Dancehall “girl” Rosie Velez, lost in the desert, is helped to safety by gunman Abel Wood. In the town of Chili Verde, at the saloon of Marguerita Ventura, a word of a treasure in gold brings Abel into conflict with outlaw Hard Case Williams and his gang.

Also Known As: Poftă trupească în ţărână, Страсть в пыли Soviet, Polvo de oro, Zadza na pustyni, Страсти в прахта, Geier, Geld und goldene Eier West, Saluunojen sulotar, Lust in the Dust, A Louca Corrida do Ouro, En fröken i öknen

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  • rune-thorsen
    rune thorsen

    The phrase ‘Lust In The Dust’ was first coined to describe David O. Selznick’s epic western Duel In The Sun. It took almost forty years for it to be the actual title of a comic western starring the fabulous zoftig 300 pound female impersonator Divine as one full figured showgirl come to an out of the way New Mexican village to find a treasure.The treasure is the loot from a holdup of more than 30 years ago and there’s a riddle to the treasure that has to be solved. There’s also a map that was done in halves and the halves hidden in a place where the sun doesn’t normally shine.Lust In The Dust is a satire on those spaghetti westerns and serving the pasta is former 50s matinée idol Tab Hunter and Geoffrey Lewis on hiatus from Clint Eastwood films. Hunter is your Eastwood like stranger with a fast gun and Lewis is a rather urbane outlaw leader.Divine goes to work in Lainie Kazan’s bawdy house and the two really don’t hit it off. But they have to work together in a manner of speaking.Sad to say is the best scene in the film is the state Lewis’s gang is in after ‘ravishing’ Divine out there on the desert. Who says women are the weaker sex?Set in a bawdy house part of the time Lust In The Dust is one bawdy R rated western. What would Hoppy, Gene, and Roy think?

  • galina-iljin
    galina iljin

    When a friend suggested I watch this film I hadn’t heard of it. And after I saw it, at first, I wished I hadn’t. But this is one of those truly guilty pleasures. Don’t admit to anyone you’ve seen this film, but sat back and prepare to roar. Tab Hunter not only wrote the script and produced but starred in the film. Divine was…well divine and Lanie Kazan was a hoot. And ever debonair Cesar Romero helped to bring the riotous humor out in this little gem by director Paul Bartel. Make no mistake, this is not a John Waters film. It is in a class by itself and it needs to be judged that way. Even the name of the town Chili Verde (Green Chili) New Mexico is fitting. I think I may have driven through this place a time or two when I lived in that state.

  • matilde-tavares
    matilde tavares

    Okay, some get John Waters and some don’t. The same is true of Divine, I think. I fall into the second category. With the exception of “Hairspray” which was tolerable only because of Ricki Lake, John Waters’s movies go straight over my head.This movie was my first introduction to Waters and Divine and what a wake up call. It’s rare that I don’t finish a movie, but this is one of the few exceptions. It is incredibly UN-funny. It features “nude” scenes with Divine who is the ugliest, least talented female impersonator I have ever encountered. Admittedly I haven’t encountered many, but the ones I’ve seen were way better and they didn’t get to star in even a lame piece of junk like this one. At no time did I accept Divine as a woman, and yet this movie insisted that I do so even to the point of enduring scenes where he/she attempted to seduce various male characters, and even attempted to provoke (if memory serves) a rape scene. Perhaps the ridiculousness, the sheer lack of any believability is the whole point. Usually I like that kind of thing, as when Elmer Fudd defies gravity. But this was pushing it, even for me.Maybe John Waters and Divine are your taste; maybe you’ll get it and be entertained. Me: I rented this stink bomb and really wanted my money back.

  • khionia-tsampale
    khionia tsampale

    Lust in the Dust was a zany, oft-times tasteless movie that was surprisingly clever too.A group of random individuals have coalesced in Chile Verde, New Mexico to find some hidden gold. In order to find the gold they have to solve a limerick. In the meantime a singer, a prostitute, a chivalrous cowboy, and others shoot, cuss, and fornicate to pass the time.This was a low brow comedy for the most part with the main character being a lousy looking transvestite. Still, I’ve seen a lot worse movies.

  • uyeonghwan

    Laconic gunfighter Abel Wood (nicely underplayed by Tab Hunter) comes to the rescue of aspiring dance hall singer Rosie Velez (a spirited portrayal by Divine). Abel takes Rosie to the dusty desert town of Chili Verde, where he runs afoul of formidable saloon owner Marguerita Ventura (a terrific and dynamic performance by Lainie Kazan) and pernicious outlaw gang leader Hard Case Williams (Geoffrey Lewis in fine deadpan form), both of whom are looking for a fortune in buried gold treasure.Director Paul Bartel, working from a racy and witty script by John Philip Taylor, relates the enjoyable story at a constant pace, maintains an engaging tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, and milks plenty of laughs from the amusingly broad sense of blithely raunchy humor. Divine and Kazan have a field day with their juicy roles while Hunter makes for a surprisingly effective straight man to their wacky antics. Moreover, the supporting cast is likewise quite game and loads of fun to watch: Henry Silva as the manic Bernardo, Cesar Romero as kindly priest Father Garcia, Gina Gallego as naïve, but enticing Ninfa, Courtney Gains as gawky piano player Red Dick Barker, and Nedra Volz as sweet old lady Big Ed. Both Paul Lohman’s crisp widescreen cinematography and Peter Matz’s jaunty harmonic score are up to par. A total hoot and a half.

  • hubert-szajna
    hubert szajna

    This movie should be the cult kinky western of the 1980s, as Johnny Guitar is the kinky cult western of the 1950s.Too bad Divine and Joan Crawford never did a western together – now THAT would be a sight to behold! Johnny Guitar Lusts in the Dust – with Mommie Dearest as Divine’s divine mommie. . . .

  • dr-ian-perry
    dr ian perry

    With all that talent in front of and behind the camera, it’s shocking how dismal the end result is. Most of the blame goes to the rotten script, which is not only unfunny, but has almost no plot; the characters keep screaming and running around to try to hide the fact nothing is really going on, but it doesn’t work. Though the fact that the direction delivers everything (not just the “comedy”) in such a heavy-handed way shares some of the guilt as well. The only thing somewhat humorous is the song that’s played in the opening and closing credits. If you want to see a FUNNY western spoof, see “Rustlers’ Rhapsody” or “Evil Roy Slade”.

  • danielle-green
    danielle green

    Paul Bartel’s excellent direction gives this awesome camp send-up of cowboy shoot-em-ups his usual dark comedic twist. With fantastic actors, this movie is replete with Divine’s famous monologues, awesome sarcasm (delivered flawlessly, but without meanness like so much common sarcasm), and over the top physical comedy. Divine was Harris Glen Milstead (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divine_(actor), a gay man who dressed up as hyper-campy women to deliver his particularly outrageous drag/camp performances. The interplay between Divine and Lainie Kazan is not to be missed, as Divine gets to say everything each of us wants to say to Marguerite’s character – and then some!What makes Lust in the Dust so successful is everything: the writing is par excellence, Bartel’s direction is awesome, the group of performers work very well together to deliver scene after scene of laugh-out-loud comedy, the major actors – Divine, Tab Hunter, Lainie Kazan – are superbly entertaining, and the supporting actors are dynamite.As far as campy movies go, Lust in the Dust is one of my top 10 favorite films of all time, as it always entertains and is a solid cult classic.

  • beatriz-andrade
    beatriz andrade

    By far one of the funniest films ever. Personally I hate westerns, so it’s odd that this film is one of my favorites. The song Divine sings at the begining of the film should be played on MTV or something. I don’t want to give away anything about this film, let me just say, if you’ve seen EATING ROAUL, and you liked it, get this film. 1-10, Lust in the Dust gets a 9!

  • james-david
    james david

    This deliciously wicked musical western comedy have the genius of John Waters and comedian Divine in a laugh-out-loud well produce, written and acted comedy. These desperado are searching for a hidden treasure at the ruthless town of “Chili Verde”, and the only good guys are an aging prostitute and a clueless drifter. But since they don’t have cable the local must find other ways to amuse themselves like leaching day. Even the priest gets into the action.So run fast rent or buy “Lust in the Dust”, this guilty pleasure is best enjoy with a pint, a few buffalo wings and few idiots to laugh with.

  • lic-porfirio-montanez
    lic porfirio montanez

    LUST IN THE DUST (1985) is a very entertaining campy B-western from the 80s. It is just another reminder of how much fun movies were back then. When a campy movie comes out now, it’s either unintentionally so, or even if it’s intentional, it’s BAD camp that’s almost unwatchable because the filmmakers overdid it. With this movie, they really seemed to know what they were doing, so Lust in the Dust is GOOD camp! Director Paul Bartel made a completely confident-in-itself sleazy, gritty Western parody and it is a total winner! This was easily his best directorial effort. The dialog is actually very sharp, tongue-in-cheek, and witty and the film itself is a hoot! The actors really do a great job of playing the winning script to the hilt. I think this movie contains the best role of all of the main actors involved. Tab Hunter perfectly essays the “Clint Eastwood” role of the film, the quiet, tough loner who says very little and conveys a tough-guy reserve. The infamous transvestite Divine is at his deadpan best playing the key role of the voracious and bombastic Rosie. And Lainie Kazan is incredibly sexy and funny as the hot, luscious, and lusty (pun intended!) cantina owner Marguerita. I don’t think Kazan was ever this sexy before or since this movie! The supporting cast plays their roles extremely well also: Geoffrey Lewis, Nedra Volz, Gina Gallego, and the iconic Cesar Romero. Also, groundbreaking Western legend Woody Strode gets a cameo! The actors’ dedication to their characters is commendable.Lust in the Dust is an extremely FUNNY movie with more laugh-out-loud moments and dialog than many a mainstream A-level comedy. There are 2 absolutely hysterical singing bits done by Divine (“These Lips”) and Lainie Kazan (“South of the Border”) that are a real treat. A true B-movie in every sense. Highly recommended.

  • kristina-bengtsson
    kristina bengtsson

    LUST IN THE DUST aspires to be a Western spoof, but the fact is that it’s just not that funny. Divine plays Rosie Velez, a former dancehall girl who embarks on a journey to Chili Verde. Along the way she meets Abel Wood (Tab Hunter), a mostly silent gunman who is clearly meant to be a parody of Clint Eastwood’s “Man with No Name” character. The first half-hour of the movie is OK and had some good one-liners, but once the plot kicked in the movie got really boring and hokey. The drive for the plot is a stash of gold hidden somewhere near Chili Verde, and people have been looking for it a long time. Also included in the mix is an outlaw gang and a “cantina” owned by Marguerita Ventura. All of these people are after it, and all they have to go on is a limerick that’s been passed down for 30 some-odd years. Despite the obvious flaws, there were some positive elements be had. Among them are Divine, who does play a more subdued character than usual, but still gives an interesting performance. There was also a small role early on with Henry Silva playing a Mexican, although the humor derived from him was mostly due to the ridiculous accent he puts on. There was also a couple of songs, each sung by one of the leading ladies. Other than that, the movie was a mess plot-wise, and the ending was entirely too convoluted and drawn out. It’s a shame that Divine didn’t live longer because it was at this point that she really came into her own as a (semi-)serious actor. The material she was given to work with wasn’t too great, but it’s worth at least one viewing for her fans. For everyone else, it probably isn’t worth your time.

  • mjuumdaar-vissnnu
    mjuumdaar vissnnu

    This is one of my all-time favorite Divine comedies. A true must for any western fan. And Tab Hunter is absolutely gorgeous! Loved the musical numbers, especially, my personal favorite, Lainie Kazan singing, “Let Me Take You South Of My Border.” Definitely one of the best films Paul Bartel has directed. The actors obviously had a blast making this movie. I think its better than the team of Tab Hunter and Divine in Polyester. Shot on location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lust In the Dust is a satirical reminder of what westerns are supposed to be. I must have seen this film a dozen times and it never loses its magic. Check out the DVD Anniversary edition which has a great documentary on the making of the movie.

  • henry-kraushaar
    henry kraushaar

    For the guy who wrote the prior review talking about this as a John Waters movie, please tell him it’s a Paul Bartel movie. Then have him go out and rent “Eating Raoul.” I loved this movie. I laughed so hard. Between Lainie Kazan and Divine, I was in comedy heaven. My favorite line is when Divine says she’s not going to leave until Lainie hears her sing. Lainie Kazan has to be one or our most underrated comediennes. Sad we lost Divine. Tab Hunter was lucky to be in this. I think it actually did him some good although it may have been lost on him. The hardest working burro in show business was forced to carry Divine across the Mexican desert and never complained. Loved this movie.

  • catrina-stanescu
    catrina stanescu

    This is NOT the sort of film for everyone. Apparently gay men love it (according to Lainie Kazan) and people who love Divine (like me) will get a kick out of seeing this character play a somewhat normal role–at least compared to all the freaks he/she played for John Waters!! But for the rest of the folks out there, it’s very possible you won’t like the film…and it’s quite possible you’ll enjoy it on its own very simple merits. The way to determine this is to ask yourself “am I normal?”–if so, don’t watch the film! But for all the quirky folks out there (and I know there are a lotta you), it’s worth seeing.The film stars a whole lot of familiar faces, though the only big star (at least once upon a time) in the film is Tab Hunter. In addition, Divine, Lainie Kazan, Caesar Romero, Henry Silva, Woody Strode and Geoffrey Lewis (whose face you are bound to recognize) are there for excellent support. The film was directed by Paul Bartel–a man who is probably most associated with the ultra-strange “Eating Raoul”.”Lust in the Dust” is a gentle parody of westerns. Nothing in it is super remarkable except for its strong sexual overtones as well as having Divine play a part that is really pretty normal. There are a reasonable amount of decent laughs, some that fall flat and a few surprises–but it never is dull.My attitude is that lovers of weird films should see this at least once. And, if it doesn’t scare you too much, try another one of Divine’s films, such as “Hairspray” (the original) or perhaps “Polyester”. Save “Pink Flamingos”, “Female Trouble”, “Mondo Trasho” and the other early John Waters films for AFTER–as they can be too shocking and too weird for the uninitiated!! I warned you!

  • ulf-karlsson
    ulf karlsson

    Perhaps Divine’s greatest acting captured on film. This is not a film for all tastes. Perhaps it is a little over the top in some aspects and might leave some viewers wondering what they have just watched, in some scenes it evokes true emotion and humanity.Life, love, and even death are depicted as they sometimes seem to be… senseless, unintentionally funny, and heartbreakingly sad.Lainie Kazan plays like the proverbial “whore” with a heart of gold and also a heart of pure stone. Divine somehow comes off as a happy loser, but one you want to root for.”Lust In The Dust” plays like farce, suspends belief, but ultimately laughs at itself knowingly.

  • codruta-diaconescu
    codruta diaconescu

    Paul Bartel’s western-musical-sex farce may not be quite on par with his earlier black comedies, but it still has the good taste not to have any good taste. Plus, it’s one of the few places where you can see a Divine performance outside of John Waters’ oeuvre — and boy, does he give a performance.If you get the DVD, be sure to check out the bombastic trailer. It is quite a hoot.

  • ivonne-alcaraz
    ivonne alcaraz

    The is the best ‘bad’ movie ever. Great cast (who never play for the laughs). Divine and Lainie Kazan are so great together as rivals for Tab Hunter. Geoffrey Lewis is hysterical in all his scenes…especially the bedroom. Ceasar Romero, Woody Stode, Neddra Voltz (as the west’s oldest hooker), Henry Silva, Courtney Gains…everyone is perfect. Want to have a great party? Have a Lust in the Dust night with some chili verde, cornbread and ‘red-eye’ for the buffet then watch Lust in the Dust. Don’t invite any squares.

  • esther-coll-figueroa
    esther coll figueroa

    Divine, the alter ego of Glen Milstead (1945-1988), first burst onto an unsuspecting public with such notorious John Waters films as the infamous PINK FLAMINGOS, dishing up bad-taste humor in proportion with her truly ample size. But there was more to Divine than drag queen humor, and LUST IN THE DUST offers her a less extreme playground, pitting her against a lone gunman (Tab Hunter), a vicious saloon floozy (Lainie Kazan), and a host of desperadoes in a flyweight send up the spaghetti westerns so popular in the 1970s and 1980s.Directed by Paul Bartel, best known for his 1982 black comedy EATING RAOUL, LUST IN THE DUST is essentially the very slight story of a search for gold–a search that leads Able Wood (Hunter), Marguarite Ventura (Kazan), and Rosie Velez (Divine) to the isolated old west one horse town of Chile Verde. There, with support from the likes of Cesar Romero, they snap, snarl, break up furniture, sing bawdy songs, show their tattoos, and… well… lust in the dust. What else? I may be overly generous in granting this film five stars. The film is occasionally slow and there’s nothing greatly inspired about plot, script, and so on–but the performers make the whole thing a lot of fun. Divine wallows, Kazan hisses, and Hunter sweats with the best of ’em, and when it comes to one-liners the movie overflows with both the obvious and very unexpected. Yes, it’s all very silly stuff, but everybody puts it over with flair and a sense of fun; you’ll grin in spite of yourself. The DVD offers a reasonable, if not pristine, print of the film–and there’s even a bonus package: the film trailer and an entertaining little “making of” documentary.If you’re already a Divine fan, LUST IN THE DUST is a must; if you’ve never encountered Divine, this would be a good place to start, for it lacks the truly jaw-dropping (and frequently off-putting) content of Divine’s work for John Waters. Two tons of fun.GFT, Amazon Reviewer

  • sean-armstrong
    sean armstrong

    They sure don’t make them like this anymore – A comedic musical western about two buxom women, each with part of a treasure map tattooed on their butt. As a cultural oddity of the 1980s, Lust In The Dust stands alone as a truly bizarre collision of the mainstream and the underground.Lust In The Dust owes much to the then emerging popularity of John Waters and his Dreamland players. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the film reunites two of the stars of Polyester – transsexual goddess, Divine and weathered heart-throb, Tab Hunter. However, while Polyester merely tested the waters of the mainstream, Lust In The Dust jumps right in with a cast of recognisable actors and a comparatively inoffensive plot line. The result is sometimes awkward and occasionally frustrating, but also frequently hilarious and utterly compelling.Paul Bartel could not have chosen better leads. Divine was really at the height of his powers as Rosie. Rosie is a luscious siren, who positively steams up the screen. Divine was a master at physical comedy and Rosie’s facial expressions are priceless. Lainie Kazan more than meets the challenge as Rosie’s rival, Marguerita. Lainie, now better known for mush like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, shows why she is one of the best cult actresses in the business. Marguerita is a wonderful creation and her rendition of “South of the Border” (… “but north of my garter”) is truly a showstopper. Lust In The Dust also provided Tab Hunter with a memorable role as Able Wood. Tab is smart enough to underplay his part in the presence of these two larger than life ladies and is all the more effective because of it.Lust In The Dust is a wonderfully offbeat example of the imaginative work being produced by cult directors in the early 1980s and holds up as a great testament to Divine’s inimitable talent.

  • philip-bouwhuisen
    philip bouwhuisen

    This movie aims for low humour, and it hits its target. Against all odds it entertains from beginning to end. The key to its success is that it proudly steers clear of anything resembling class or good taste. As far as cheap laughs go, you could do a lot worse. Oddly enough, by the end of the movie I was convinced that Divine should star in every single movie ever made.