam (Jon Favreau) and Kate (Famke Janssen) mix it up as a couple for a while, having the titular *Love and Sex*. Then they break up. While they each date other people, their feelings for each other resurface almost as much as they keep running into each other in social circles. They end up back together again. The end. Interesting, eh? Well, why do you keep patronizing these spongy, fungus-covered things that make the beyond-stale food in the back of your fridge look like French cuisine?Another savagely average boy-girl “romantic comedy” with nothing new to say, nothing profound to offer and nothing remotely involving – except for the chemistry between the two principals.Famke and Favreau are fantastic – but only because I have a thing for Famke and Favreau both. Some good one-liners shot off by Favreau (doing his best Vince Vaughn) and some steamy, square-jawed sexiness exuded by Famke. But nothing can save this movie as the lame vehicle it tries so hard to be – and succeeds at being; predicated on that ignorant, age-old stupidity that there’s ONE person “out there” for you. (There are so many clichés that have become ingrained in our lexicon that we don’t even question what they mean anymore. What exactly does “I will love you forever” mean? If you are bovine enough to believe these kinds of empty palliatives, you deserve every shard of emotional damage you put yourself through.) The perp responsible for writing and directing this swill is – surprise! – a girl: Valerie Breiman. Which of course makes every word said about love and infatuation and anything else to do with “relationships” absolute bunk.But enough about your girlfriend. This movie is pleasant enough – but people: stop taking these fanciful flirtations as “truth” and marrying these fictional accounts to your aspirations and life pathways and decisions.It’s love and sex. One exists. One doesn’t. Then you die.

  • rtn-kaale
    rtn kaale

    I bought this movie on DVD after seeing XMEN 2 ( because my favourite character was Jean Grey) I had a nice surprise, it was really funny, witty , sexy and charming flick. Famke Janssen is very funny , beautiful and talent actress.I hope she makes more movie. Jon was very funny and realistic in many aspects.They had a good chemistry together.

  • ruxandra-ionescu
    ruxandra ionescu

    I made another comment on this movie but I had to add this…. This movie has some of the best quotes in it.. and contains the Three quotes that I tend to use the most.. I wanted to share them”Adam: Two people could be perfect for each other and if the timing is wrong its never going to work out for them. Bad timing is the reason most normal people end up single… Kate: Normal people?? Adam: Yeah Weirdos and Creeps are single because they are weird and creepy, but people like us, we’re single because we are victims of bad timing”Brilliant… Totally honest and so funny at the same time.”Love is a minefield. You take a step, get blown to pieces, put yourself back together again and stupidly take another step…. I guess thats human nature. It hurts so much to be alone that we all would rather get blown up then be single.”So very honest.. so very right on (for people who are completely honest with themselves)”Love is Ecstasy, freedom and imprisonment, longing and loneliness. Its what keeps us together when life tears us apart. So when you find that perfect man, hold on tight and then call me so I can run over there and see what he looks like and laugh because he doesn’t exist you sad, perky little optimistic Suckers!!!!”I love it when Kate says that into her little Recorder… Perfect Timing.. This movie is just full of humor and honesty…

  • bogdan-orlik
    bogdan orlik

    With somewhat of a depressing and pessimistic outlook, Kate (Famke Janssen) has experienced all types of men. However when she meets Adam Levy (Jon Favreau) all bets are off. Love & Sex takes you on a bumpy and up close ride at love, heartache and the wonderful and sometimes painful art of making up.

  • olga-celmins
    olga celmins

    Come on people, this is a Ro Co (romantic comedy, please we should all know the terminology by now). Are you seriously expecting some amazing, thought-provoking, inner-meaning “film”??? Surely not. You should, however, be expecting a make-you-laugh/make-you-smile kind of movie — and you get just that. In fact, you get even more. Love & Sex is a witty, suspenseful (well as suspenseful as Ro Co’s can be…but i might even go so far as to label it a SuRoCo…suspenseful romantic comedy obviously), realistic, and downright fun movie. In fact its not just witty, it’s the kind of funny that makes you laugh so loud you later wonder if everyone else thought you laughed a little “too loud.” but not to worry, you didn’t, because it’s just that fun. what separates it from average Ro Co’s is its ability to accurately capture the not so bright side of relationships, but its this very honesty that makes it all the better in the end. So go rent it/buy it/re-enact it its worth it. It’s definitely a top rate Ro Co in my book (and i WROTE the book on Ro Co’s)

  • melissa-colon
    melissa colon

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Sooooooo amazing and underrated. I’ve watched it dozens of times and I never get sick of it. Jon Favreau is also one of my favorite actors. He’s so funny! He and Famke Jensen have an amazing chemistry in this film. It seems so real and genuine, like a lot of things you can relate to and understand. One of my favorite scenes is when Kate comes home and Adam asks her to fill him a tub. I love it! 🙂 Another one is when they are out shopping, walking down the street and they start an argument about who looks better when they age, men or women. Anyways if you’ve never seen I obviously highly recommend it.

  • blanka-krzeszowiec
    blanka krzeszowiec

    Let me start by saying I really like both Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau. I have found them both to be great actors and usually quite good at picking quality scripts. They hit this nail right on the head. I can say with a few exceptions, if I found a man like Adam, I’d marry him! This was a great example of a relationship, even after it ends, and should be used in college courses in on human relations. It’s hard to say exactly what was so great about it, maybe it was just the little things.

  • viviana-dinu
    viviana dinu

    This is a great movie about what love life is really like. This semi-autobiographical story was written and directed by Valerie Breiman and it actually gives the woman’s point of view on relationships, in the same way Jon Favreau did in Swingers (I’m not just saying that because he’s in the movie either). It deals with the good, and bad, the highs and lows. The dialogue is realistic and the chemistry between Janssen and Favreau is great. There are also several cameos by well know faces that add great little bits of comedy here and there. It’s really funny and I left the theater with that, yeah I totally know exactly what she’s talking about feeling. Good flick, check it out.

  • gurev-andrei-isidorovich
    gurev andrei isidorovich

    Turned this on as a “well nothing else is on right now” idea, and was pleasantly surprised. I missed the first 10 minutes but watched until the end. I thought this was a nice movie, with quality acting and lots of good humor. Its minus was it was a familiar plot but the acting I thought set it apart. I like Jon and Famke together, they have nice chemistry (they also appear in “Made” together). I liked that it hit on topics/issues very close to my current relationship so I could relate better to the characters. I recommended it to my friends the next day. Its a good rental/cable option.

  • noemi-ozuna
    noemi ozuna

    My wife and I watched it quite by accident recently. Very funny, warm and witty. Reminded me of Blind Date, Continental Devide, but more clever. We laughed and cried at the foibles of both the main actors. The story line is intriguing with pertinent flashbacks. Modern and timely. I was hooked in an early scene where Adam says “You think this is a joke? Here’s a joke. Two guys walk into a bar and one of them is a 30 year old stand up comedian who lives with his parents.” His rival melts away. The line about her faking her documentaries regarding a particular act being more beneficial to the ….ee than to the ….er was priceless. All the previous relationships were germane to her frustration with men.

  • sorina-dinu
    sorina dinu

    This has got to be one of the duffest romantic comedies I have ever seen. The characters are annoying, not sympathetic at all and there is no chemistry between them. The plot is mediocre to say the least, verging on cliched. I know that within a week or so the only thing that I’ll remember about this film is that it was total rubbish. Avoid unless you are already in a coma.

  • hegedus-zsombor
    hegedus zsombor

    I absolutely love this movie. It is sweet, funny and clever. I came across on HBO one night and loved it. I git right on-line and bought and watch it whenever I see it on HBO again. Famke Janssen is great, Jon Favreau is perfect and Josh Hopkins is pricelessly funny. This movie makes me happy every time I see it.

  • ioan-eftimie
    ioan eftimie

    I must admit that I love this kind of films, where we follow the story of ordinary people through their struggle in relationships. It is wonderfully done her, with so many scenes which most of us can identify with, and so human outlook on the whole deal of falling in love and living with someone. Watch it and see if you can relate having been in similar circumstances, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 7/10

  • marie-vavrova
    marie vavrova

    This movie contained so many truism’s in some exaggerated scenarios, but the blend made for moments that you could identify with and others that were for sheer entertainment value. If you have ever dated,fallen in love, and wondered if you would find “the one” this movie takes you down this road for an enjoyable trip!!!The lead character Kate is definitely a woman who is letting her ‘inner child’take the lead when it comes to dating…that is until she meets Adam. He is unconventional, honest, and has a great sense of humor–so naturally he is her new best friend. The friendship, relationship, and appreciation they have for one another makes you evaluate the quality of relationships; and as a result you either appreciate what kind of relationships you have or long for what you could have. A movie that will make you think & giggle!

  • ilper-ide-mansiz
    ilper ide mansiz

    A funny, captivating film. Honest in its approach to portray the difference between people and true love. We all make connections we people through relationships but we may not always make the right decision at the right time. It may make you at crazy, but when you’ve been ‘cheese sandwiched’ then you will know that you don’t want anymore. If you want to experience someone else’s view on love and sex watch it, you might love it or hate it, either because you think its rubbish or because you might not like what its saying. But we all do it so why not humour yourself, after all were all looking for that one connection, the one piece of comfort we find in this ever lonelier world. -A bit deep? well its only an opinion!

  • jay-kelley
    jay kelley

    As much as many people would like to bash this movie, obviously there NOT a female and they HAVEN’T lived in this decade. The trial to find a good man and “mr. right” hangs in the midst of every day, and the way they have portrayed this is very close to the truth. Ok so a lil extravagant, what are the odds that she dates the actor of her ex boyfriends fave movie, she refused to see? But ok, its a movie, and a lot of things in life, ecspecially in relationships will have you sayin, “What are the odds?”. Things happen weirdly and the way it was delivered in this movie was beautiful. It shows the glory of love, and the cute quips one may have, it shows how people REALLY get along when they live with eachother. They show life isn’t a fairy tale, and it deems the truth of it. Overall, as bad as her morals were, but whose are good these days anyways but your grandmother, I think this is a worthwhile movie, at least for a chic nite.

  • renata-beranova
    renata beranova

    If you’ve been watching Jon Favreau’s Dinner for Five on IFC, and enjoying it, as I have, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie. Favreau is fun to watch, and this movie shows his strengths as an actor. Famke Jansen is a standout as Kate, the film’s protagonist.Looking through the External Reviews, linked on IMDB, it seems that many of the critics really disliked this movie, and I don’t see why. It may not be Shakespeare, but why such a strong negative reaction to what is essentially a light, romantic comedy. Some even say there is no chemistry between Jansen and Favreau, and again, I just don’t get it.OK, so you’ve probably read the synopsis, 30ish single Kate is looking for love. 30ish Adam seems to be it. Then they break up. Then they try to move on. Then they drive each other crazy with jealousy. I won’t go on to spoil the finish.All that is pretty predictable, but the dialogue is well written. The actors are believable and connect with less of a sizzle than a warm melt. I enjoyed the build-up phase of the relationship that was the heart of the movie. The soundtrack songs were well chosen, and enhanced the film.Overall, this movie is a nice time, and I’d probably watch it again.

  • steven-gonzales
    steven gonzales

    Interesting film following the romances of a journalist. Famke Janssen traces her history of romances in her mind as she works diligently to meet a deadline for an article on romantic relationships to save her job. She uses this time to reflect on her on and off relationship with Jon Favreau. This film is a nice change of pace for Favreau. I would recommend this film if for nothing else then the scene with David Schwimmer.

  • juan-woods
    juan woods

    If you are looking for a standard hollywood film with the standard hollywood jokes and the standard hollywood ending – Be prepared for a disappointment. If you are willing to put the stereotypical – boring – humour aside and open up for this entertaining, witty, insightful and brilliantly funny story – then this is the film for you.Shot in only 21 days this is a masterpiece and definitely one of the funniest film’s i have ever seen. Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau make a brilliant team and the onscreen chemistry between them makes the film seem ever more realistic.Some of the jokes are worth repeating and talking about after watching this film – if you haven’t seen it yet then go and get it and watch out for the french teacher, peaches and the little singer man.If you have seen this film and still can’t appreciate the brilliantness then maybe you’d have to wonder whether your humour is too spoiled by the overdrawn high budget hollywood stuff. But that’s only my opinion.

  • kaspar-bertelsen
    kaspar bertelsen

    This film is an excellent example of what is good in Hollywood. The writing is inventive, never dull, but most importantly REALISTIC. No matter how tattered or tranquil your relationship history – you will connect with at least one of the characters. Both Jon and Famke are ultra believable and endearing characters. The plot line, direction, and semi-anti-climatic ending do not necessarily leave you wanting more but leave you feeling satisfied that you have just enjoyed one of the great indie films left out there. This IS a movie that most women will LOVE and some men (the ones greatly opposed to “chick flicks”) will most likely not enjoy. Word to the wise, if you can get your guy to watch the first 10 minutes of this movie it is almost certain to be satisfying. Certainly one of my FAVORITE movies…

  • per-geir-boe
    per geir boe

    If you like intelligent, witty character-driven flicks, but aren’t feeling up for anything too meaningful, you will probably enjoy this. The actors have great chemistry and the writing is often delightfully fresh.

  • stein-moen
    stein moen

    The screenplay was witty and had a sense of true comedic timing.The movie only showcases a bit of what the screenplay held.Valerie Breiman wrote a fantastic script, but her direction was somewhat lacking, and I felt that the actors did the best they could with what she gave them. There were some elements of great comedy, but the timing was just a BIT off. A more experienced director could have played up the many one liners and the countless funny moments from Kate’s love life. The ending just sort of showed up, which was disappointing, and she could have worked more of the new article deadline into the story. And unfortunately, the one serious moment in the story (which was acted very well) was too short and it could have been explored more, and could have exhibited itself further in the story as something like that affects someone very deeply, even Kate.Jon Favreau is a very funny man and from what I’ve seen a pretty good actor. Famke Janssen, while best known as the best bad Bond Girl and Jean Grey from X-men, isn’t known for her acting ability, having taken some roles in some very VERY bad movies. However, I think almost each and every time she makes a movie she gets better and better. This was the first time I’d seen her play something other than the one dimentional characters from her previous roles. I think that in ‘Love and Sex’ and also in the new ‘X-2 X-Men United’ she’s starting to show some real acting chops, some true depth, indicating that she’s more than just a former-model-turned-actress cliche. She turned out some very very funny scenes, but the director as I said earlier just missed out on the very jokes she had written. Hopefully, Ms. Janssen will start to get some meatier roles to play, based on the potential she showed here and the heart and soul she’s brought to a comic book character for crying out loud. But that’s another review and a completely different type of movie. I’d like to see her do more comedy.Ms. Brieman gave a decent 1st time out movie, it just could have been so much more. I still really enjoyed it and if I had the money I’d go buy it. I got the humor, and appreciated it, even though it was poorly put on the screen. Maybe its because I’m just as neurotic as Kate and Adam.

  • noemi-gimenez
    noemi gimenez

    “Sex and Love” is one of my favorite romantic comedies of recent vintage. It may in fact be may favorite.It is from a decidedly 30 something, as opposed to 20 something, point of view. There is no question that that helps define its sub-genre, and its maturity.I adore (and lust after) Framke Janssen, and deeply respect Jon Favreau. I was introduced to both by this movie. I have since gone looking for both in other films — and have been rewarded in that quest.This film does indeed dispense with the sex wars stereotypes of the moment and deal with two individual characters. At the same time, neither is the polar opposite of the sex stereotype (which might itself actually be a play off of the expected). Framke is a semi-promiscuous, very sexy but also “too tall”, somewhat depressive and quirky woman. Favreau is not very good looking (which women, especially more intelligent and more experienced women tend to not care so much about), intense, highly intelligent, and if anything too oriented towards early commitment. At the same time he seems to have a very strong and experimental sex drive. All in all, he is in many ways what elite level late 90’s women say (at any rate) they want the most in men.But Jon develops a problem. Though he fights against it, he is in fact life experience jealous of Framke’s 13 (as I remember) against his (rather amazing 3). (Both are very suppressed numbers, if you ask me.) He stays with women he sleeps with for six years. She hasn’t had a relationship that lasted longer than six weeks, other than her high school French teacher (with a vanishingly small d**k). So one thing leads to another and they separate in a most friendly and civilized manner. Only to….It is the detailed and very honest character development which makes this movie — what it is all about. In fact it is a very “French” American romantic comedy — set within a quintessentially American idiom.I’d love to see many more like this.

  • douglas-mack
    douglas mack

    Valerie Breiman treats the subject of love and sex with almost the perfect balance. It remains funny and light while treading on some pretty heavy issues. I saw it at a film festival and it was a welcome relief from the heaviness of many of the other films shown. This was the first time I had noticed Famke Janssen and I said, “I’ll watch out for her because she will surely get a bigger film.” Sure enough, she showed up in a good role in X Men. This is a great date film, by the way, if your date is at all open-minded. Despite the “sex” in the title, there isn’t much shown. The language is a little over-the-top.