Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies, and dark new forces at play.::Disney

Also Known As: Maléfica: dueña del mal, Maleficent 2: Mächte der Finsternis, Malévola: Dona do Mal, Vládkyňa zla 2, Malefisent: Gospodarica Zla Bosnia and, Zlohotnica: Vladarica zla, Maléfica: Mestre do Mal, Zlurada: Gospodarica Zla, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Hong, Maléfique: Maîtresse du mal, Maleficent - Signora del male, Demóna: A sötétség úrnője, Maleficent: Η Δύναμη του Σκότους, Maléfica: Dueña del mal, Maléfica: Maestra del mal, Maléfique: Le pouvoir du mal, Piktadares istorija 2, Hei mo hou 2 Hong, Tien Hac Am 2, Grdana: Gospodarica Zla, Господарка на злото 2, Maleficent 2: Ondskans härskarinna, Maleficent 2, Malefiz: Kötülügün Gücü, Hei mo hou 2, Hei mo nü 2, Малефисента: Владычица тьмы, Czarownica 2, Zloba: Královna všeho zlého Czech, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Chen shui mo zhou 2, Maleficent 2: Pahan valtiatar

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  • thea-hauge
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    This was by no means an awful movie. I didn’t hate it… but I definitely wouldn’t say I liked it very much either. And I’m a HUGE Angelina fan and was excited all day yesterday to see her again on the big screen. After sleeping on it, I can confirm I’m very disappointed. I can’t help but feel like an excellent cast (especially the women) was pretty wasted, though evil queen Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) vs Maleficent was fun to watch-during the fleeting moments they were on screen together.The film was way too busy with too much going on. Too many subplots, way too much cgi, way too little Angelina. It certainly wasn’t as impactful or fun to watch as the first one, despite the fact that this sequel definitely felt more expensive. I agree with some of the critics who stated this film is trying to be a sort of “game of thrones for kids.”Angelina is always amazing and a treat to watch, but she didn’t seem as into it (/enjoying herself/trying as hard) this time around. If you need proof of that, after watching this film, go on YouTube and watch the scene from the original Maleficent when she curses the baby. She’s such an amazing presence in that scene, chewing the scenery beautifully. There is none of that here.This film is a perfect example of the fact that sometimes less can be a lot more, in my opinion.

  • noelia-fuster-jover
    noelia fuster jover

    Writter need to get some rest. The War.. of Fae and Human? Everyone seem to forgot that they fought in that war. suddenly after the war is over, everyone is like yeah guess we’re friend now.. somehow?? And all i see in the war, are just Fae flying around, dodging red powers, grab someone.. that’s all they did.

  • meda-jankauskas
    meda jankauskas

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is the sequel to the first Maleficent film of 2014. This sequel is directed by Joachim Rønning, the director of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.In the film, the relationship between Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) and her goddaughter Aurora (Elle Fanning) is changing when Prince Philip (Harris Dickinson) asks her to marry him. The bond between Maleficent and the future in-laws of Aurora is a bit tense, because the in-laws mainly know Maleficent from her dark deeds from her past. Aurora and Philip are trying with their marriage to ensure that the different kingdoms of people and fantasy creatures can live so peacefully next to and with each other. Despite all these peaceful plans, someone seems to be working on dark plans. When the king becomes cursed with the same curse that brought Aurora into eternal sleep, Maleficent is soon designated as the guilty one. Maleficent therefore leaves the human kingdom, but is wounded. Aurora has to try without the help of her godmother to investigate who is behind the dark actions to prevent the threat of a war between the two kingdoms.For this sequel, they have expanded the world of the first film with extra creatures and characters. These extra and recurring creatures serve more as comical entertainment for young viewers. Furthermore, this film also has many beautiful colored images as backgrounds. Of the scenes that Maleficent and other flying characters fly into, they have processed the 3D effects well, so that you can see the depth well. These scenes are extra entertaining for young viewers. Older viewers can see earlier that they have used CGI and a green screen for these images and characters, so that these things may seem less credible to older viewers.The story is also somewhat predictable for older viewers, as a result of which the film may seem somewhat lengthy to them. If, as a parent, you and your children have enjoyed the first part, it is better to watch it again at home to be able to enjoy the film more yourself. Maleficent also had a greater role in the first part than in this second part. As a parent you can only watch this second part in the cinema if the children want it themselves.The acting is well done by Angelina Jolie, but unfortunately she has a smaller role with less text in this new film. Fortunately, she knows how to bring her character to the fore with only face and body postures. Together with Michelle Pfeiffer she also has some nice confrontation scenes where the two sometimes only create tension with diva eyes facing each other. In this second part, Elle Fanning also gets more chance to shine as a leader of a kingdom, because in the first part her character was cursed for a long time with a sleep curse that prevented her from doing much else. In the first part, Harris Dickinson already felt something like an extra character who had little interest in the film. He has been given a greater role in this new film, but unfortunately with his acting, he still remains as stiff and emotionless as in the first part.

  • vladislavs-licis
    vladislavs licis

    Marvelous!!!! Great performers…Elle, Angelina and Michelle…

  • asa-jonsson
    asa jonsson

    Typical type c movie that has predictable story and only rely on the “special effect”. What really disappoint me is the fact that this movie with it super high budget cannot give this impact to its viewer. This movie make me regret every penny i spend to watch it.

  • melania-konsek
    melania konsek

    I want to rewatch this movie!!! This one is better than the 1st sequel

  • patricia-rivera
    patricia rivera

    Angelina Jolie was superb as usual, Michelle pfieffer just ain’t got it no more. Harris dickinson is charming, a good actor and hot eye candy. Unfortunately the lead Elle fanning really let the film down. She read her lines as though she was down the pub. She’s average looking even in full make up, when she tried to be deep she came along as pretentious. She’s got nothing on her sister.The story itself is a Romeo and Juliet type of thing. Aurora came off as unlikeable how she was so quick to betray her mum. She makes it clear from the start she chooses her man and his wicked family. There wasn’t a huge, complicated plot, just lots of action scenes. Too childish for an adult, too creepy for children. There are some very strange characters that resemble beasts. The celebrity cast was impressive. 2 A listers, not bad. Good for family viewing. But all in all, I wouldn’t want to see this again.

  • prof-hans-jurgen-atzler-b-sc
    prof hans jurgen atzler b sc

    Nice movie, beautiful jolie, good movie, very touching, very mesmerizing

  • mr-mark-o-connor
    mr mark o connor

    I have been waiting many years for this movie – after the first I just didn’t know how they could top that in any way. They did.This movie has everything a good movie contains – action , suspense , great characters and acting , all topped of with an amazing edited flow that makes the movie a visual experience as well as an emotional one .Anjelina Jolie does an INCREDIBLE job as Maleficent is mistress of evil – she knows exactly how to play her in a way that doesn’t make her too “nice” but at the same time vice versa. Elle also does a great job, I want to point out that although many people said that she is only good as her role because she looks good or has that “sleeping beauty glow” about her – I can infer that this is very untrue (as well as obviously those good “sleeping beauty” looks) she does a great job playing aroura . As for Michelle – I couldn’t think of a better actress to play the evil queen , she has a sort of acting style about her in this movie which adds character and more. The male roles have a lesser part in the main movie but this has to do with the fact that the movie was meant to focus more on female roles. I do think though that the prince was a little more “model” than character at times ,but his role is minor and thus makes less difference in the movie.Along with these characters is a very interesting plot – without spoilers – the movie gives Maleficent a big choice – peace or war – this creates an amazing dialogue with great suspense and action scenes, whilst still having small humour kicks within .The movie ends off very surprisingly and unexpectedly but does so with a twist.On top of this the movie creates a plot that highlights so many important messages and morales for the whole family – trust, love, and peace .I would highly recommend watching this movie with the whole family , not only will it be thrilling and funny – but you will learn many things about life that can be transcribed into our own lives .

  • sig-ra-pietro-de-santis
    sig ra pietro de santis

    I love this movie, jolie so powerfull n her’s acting looks good. but i think this movie not for children.

  • margietta-pappa
    margietta pappa

    Disney has out done itself. This movie was powerful and beautiful. Run the gambit of your emotion and brace yourself for an ending of all endings. I loved the first Maleficent and this one brings the story to life even more.

  • henry-french
    henry french

    It is easy to complain and act all snarky to the studio and say that this movie is essentially a money grab and they just really want follow up a financially successful film. And honestly, there are certain parts of this film where it kinda does feel like it. For me the narrative of the film is very by the numbers. You know where things are going right of the bat. You may have the one or two shocks here and there but the progression of the story is predictable. The animation is very nice; I mean its Disney, what you expect? But the thing that really holds and even elevates this film together is Angelina Jolie. How she is that gorgeous is beyond me. She is fantastic in this film; she really does elevate a scene whenever she’s there. Her portrayal and embodiment of the character is so good that audiences connect to her. Furthermore, the dynamic of Aurora and Maleficent is fantastic in the film. Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning have great chemistry. The rest of the cast, however, not so much. I feel like they were stoic and were reading their lines off of cue cards held by an intern. This is especially true with Prince Phillip, the man just comes off emotionless in his delivery. Also there is one character in the film that I absolutely hated, and she comes across as one of the stupidest characters in the film. Lastly the film had its fair share of problems with their audio. There were a couple of scenes that I felt like their audio dubbing was off and just didn’t mesh well. All in all, it was pretty ok. There were a lot of plot holes that the film just didn’t even care to address but at the same time there were a couple of moments where it was good. More accurately these were when Maleficent was on screen. I think if you are looking for a film to see where the whole family could enjoy, this is a viable film to see. It is a joy to see but certainly not groundbreaking.

  • dr-varga-bianka-zsanett
    dr varga bianka zsanett

    I really liked this movie. The story was well put together and it had the right blend of drama, action, and suspense. It in my top 3 of the year along with Joker 🙂 You will like this movie.

  • gohar-vanets-yan
    gohar vanets yan

    Excellent CGI, far better than the first movie ( altough the first one was already excellent ). Full of creative and smart actions. Every character has his/her own sense of humor, making the movie more entertaining. Contains many surprises and life lessons and They dont forget the sleeping beauty originRated 10/10 because I really appreciate their CGI works with wings ( which is very hard to control and syncronize with the body ).I highly recommend Disney Maleficent Trilogy, it is a PERFECT fit

  • anastasiia-babak
    anastasiia babak

    The best disney film I’ve seen so far… Jolie’s awesome and I love love love it soooo mucj

  • hugo-magalhaes
    hugo magalhaes

    It was a fast 2 hours, I left smiling al all in attendance did.

  • mikael-virtanen
    mikael virtanen

    The movie improved Maleficent relationship with Aurora to so many levels , and the ending was so touching , and Maleficent multiple looks was beautiful especially the the last one , I sure do suggest you go see it if you haven’t 👍

  • sophia-de-bruin
    sophia de bruin

    Loving the departure from the boring first movie, because this one punched more actions (PG of course) better and with more lovely mythical creatures.Great set designs, costumes, and cinematography albeit bit boring in the middle and finale.

  • albert-peterson
    albert peterson

    Loved Elle Fanning in this a lot more than the first Maleficent. Wonderful storyline that felt like an old, classic tale, yet still contained relevant themes. It has many side characters and side storylines, which I liked for the most part. Stunning colors, effects, costuming and cinematography. Good balance of comedic relief and drama. Intense battle scenes, but little/no gore. Probably a bit scary for kids younger than 7. Depends on the kid! A couple of loose ends and plot holes but I don’t mind. I was entertained, and all I can think about is the final dress Aurora wears. (!!!!!) gorgeous! All in all I thought it was a little lighter than the first Maleficent, and more entertaining! 💜

  • yda-bech
    yda bech

    The first Maleficent was interesting because it provided a new spin to the tale of Sleeping Beauty by making Maleficent the protagonist. In the sequel, the mother-daughter relationship between Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent and Elle Fanning’s Aurora is tested as they end up in opposing sides of the war between faer folk and humans. This CGI-filled spectacle does not sound very interesting but the movie is saved by earnest performances of the cast. Jolie is majestic and menacing as Maleficent. Her nemesis, played my Michelle Pfeiffer is no less regal. They elevate the material, and their face off is almost like a scene from Game of Thrones. In fact, there are many parallels to Game of Thrones. Fanning’s Aurora and The Prince are as clueless and idealistic as Jon Snow. Maleficent is almost like a horned Danaerys. Another parallel is to Avatar. The faery world is almost like the planet in Avatar. Similarly, their resources are exploited by humans. It helps that Ed Skrein is in the movie, and he chews every scene he is in. All in all, there is no complaint on the acting department. However, the pacing is uneven, and some scenes drag too long. The emotional scenes are their but lack impact. But the climactic battle is worth the wait. There are even some deaths. In other words, Maleficent is a fun cross between Game of Thrones and Avatar. Definitely worth your time

  • gunnel-jansson
    gunnel jansson

    Wow! Just wow!!!! Angelina Jolie has once again Proved why she is the perfect maleficent. Powerful performance, entertaining Indeed!!!!

  • ana-julia-dias
    ana julia dias

    It was kinda predictable, but in a nice, Disney-way… There was a sense of humor, action, fantasy and drama… I really love that Maleficent is more than just the villain,it shows that people have more layers… Also Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer in one movie, haven’t we all been waiting for that? And upcoming star Elle Fanning showed a soft nevertheless badass Aurora… It’s just a shame Brenton Thwaites (prince Philip) couldn’t be in it…

  • raul-dochioiu
    raul dochioiu

    Brilliant. If you have seen the first this is better. Sure it’s predictable but it’s a lot of fun and very enjoyable. So if you have an imagination and watch movies because they are entertaining then this is a must. To the people that didn’t like it, surely you must have known what it was about, why did you go to watch it?

  • alois-polak
    alois polak

    In 2014, audiences learnt the back-story behind Maleficent, the villainess of Disney’s 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty. Rather than being just a cackling sorceress, Maleficent painted its title character as someone who rose from tragedy and betrayal to form a complex bond with the young Princess Aurora. Directed by Joachim Rønning (Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge), this sequel continues that story, pitting Maleficent against a conniving, ruthless new foe.Angelina Jolie continues to be all sharp-cheekboned perfection as Maleficent. We were afraid that she might phone in it given that this is a sequel, but she still appears to relish the role. Not only does she gets numerous fabulous costume changes, Maleficent goes on a journey of discovering, getting acquainted with her people and learning about their customs and beliefs. There is a conflict between her allegiance to her fae kin and to Aurora, which gives the powerful character something to struggle with.Much of the film works because of Michelle Pfeiffer. Casting her opposite Jolie was an inspired move. The early promotional materials tried to hide it, but there’s no point beating about the bush now – Queen Ingrith is the “Mistress of Evil” of the title. Pfeiffer plays the villain with sneer and swagger hidden beneath a regal façade, with shades of her witch character from Stardust sometimes visible. Coming off like a PG-rated Cersei Lannister, it’s an absolute hoot.There’s a lot going on in the plot of the movie, so it is to writers Linda Woolverton, Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue’s credit that the movie never loses sight of its emotional core: the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora. They might not be on the same page for much of the film, but it cannot be questioned that Maleficent deeply loves and cares for Aurora, something Ingrith winds up exploiting.Just as in the first film, the show is stolen by Sam Riley as Diaval, Maleficent’s shape-shifting sidekick. Riley manages to be both cool andWhile the visuals are often mesmerising and transporting, the film does lean very heavily on computer-generated imagery. This is expected of a fantasy adventure film, but some of the characters do seem unnatural. The Fairy Godmothers Knotgrass (Imelda Staunton), Thistlewit (Juno Temple) and Flittle (Lesley Manville) return from the first film, and their almost-human facial features sometimes cross over into the dreaded uncanny valley.Prince Philip is boring, but then again, this is something inherent in the source material. Brenton Thwaites, who was busy filming Season 2 of Titans, is replaced by Harris Dickinson, who constantly seems a little bit confused and flat. However, this is also a sign that the film understands that Philip is not the main character, and that he does not have to be the hero to save the day. Chiwetel Ejiofor is almost completely wasted in a relatively small supporting role.The action sequences in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil are grand and expansive. Like most big-budget high fantasy projects these days, it seems more than a little derivative of Game of Thrones, but the big battle scenes are dynamic and lively. The movie gets surprisingly dark, with the villain’s plot involving genocide by way of biological warfare. However, the movie still has a bounce and a sense of humour to it and is never too self-serious the way something like Snow White and the Huntsman and its sequel The Huntsman: Winter’s War sometimes were. The big climactic battle takes place in broad daylight, which is a relative rarity in films of this type.This film has a completely different design team than the first but maintains a sense of visual continuity while also giving us something new. The costumes by Ellen Mirojnick are stunning, especially Maleficent’s battle outfit which is a sexy, elegant body paint-style number. Production designer Patrick Tatopolous creates some gorgeous fantasy environments, chief of which is the hidden fae sanctuary comprising mini-environments which have different climates.Some of it may be overly familiar, but there’s still more creativity to this than to Disney’s live-action remakes which are obligated to retrace the steps of their animated forebears. Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer pitted against each other is worth the price of admission.

  • gucluer-alemdar
    gucluer alemdar

    Rating 7.2/10 Maleficent not a bad movie but it certainly isn’t one of Disney’s best. Good acting performance by Michelle Pfeiffer a.k.a Queen Ingrith. She really did it. I really like acting by Anjelina Jolie as well. She is perfect in the role. If you like fairytale movie, you will enjoy maleficent.