Machine-Gun Kelly, the famous bank robber, seldom without his Thompson machine gun. The story opens with great jazzy music and a murder shown in shadows. His moll is the driving force behind his exploits. He has an exaggerated fear of death and death symbols. The sight of a coffin makes him freeze during a bank job, causing his lieutenant to lose his arm. Finally, the gang kidnaps a little girl along with her nurse and hold them for ransom.

Also Known As: Das Raubtier, Revolver-Kelly West, La legge del mitra, Mitraillette Kelly, Пулеметчик Келли Soviet, Kelly Mitralieră, Das Raubtier West, Machine-Gun Kelly, Dominados Pelo Ódio, Machine Gun Kelly, La ley de las armas, Verinen viikonloppu, O gangster me to mystiriodes aftomato, Kelly el ametralladora, Revolver-Kelly

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