After trying to pull off a heist, Lupin encounters a group of killers called the Tarantulas. One of them so happen to have his long lost special Wather P38, he once own. Lupin decides to investigate by going to the Tarantulas’ hideaway on a well protected island in the Brimudal Triangle. With the help of his friends Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko. Lupin has no fear. But he doesn’t know that it won’t be so easy to escape the island with the gold the Assassins smuggled.

Also Known As: Lupin III: La isla de los asesinos, Lupin III: Walther P38, Lupin III: In Gedenken an die Walther P38, Lupin III: La isla de los asesinos - En memoria de la Walther P38, Lupin III: Island of Assassins, Lupin the 3rd: Walther P38 - Nome in codice Tarantola, Lupin III: Nome in codice Tarantola, Rupan sansei: Walther P38

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