This Lupin the Third movie is set before he meets Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, or Fujiko Mine. It starts out with Lupin meeting a cute girl, who’s on her way to being locked up. Lupin busts her out, only to be left behind. He later encounters Daisuke Jigen, who desperately wants Lupin to reincarnate the Lupin empire. Lupin also later (again) meets Fujiko, wanting expensive jewelry and promising Lupin a “worthy prize”. He must do this (well, if he wants Fujiko that is) while avoiding being killed, and while deciding if he really wants to take over the Lupin empire.

Also Known As: Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy, Lupin III - La strana strategia psicocinetica, ルパン三世 念力珍作戦, Rupan Sansei: Nenriki chin sakusen

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  • charles-riggs
    charles riggs

    This is one of the more obscure movies in the 40 plus years old Lupin III franchise. As an adaptation of the manga or the 1971 anime that preceded it, Psychokinetic Strategy is mostly an “in name only” affair. Lupin is still a womanizer, but he’s so easygoing that he doesn’t even care about upholding the Lupin family name. Jigen’s more a mentor figure than a partner, and his personality has been watered down. Goemon isn’t present at all. Only Fujiko and Zenigata remain much the same.PS is best described as a live action Warner Bros. cartoon. Characters get flattened, conjure up items out of hammer space, and run about in sped up chase scenes. The main theme sounds like the accompaniment to a 1912 Mack Sennett comedy, far from the jazzy fare folks associate with Lupin III. The story is episodic, little more than a string of energetic gags and innuendos. In many ways, PS is cartoonier than the many Lupin animated series and films! Despite all the differences from the Lupin manga and animated canon, this is still a fun romp. The actors look like they’re having the time of their lives and there’s also an irresistible camp factor not too far removed from something like the 1960s Batman show. This is not any of the three TV series, it’s not Cagliostro, and it’s certainly not the recent Fujiko spin-off, but if you take it on its own terms, the insanity will provide a lot of entertainment.

  • manuel-lourenco-martins
    manuel lourenco martins

    I’m not big on Lupin III. A combination of a plot hooks that don’t really appeal to me and low-budget, old school character design has never made it worth the effort or money for me. But my friends like Lupin III and dragged me with them to see this at an anime convention.I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I laughed a great deal, and not because of its hyper-retro 70s camp but because of its genuinely amusing, tongue-in-cheek silliness.”Strange Psychokinetic Strategy” is like a fabulous cross-over of Lupin III and the Pink Panther films: physical gags and slap-stick, a frustrated police chief, crazy assassins, adventure, skillful, sexy ladies outwitting everyone else, and the most debonair Lupin ever.This isn’t really universally appealing — those without a taste for silliness and a tolerance for campiness and cheese, intentional or otherwise, will probably roll their eyes at most of this movie. But if you have ever laughed at something involving Peter Sellers or Mel Brooks, you should give this movie a try.

  • kaique-cavalcanti
    kaique cavalcanti

    I got the DVD of this film recently. And i already knew it was different from the popular manga or anime.This movie is still Lupin the 3rd only the characters are different. It’s like watching “Super Mario Bros. Movie” which also has character different from the original video game.Lupin is still a perverted thief. Only he wears a scarf and white disco suit throughout most of the movie. And he isn’t too honorable to his family name and doesn’t bother to rebuild the Lupin Empire like he does in the Manga.Jigen is still a quick draw gunman. Only he has a mustache as well as a beard. He treats lupin like a kid instead of a boss. And tries to convince him to rebuild the lupin Empire.Fujiko is still hot and obsess with Jewelry. And pretty much resembles the one from the anime and manga.Zenigata is still a stubborn cop determine to catch Lupin. Only he wears a headband and no trench coat.Goemon however is the only one you don’t see in this movie.This movie has it’s moments here and there. Plenty of slapstick humor and Japanese comedy. Since Japan has their own way of laughing at jokes and gags. Good but not 100% perfect. I mean i wouldn’t mind if they did made 2 sequels to this movie. Least one that includes an actual samurai that’s suppose to look like Goemon.So Goemon fans will be disappointed with this movie. Not a must see for all the Lupin fans. Rent it or borrow it to see for yourself. Only available in Japanese cause an English dub would make the dialog sound more silly than the movie itself.I recommend it for 13 and up due to it having language, some violence, and sexual humor.