During the Vietnam War, US soldier Sonny Stein is saved from a pursuing enemy by a Mako shark. He begins to appreciate Makos after that. After the war, Stein finds work in the Philippine Islands as a marine salvager. A Filipino shaman gives him a medallion that helps him develop a telepathic rapport with Makos. Once back home in Florida, Stein decides to become Makos defender. A shady scientist who wants to research the sharks and a strip club owner who wants to use the sharks in a stripping act try to get Stein to use his powers to help them with their plans. Furious, Stein turns on the two men and things get ugly quickly for all of them.

Also Known As: Sti folia tou dolofonou karharia, Mako, el tiburón de la muerte, Στη Φωλιά του Δολοφόνου Καρχαρία, Les Mâchoires infernales, Denizin Dişleri, Mako: Ο Δολοφόνος Καρχαρίας, Mako: The Jaws of Death, The Jaws of Death, Mako - Haienes venn, Στα Δόντια του Λευκού Καρχαρία, Mako - Lo squalo della morte, Mako, el tiburón asesino, Mako, die Bestie West, Mako, tiburón asesino, Mako, der Killerhai West, Maco - kuoleman kita, Killer Jaws, Mako: O dolofonos karharias, Mako - människohajen, Sta dontia tou lefkou karharia, Mako: Haienes venn, Mako, o Tubarão Assassino, Saalistaja, Saalistajat

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