Angelo Barberini is the oddball son of Italian immigrants Gino and Maria, who inadvertently ended up in Canada rather than the States. Angelo shocks his parents by moving out on his own without getting married, and shocks them further still when he reveals that he’s gay. But his boyfriend, policeman Nino Paventi isn’t as ready to come out of the closet — especially not to his busybody mother, Lina.

Also Known As: Matrimonio a la italiana, Mambo italijano, Mambo italiano, Mambo Italiano, Мамбо Итальяно, Mambo Italiano - Bazi nagy lagzi... olasz módra

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  • yassin-van-metz
    yassin van metz

    Shamefull. Italians and gay people everywhere should sue. Angelo (Luke Kirby) comes from a ‘traditional’ Italian family, lives in Canada and just happens to be gay. He’s comfortable with his sexuality but his boyfriend Nino, (Peter Miller), a cop and the son of friends of Angelo’s parents, isn’t. At least he has no intention of coming out of his iron-clad closet. Will true love finally conquer all? Who cares? The jokes aren’t funny, the ethnic and gay stereotypes are embarrassing and talented actors like Paul Sorvino and Ginette Reno should be ashamed of themselves for appearing in trash like this. The ‘camp’ score is good and the whole world comes out of the closet at the end so happy endings all round? I nearly threw up. Someone called Emile Gaudreault was responsible. I hope he can live with himself.

  • camil-dumitrescu
    camil dumitrescu

    If you plan to see this one, go before, not after, dinner. You’ll laugh so hard that you might lose anything you’ve eaten. It also helps if you’re an Italian-American (or Italian-Canadian) male…but it’s not absolutely necessary to be one to enjoy it.What is wonderful about this picture is that, although it stereotypes Italians and gays, it does so without ridiculing them. It just makes them human and funny!It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen in the last few years that I’ve given a “10”.

  • bladimeros-tsiamouras
    bladimeros tsiamouras

    I have seen this movie twice now and anticipate the purchase of the DVD. If you want to see a movie that is light hearted but heavy in emotion and one that makes you laugh out loud and then nearly cry…this is the one for you. I couldn’t have loved this creative movie any more than I did. Definately top of the line entertainment.

  • wessel-verheij
    wessel verheij

    Nearly all the reviewers saw a different film than I did, Granted that the 2 main characters are guys & not male & female, This is not a GAY themed film. It is about straight peoples reactions & its affect on 2 nice gay ?? men,.It is as I stated above, another incarnation Abe’s Irish Rose.the 1920’s hit comedy play about a Jewish Guy & an Irisg girl & there respective lovable but bigoted family.This time we have Angelo & Gino. Angelo is GAY & Gino is(as we find out) Bi-sexual. Two real nice Italian lads with real nice but ever so bigoted parents.This is based on a play based on the life of the author.I will not dispute this, BUT it is another incarnation of ABE’S IRISH ROSE written in the 1920’s.The setting for this film is Canada, thru do mention that they are Canadians more than once.It is nicely acted & well made, I liked everyone in it & I think you will as well. Paul Sorvino is the best known name in film & as usual he is great.see this for a pleasant non-taxing evening.ratings ***(out of 4) 84 points (out of 100) IMDb 7 ( out of 10)

  • dr-abelardo-orellana
    dr abelardo orellana

    I wish I could I could have enjoyed this film as much as some other commenters have. I wish I could have dredged some small measure of enjoyment from it.I didn’t. I hated it. It is full of cliches and stereotypes. Overacting seems to have been encouraged, maybe to distract from the feeble plot. I didn’t care about any of the characters in this movie. I drew no insights into the human condition. I laughed not once and chuckled only a few times.Coming in at about 92 minutes, this movie seemed interminable.This one deserves a big slap to the back of the head.

  • calvin-gibbs
    calvin gibbs

    I read the ‘user comments’ before writing this and I have to say I am amazed so that so many people, especially gay ones, LIKED this!Do you mean to tell me that you thought it was great that the lover left the main character ONLY cause he outed him to his family, and then, to add insult to injury, marries an obnoxious WOMAN?! Are you kidding?Then you’re supposed to be happy at the end that the main character met a nice guy, and so what if he’s not Italian. If that’s a happy ending, then I’ll take mine rare. I hate and loathe this movie. It insulted me and made me furious that something so ridiculous could be committed to celluloid. 1/10 and I’d go lower if I could.

  • vladimir-sorokin
    vladimir sorokin

    I loved this film! I’ve seen it probably 20 times.It’s light, airy, colorful, vibrant, funny and also poignant. The acting is very good, the timing (very important) is good and the characters, despite their many flaws, are likable.If you liked Big Fat Greek Wedding and Adam & Steve, you will like this also.Whoever designed the sets did a fantastic job too. Color everywhere! The film takes place in Canada and has funny references about gay men, Italians and people in general. I think people looking for something light and comedic will really enjoy this.

  • timofeeva-iuliia-anatolevna
    timofeeva iuliia anatolevna

    In this case truth is “funnier” than fiction. The premise of “Mambo Italiano” – that is, Italian families having to face the vagaries of reality – is certainly a truth, but being Italian-American and viewing this film with my own experiences at hand I can honestly say that this is no fiction. No fiction could be funnier than this. Even if this family’s circumstances focus on dealing with the knowledge that their only son is gay, the premise is universal among Italians – life is filled with “catastrophes” but somehow we all survive and hopefully end up better for the process. Call it passion, call it pessimism, call it anything, just call it (this movie) funny. It is a comedy based on tragedy (from the family’s point of view), a reverse kind of “Pagliacci”, not dark and brooding but colorful (literally filled with color) and humorous – designed for a modern audience. Well cast, well acted, and worth seeing, “Mambo Italiano” can make you laugh and cry (but mostly laugh) at the same time. This is living, Italian style (replete with North American Italian “villas” and statuary). Some say it is a kind of spin-off of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and the protagonist Angelo even implies this at the very end of the film – confirming my impression that this is an honest, open and very enjoyable film.

  • dr-kovacsne-szabo-melinda-sara
    dr kovacsne szabo melinda sara

    I absolutely adored this movie. The languid pace may get to you, especially when they’ve finished chronicling Angelo’s life and you realize less than a third of the movie is over, but it is very much worth the watch. It’s really more a character piece than a typical plot-driven film, and it’s done so well that you just want to watch it again.The actors were well-casted, and they had an amazing chemistry as a family that brought the sometimes flat movie to life. And the interaction at different levels of a relationship between different people, like Angelo’s parents, Angelo and Nino, Angelo and his sister (Claudia Ferri), before and after his coming out, was spot-on. Everyone was affected, adversely, and it changed the way they acted around and towards one another. The subtle changes, the epiphanies — Mambo Italiano did an incredible job making you feel for all its characters, diverse though they were.It also managed to capture the essence of all the characters’ relationships, and moments during which those relationships evolved, seamlessly: one of the best examples is the scene where Angelo’s parents are in the garden a while after Angelo and Nino break up in their living room, and Angelo’s mother asks if they still love their son. The father replies, of course, he is their son. The mother then asks, tearfully, why it’s so difficult to pick up the phone and call him if they still love him.Then there’s the scene where post-breakup Nino visits Angelo after hearing from his mother that Angelo’s seeing someone new, and the way they talk to each other and look at each other is absolutely heart-wrenching, full of regret and longing and I-wish-this-was-different. It really made me sit up and take notice and think, yeah, that could happen. I see why they’re doing this, why they’re being unreasonable or stubborn or moody.That’s what I loved most about this film; the realism. It’s something I’m always looking for on screen that a lot of the time is sorely lacking. I’m not talking about realism in the literal sense; have at your light sabers and dinosaurs and reviving dead bodies, but make me believe it. Look at Lord of the Rings: it’s realistic, because the actors make you feel like you’re watching real people even when they’re fighting ghostly images that you know they don’t see.Watching this movie, I never felt as though someone was reacting in a way that was exaggerated, or unbelievable, just to incite humor, and that’s one of the main reasons it kept me so engaged and so amused. It felt like I was watching the someone’s true life story (to be honest, I think a lot of people go through the same thing that Angelo does, though in different ethnic settings, of course) and I laughed not because the plot stretched the truth, but because it embodied it.There was a scene in the film itself that reflected this: the only script that Angelo wrote that got produced was the one he wrote about his family and their daily interaction. When his parents went to watch the studio filming they laughed so hard I thought they were going to start bawling. That was the beauty of this movie. And despite the almost-too-sweet ending, where everyone’s happy in their new life, Nino with his wife and Angelo with his new boyfriend and his accepting family, it’s not sappy or corny. Predictable? Maybe. But boring? Never.This is, without doubt, an under-appreciated gem. Believable acting, superb script, incredible chemistry; it fulfilled just about everything I ask for when watching a movie. I only wish I had gotten my hands on it sooner.

  • katherine-perez
    katherine perez

    Angelo Barberini (Luke Kirby) tells his all Italian family that he wants to move out (at age 27) What he doesn’t tell them is that he’s gay. Then he meets hunky Nino (Peter Miller) a closeted policeman. They fall in love and begin to live together (with separate bedrooms), but keep their relationship secret. Angelo wants to come out but Nino is dead set against it. Angelo finally does come out…and all hell breaks loose.Purported “comedy” is just horrid. This is 2003–do we need ANOTHER comedy about a gay man coming out? (Just for the record, I’m gay). That story has been done to death and just isn’t funny or original anymore. The jokes are very obvious and there’s tons of negative gay jabs (all disgused as humor–but nobody in my audience was laughing). There’s nothing funny about the family’s reactions and they seem way over the top for this day and age. I’m not Italian, but this movie seems to wallow in Italian stereotypes. Are all the mothers this cruel and overbearing? Do they seriously expect their children to live with them until they get married? Are they always yelling and throwing guilt around? These are the same characters I’ve been seeing for years–they weren’t funny then, they aren’t funny now. The film is colorful and Luke Kirby actually gives a very cute, funny performance. Paul Sorvino (as Angelo’s father) isn’t bad either and Claudia Ferri (as Angelo’s VERY neurotic sister) has her moments. But everybody else is either shrill and overbearing (Ginette Rene especially) or bland. Peter Millar is TERRIBLE as Nino. He is tall, handsome and has a GREAT body…but he’s so wooden and dull. I kept wondering what Angelo sees in him. Also, aside from one little kiss, we see no affection between these two men–I didn’t believe they were lovers at all. When they were being driven apart by their families, I could have cared less. Since they didn’t seem to be in love, what were they losing? Also this movie was leaden paced–it was only 92 minutes but it felt like 3 hours!Lousy jokes, homophobia disgused as humor, terrible acting and a ridiculously unconvincing ending which ties everything up neatly. A real waste of time. Avoid!!!!!

  • gintare-petrauskas
    gintare petrauskas

    Angelo wants to come out to his family, but they already drive him nuts with their old-world Italian values; can you imagine how they’d react? Angelo’s boyfriend Nino, with whom he lives, is happy in their private little closet; he’s not only Italian, he’s a cop! Can their relationship survive? Can Angelo’s sis keep their secret? Should she?This gem of a film has been aptly compared to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding;” they share many themes and elements. MAMBO ITALIANO is every bit as good (if a bit more off-the-wall), a smidge more clever and two smidges funnier. There’s absolutely no reason, from a quality standpoint, that it shouldn’t have been just as much the sleeper hit “Wedding” was. It wasn’t, of course, and we all know the reason why.Needless to say, that’s a shame, especially when audiences miss out on performances by actors like Paul Sorvino, who manages to raise the always-superb level of his work even a notch higher here, and is priceless in his scenes with Ginette Reno, who appears as his wife.I really believe the day is not far off when another little picture like MAMBO will come along and break out just as “Wedding” did, overcoming in the process the cultural obstacle that kept predecessors from receiving their due.In the meantime, it’s very much worth our while to seek out all the MAMBO’s we can at the indie houses and on video, and spread the word when we find them.

  • edvardas-povilonis
    edvardas povilonis

    Angelo and Nino were best friends and as children they discovered how they felt about each other. This film is NOT another coming out film, this film is about consequences. Angelo wants people to know who he really is and how much he loves Nino. Nino wants to be with Angelo and still be the Man’s man for his mother. In the end the two worlds cannot survive. Nino strays and in a very powerful moment between Nino, Angelo’s family and Nino’s mother, Angelo finally tell them all how HE feels.I think what makes this film special is pity. There are several moments when you begin to pity one character when in one line the character forces you to reevaluate who should be pitied. And best of all Steve Galluccio finds a way to remove that pity and leave you laughing…The cast was brilliant, from Ginette Reno and Paul Sorvino’s constant bickering as parents to the neurotic sister played by Claudia Ferri. Peter Miller was handsome and stoic through-out the film but in one scene where we see him break that fascade for a moment we learn volumes of his character.And then there is Luke Kirby… he did his work and it shows. He gave a fantastic performance as the gay man who made a huge mistake. His even temper led to real comedy. He took situations that were very difficult and made us the audience see them and laugh.Steve Galluccio wrote a marvelous script that was deep, original and very funny. You feel every pang or guilt and sigh of relief. Every characters choices were made by them and their situation not by an over-controlling writter or plot-line.Mambo Italiano is definitely a great film.

  • mateo-dizdar
    mateo dizdar

    This film isn’t a must-see movie, some of the performances are a bit weak (ie Nino – a shame seeing as he’s one of the main characters in the film) and there are only a few good jokes in it, but it’s pacey, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is quite enjoyable nevertheless. I appreciated that it was brave enough not to go for the obvious ‘happy ending’ and dealt with gay relationships in quite a mature way. It was great to see that for once a film showed that ‘coming out’ isn’t all its cracked up to be without being melodramatic and artsy about it. It was particularly good that the script didn’t get too preachy and go down the usual route of this type of gay film by making the central character some unbelievable kind of paragon of moral virtue.

  • stacey-mcdaniel
    stacey mcdaniel

    I saw the play and hoped that the movie adaptation could be no worse. I was wrong. The main problem with the play and the movie is that it can’t decide what period it’s depicting. Had it been rooted in the post-war Italian immigration, with the main character growing up in the sixties and coming of age in the seventies, all of this might be more believable. But having it set in present-day Montreal? Not on your life! Paul Servino gives the only credible performance. Ms.Reno loses what I take is supposed to be an Italian accent half-way through the film. Mary Walsh is hopeless from the beginning; I’m still not sure what accent she thought she was doing. Claudia Ferri, playing Anna Barberini, speaks with an Hispanic accent (Why would her character have any accent? She was born in Canada!)Peter Miller, as Nino, is supposed to look good and look conflicted. He does the former well and the latter tolerably well. The lead character of Angelo had been re-written to make him more likeable to a movie audience. This attempt is more or less a success considering how odious the character is in the play. No one will come away from this movie with a single prejudice challenged thereby guaranteeing its success. I’m surprised that the Mafia was not included in a more obvious way. I am a gay Canadian of Italian descent: I squirmed in my seat watching this minstrel show of stereotypes.

  • francisca-lopes-baptista
    francisca lopes baptista

    Spoiler alert regarding the end of the film.I just saw this film on cable for the first time. I’d seen it advertised and I’d been anxious to see it.My feelings after viewing are mixed. This film is full of good intentions and misguided humor. I wanted to enjoy it more than I actually did.The casting was a mix of good and mediocre. Stereotypes abound, but that doesn’t necessarily create good chemistry, OR laughs. While Peter Miller and Luke Kirby make a visually appealing couple, that’s essentially where the appeal ends. I could see these actors making an “effort” to be believable together, but their performances just don’t come across as genuine. Too much of a struggle, or a stretch, or perhaps both, for these young men? Even the “family” scenes came across as a bit cardboard.I was disappointed in the Nino/Angelo storyline ending. It could have gone two ways, and either one could be considered cliché, of course, but I’m sick and tired of seeing endings where the closeted hunk can’t deal with coming out and goes deeper into the closet and leaves his devoted loving partner in the lurch. Even a double-switchback would have been more intriguing (and possibly “believable”) than that.The pacing of the film was sporadic. Perhaps that was intentional, but it didn’t lend itself to the genre of romantic comedy in this instance.There’s enough about the film that I enjoyed to like it, but I can’t say that I love it. There’s almost enough eye candy to justify watching it again, though.

  • t-adewos-enok-yan
    t adewos enok yan

    When I went to see this movie I was expecting it to be more funny. Instead, the only thing that came out of it was the drama that the characters go through when they find out that Angelo is gay and he’s been sleeping with his childhood best friend. As an Italian myself from Montreal, I always get asked by other people if that is the way Italian ‘famiglia’ is like (slap up-side the head, parents being on your case 24/7 and people trying to fix you up with someone you can’t stand even from 3000 miles away) the answer is YES, YES and YES, that’s the way it REALLY is…now get over it already!The poster for this movie calls it “The Comedy of the Summer” or if you’ve seen it in french “La Comedie de L’ete”, don’t be fooled, it’s not all THAT funny. Expect to see lots of drama in it.My rating for this movie out of 5 is: ***1/2

  • adrian-mills
    adrian mills

    Maybe it’s because I come from Italian heritage that I find this film so funny. I honestly think I laughed out loud during this film one of the highest amounts I’ve ever belly-laughed during a movie. And you know how you laugh later on in a movie when nothing funny is going on because the thought of something hilarious that happened earlier is still stuck with you? Well that happened plenty of times to me here. I believe that it’s because the Southern Italian and Sicilian in me both find fat Italian men to be perhaps the funniest group of people in the world. They are not simply funny because they know how to tell a joke, or they know how to pull off a good pratfall, but more because all you have to do is look at them, and they can make you burst out laughing. There is a scene where Paul Sorvino and Ginette Reno, whom I believe plays his wife, sit close together on a small bench in a cemetery facing the camera, and I suddenly started laughing. They look funny. They don’t look weird. They just look like the first thing they say or do is going to make me laugh like a hyena.Every scene for the first half of the film, literally every single one, contains something explosively funny to me, and they are mostly consisting of native Italians speaking rough English with thick Italian accents and fulfilling stereotypes of ardent cultural traditions. Hands down, the scenes that made me cackle so hard I thought my friend watching it with me was going to slap me for the unreasonable sound that can cause me to make were the scenes that depict what Italian families are like when the son moves out.Mambo Italiano is also a surprise, because really it doesn’t look that good. On the cover of the DVD case, you see a bunch of characters in some comical motion lined up across the cover, and you feel like you could pretty much guess completely what their service to the story is. Well, you’ll be vaguely right, but if it wouldn’t surprise you too much for me to say this at this point, it’s a very poignant film about growing up as a homosexual surrounded by conflicting influences and pressure. The film will actually make you angry at society and the reality of what friends and family can end up doing to you in your life. But it’s riotous fun.

  • samuel-sims
    samuel sims

    I saw a preview session of the Canadian romantic comedy Mambo Italiano last night (15th Oct ’03) and this really is one of the very best gay themed films I’ve seen – and equally well suited to both a young and older audience. I went to the preview because it had a gay theme – but quickly realised there’s a lot more on offer – and a great deal of the film is about family and tradition. It’s made with absolute honesty in regard to it’s gay content, and as such is neither opportunistic nor preachy. Mambo Italiano successfully avoids all likely clichés with a beautifully crafted script, first class acting and some of the best editing I’ve seen in any motion picture. And it looks spectacular – verging on surreal.I thought it was wonderful that the predominantly young and mixed (and presumably straight) crowd all laughed, swooned, sobbed and cringed – although not all at the same time – proving that there are a lot of angles to this film which will appeal to a very broad audience.Mambo Italiano is the best time I’ve had in a movie theatre in the last couple of years – and it thoroughly deserves commercial success. I like that the TV adverts are give none of the film away, in fact understating how good it really is. You’ll be surprised – it’s the sort of film you’d love to see twice. “Gayline” telephone counsellors around the globe will have to forgive one aspect of the plot (the lack of adequate training before going on-line), but they’ll get a kick out of the fact that they’re a key plot line.

  • saavitrii-maan
    saavitrii maan

    This is the one film of the year I would recommend to anyone who wants a good laugh. Ignore the po-faced people who did not enjoy it and prepare yourself for an over-the-top stereotypical portrayal of “chaotic yet serene” ethnics in the wrong province in the wrong country. It is well-scripted and well-edited and the timing of the actors and director never fails. If you want to find out about real gay life or Italian Quebeckers, this is not the film to see; it is just an excellent comedy with plenty of gems – and good comedies are few and far between nowadays.

  • sep-coret-coredo
    sep coret coredo

    This film is about a second generation Italian immigrant having to come to terms with the drastic consequences of coming out of the closet.This film is unlike any other film I have seen. It is very fast paced, each subplot don’t last for more than 1 minute. There is a lot of self narrative. It also shows intersecting events and scenes of relevant characters, which is unusual for a comedy.The sets are visually rich and appealing, and are always colourful and carefully constructed. The character development is great, and we care about the characters in the film. The script is excellent. The neurotic sister is hilarious. The arguments of the parents are very lively and funny, and are entertaining to watch. The costumes are nice and trendy, but not over the top.In summary, this film is a lot of fun, very entertaining, humorous, visually appealing, and there is something for everyone! The only gay scene is a half a second kiss, which certainly will not hinder its crossover appeal to the mainstream. This film deserves more recognition than it gets!

  • jasmine-brown
    jasmine brown

    A hilariously funny and thoughtful movie!Gay guys lovers both in repressive families face the pressures of “coming out”. Can they survive or will one with a dominating mother and job as a cop be forced to live a lie and the life of a straight?Scene after scene is highly entertaining. The movie has an excellent script, is beautifully filmed and deserves top marks.The family of the guys give first class performances as do all the players and there are so many super scenes, my favorite is when one of the guys tries to assist on a gay helpline.On a more serious note-can only speculate the number of gays, male and female, forced through homophobia and pressure to be in relationships they don’t want.10 out of 10.

  • edmond-georgescu
    edmond georgescu

    Unlike some other commentators, I knew nothing about this film except it’s a comedy about gay men. So I didn’t expect much, but got all the more! First of all, I was glad to see that the main character was neither the classic handsome Hollywood macho, nor a feminine gay man but just an average-looking young guy. The other guy does look more cliché, but then he’s the one who ends up in the closet, feeling guilty about being gay. The acting is superb throughout the film.Someone commented that it’s not all that funny. Well, it’s true – coming out and breaking up with family or your lover are always painful, and I don’t like films which ignore this side of the story. If you’re deeply touched by Angelo’s story, then it has performed the task such films, I think, are supposed to do: to make the audience more sensitive to gay people’s issues. At the same time, though, it’s pretty funny – just like your own coming out is often funny looking back. The confession scene is hilarious, and I laughed my heart out at the gay helpline scene – working for a GLBT helpline myself, I can assure you: this is just as distorted as the image of the Italian community. (We could use that scene for training purposes, though: what not to do…)

  • adelheid-meister-mba
    adelheid meister mba

    This very clever and fun little film has had more off-base reviews written about it than any film in history. Way too many reviewers react with horror at – gasp – stereotypical representations of Italians. They neglect the fact that in actual fact the Italian-ness is 100% of the charm and beauty of the film, and that not one of the Italians are not people we have all seen in real life. They also neglect the fact that Italian culture and tradition has seldom looked so good or as real as it does in “Mambo Italiano.” The Italian sister is heroic in her actions, and the Italian parents who come around in he end are just like parents of ANY nationality. I really fail to see what all the squawking about “negative stereotypes” is all about. As a Southerner and as a gay man I know something about stereotyping. All groups get stereotyped. This is not necessarily a bad thing, unless it is the ONLY representation of a group that society ever sees. We all need to see the true diversity of any group. I think we have all seen plenty of other Italians and gay persons now, so we don’t have to worry that a viewer will see this movie and assume that all Italians and gay men are like the folks in “Mambo Italiano.” But frankly, if they did, I think they would have rather positive images of Italians. Unfortunately they would leave the theater thinking that half of all gay men get married to women in order to hide the fact that they are gay. Luckily I suspect most folks know this is not the case, though it certainly does happen, since society still makes it impossible for some of us to stay in certain professions and be gay at the same time (cops, firemen, coaches, soldiers in the U.S., pro athletes…).”Mambo Italiano” is hilarious and light-hearted. It is a big mistake to try to read too much into it. Just sit back, relax, and laugh. It is one heck of a clever, funny little film, with a surprise ending. Betcha can’t guess how it ends!

  • marika-rebane
    marika rebane

    I watched this film at the cinema last year, and I found it very funny. As an Italian-born male, sentences like ” Italians move out either when they marry or when they die” made me really laugh, because this is partly true! Nevertheless, I think there’s something which needs making clear. The characters and situations portrayed in the film are credible and hilarious insofar as they’re set in the Italian communities of Canada, USA or Australia. I worked for 4 years in the export department of a company making Italian espresso coffee, thus getting in touch with lots of Italians who had settled in faraway countries many years ago. What I noticed is that most of them retain a picture of Italy and a system of values which were real in the country they left behind years ago, but look old-fashioned and rather over-the-top in today’s Italy. I think it’s undeniable that ethnic communities abroad are more conservative and traditional than the countries they came from, as they cling to values that, though being “frozen” for them, have evolved in the meantime. So some characters and situations of the film appear exaggerated if compared with Italians of 2005, but are really amusing if set in the context of the life of Italian immigrants, who represent what we used to be a few decades ago. A light comedy, to be enjoyed without taking ourselves too seriously.

  • alejandra-patterson
    alejandra patterson

    I decided to see this film because I had nothing else to do. I wasn’t expecting much more than gay stereotypes and ridiculous humor. However I discovered just the opposite.I have heard comparisons to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, but the only similarity I see is in the stereotypical presentation of nationalities. However, these stereotypes aren’t offensive, but more so delightful and some what sweet.Angelo (Luke Kirby) is presented with just enough humor, but more so just enough heart that it makes the character beleiveable. For once gays are not presented as obnoxious drag queens or someone dying from AIDS. In fact, the two latter factions are not even present in the film. Instead it focuses on one mans humorous journey of self discovery in both relations to his family, partner, and his own sexuality.At the end of the film, you leave feeling very happy. Sure everything turned out for the best in the end, but sometimes we need films like this to remind just how fun and quirky life can be at times.