During the Korean War, Matt saves the life of his buddy, Vince, who promises that someday he’ll repay Matt by cutting him in on a million dollars. Eight years later Matt is in the midst of a rapidly disintegrating marriage to Nina, a man-hungry alcoholic. Vince suddenly reappears for a reunion with Matt, telling him that enemies of a Central American dictator have hijacked $3.5 million, and that he knows how he can get hold of the money and collect a large reward he’ll share with Matt if he will help recover the money. Matt is skeptical, but after a particularly violent quarrel in which he leaves his wife, he agrees to go along with Vince, provided there is no gunplay.

Also Known As: Forbryderfælden, To trigono ton ektos nomou, Brott i San Francisco, La última fuga, Callejón sin salida, Trappola per uomini, Restless, Deadlock, Paholaisen ansa, Beco Sem Saída, Capcana, Ratoeira Humana, Die Menschenfalle West, Man-Trap

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