Derek Bradshaw, a 33-year-old lawyer, courts and wins Amy Miller, an 18-year-old high school cheerleader. The affair progresses until she learns that he is married and has a family. During this period, she has been receiving anonymous notes, been the victim of vicious pranks and ultimately, life threatening attacks.

Also Known As: Lögnaktig blick, Vilpillinen katse, El eterno engaño, Bed of Lies, L'uomo dei miei sogni, Netz der Begierde, Attrazione proibita, Veszélyes hazugságok, Les yeux du mensonge, Olhos Que Mentem, Lying Eyes

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  • eric

    I enjoy suspense thrillers and horror movies, which is why I like some, but not all, of Lifetime’s movies. Horror movies I’ve enjoyed that were made for–or by–the channel include Stranger with My Face(based on Lois Duncan’s YA novel; I love her thrillers, but I’ve not yet read this one!), Little Girl’s Secret(a.k.a. Wait Till Helen Comes, based on the best-selling children’s horror novel by the masterful Mary Downing Hahn. After reading only 2 of her ghost stories, I’m already a HUGE fan!!!), Secrets of the Summerhouse, Secrets in the Walls, and a 90s shocker entitled Midnight’s Child. They also created a good, faithful remake of Flowers in the Attic, an adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ classic novel, and were the first tv or movie studio to adapt the author’s sequels into movies: Petals On the Wind, If There Be Thorns, and Seeds of Yesterday. Even so, I prefer the original 80s version myself, a film that was also somewhat faithful to Andrews’ book. As for their thrillers, 2 of the ones I like I’m happy to know I own on DVD: Someone Is Watching and Closer. 3 other Lifetime thrillers I enjoy include View of Terror, The Babysitter’s Seduction, and Lying Eyes. Others have already described the premise of this movie, so I’ll make my summary brief and to the point: 33-year-old guy with a successful career dates beautiful high-school cheerleader, she discovers he’s married, falls for his claims to leave his wife, and suddenly finds herself being stalked by someone who wants to kill her. For me, part of the appeal of this movie is that I love stalker movies! I also enjoy mysteries and, of course, in this movie, we DON’T know who’s terrorizing the girl. She thinks it’s her lover’s wife, who is understandably not happy about the affair(or probably ANY of them, since he’s had more than one!) We, of course, realize there could be other suspects. How about the girl’s secretly jealous friend? Most people who aren’t dating couldn’t dream up a better reason to want someone dead. Why not the married guy himself? This loser is not only disgusting enough to cheat on his wife, but to also sleep with a TEENAGER! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s very capable of murder, more capable than most. This is a very suspenseful, terrifying movie that’s really well-made, with great acting and great directing. The fact that you never know where, or when, the stalker will strike only heightens the tension. Like any stalker, they don’t stop at attempts on the lead character’s life. They also make hideous death threats, which only tends to make the situation ever more unbearably suspenseful and frightening. The whole chilling, unpredictable story leads to a terrifying climax where you’ll never guess how things turn out. I’d love to say you’ll never guess who the stalker, but the movie deliberately reveals this to us long before it’s over; I will not. Any fan of scary movies with a lot of suspense, especially stalker movies, will probably love this thriller! Enjoy!