Married to a celebrity: the survival guide s1 e2 Episode #1.2
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Stars: Frankie Bridge, Wayne Bridge, Martina Navratilova

Even the happiest of couples have minor gripes about each other and in ‘Married To A Celebrity: The Survival Guide’ we see celebrity couples dealing with theirs In episode 2, Wayne and Frankie Bridge, Michael and Hilary Whitehall and Martina Navratilova and her partner Julia Lemigova write a list of things their partners do that drive them nuts before coming together to air their grievances face to face. Martina wants more romance in her relationship, Frankie wants to improve Waynes poor timing in the bedroom and Michael wants his wife to stop hoovering the dog.

Also Known As: एपिसोड, エピソード, Episodio, Folge, Épisode #1.2

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