Circa 1992 Mallukot-based Harinder falls head-over-heels in love with Aayat, who has come to live there with her Bua, Fatimah, from Kashmir. Hoping to woo and marry her, despite of receiving romantic overtures from village belle, Lajjo, he, instead faces heartbreak following the attack on Babri Masjid by right-wing Hindu extremists. Seeking safety in Bombay, Aayat re-locates there with her father and Bua. The couple are then fated to meet in Scotland during 1999 where Harinder is now an Indian Air Force Pilot and Aayat is a ballet dancer. Both meet and re-kindle their romance, as well as set a date for their wedding. Unfortunately, the Kargil war compels Harinder to return home, and Aayat does not hear from him. Little does she know that he has been gravely injured and his left arm is paralyzed. After being discharged he still hopes to connect with her, returns to Scotland, and is told they have re-located to the United States. Following the events of 9-11, he gets a lead that she may be in Switzerland. He travels there, does locate her rather dramatically – but nothing will prepare him for the shock when he finds her resting on the shoulder of an unknown male with a child in her lap.

Also Known As: Времена года, Jahreszeiten der Liebe - Mausam, Mausam

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  • daniel-miguel-criado-mena
    daniel miguel criado mena

    Well, I was challenged to write a good-only review about this movie, so here I am.Lets start a counter from zero. Each time I find a good thing about this movie, I will increment that counter by one.The first and the foremost important thing to mention here is PHOTOGRAPHY. It is outstanding. Hats off to the photographer. Starting from the village scenes in Punjab, the camera seemed to be focused at just right scenes in the entire film. The artistic use of the camera, the colors that appear in the scene, the explicit use of frames is exquisite. This is the most likable thing in the movie and hence counter becomes ONE.Along with some awesome photography, there are a few more positives about the movie. One of them is explicit attack on Sardars. I hardly ever seen such an explicit attack. Some other movies use a comic character of a Sardar to show the same thing, but this movie, unlike other movies doesn’t focus on a particular Sardar character to be dumb. Now counter becomes TWO.Also, acting (or dialog delivery to be specific) by Manoj Pahwa is the best among all. So, lets increment counter by one and make it THREE.Now, (probably) last but not least good thing in the movie, which is screenplay at the time of weddings in the movie. They are good. The combination of happiness experienced by a particular family due to the marriage while others are facing active terrorism is mind blowing. So, one more for the screenplay to make it FOUR.Yes, FOUR is good enough. So, my rating 4/10.

  • dr-torok-sandor-peter
    dr torok sandor peter

    I would call myself a fan of Pankaj Kapoor and his acting ability. His style in acting coaxed me to watch Mausam, which I thought would show his brilliance behind the cameras too, but much to my disappointment this movie is a dud.Shahid Kapoor has come of age in his performances through his previous movies but through out ‘Mausam’ he looks limited and sealed. Sonam Kapoor for me is acting challenged. This isn’t her space and should either leave or learn.Script wise the movie is a drab. The first half hour is the only bearable part of what is a really unreasonably lengthy movie. The movie doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at any point of the almost 160 minutes movie. It has a plot but the same plot has been shown 10 times in the movie with little bit of the air-force jazz in it for no good reason. Songs don’t help the movie either.I sincerely hope, Shahid Kapoor moves onto something better from this as he is an actor with great potential and for Pankaj Kapoor, I still believe one day he can make a great film

  • bente-henriksen
    bente henriksen

    Pankaj Kapur is a really talented actor. Even though direction is not his forte, its not unreasonable to have high expectations from an artist of such caliber. The movie starts really well making you feel its a winner. Then comes the feeling that plot is moving bit slowly. You brush it aside as minor flaw and look forward. Finally, after long wait, you expect and want the movie to wrap up soon and you see an intermission flashed on screen. What???? And then follows strings of impossible coincidences. Not once but again and again and again. Topped by desire to have Shahid in every frame of movie and including all depressing religious flashpoints from Kashmir to 9/11 to Gujarat, into a love story finally killed it completely. I felt sad not from the movie but from the fact that it could have been such a good movie. The idea of showing important world evens in the backdrop of a love story is not new. I have seen it executed well in many movies. Can’t recall which one was the first and best. But this is the worst. You got to know when to stop. Also, the idea is to write love story and then fit world events that could be plausible. This script decided on sort of unconnected events scattered around the world and then tried to fit the love story around it throwing logic and common sense out of window!!! You got to know that you are losing the grip over logic. Well, lack of common sense is indeed common. In the end despite all the money and technology the Bollywood is really short of basic ingredients of art and originality. There is kin promotion everywhere including Hollywood. However, if kins are only ones everywhere around in almost every Bollywood movie, you know it has really gone too far…..

  • darlene-sutton
    darlene sutton

    Shahid’s dad your film is super bad. It’s bad to the extent your wife (Supriya) walks in and out with a weary expression like she told you how bad the script was but you didn’t listen to her. The film is all imagery and places which you happen to like and then tried to develop a story around them. Unnecessary scenes and situations: the hero’s paralyzed hand. The heroine with cousin and child stopped in Switzerland. And why the heck did Sonam stand on a heap of snow (pseudo artistic or what?) with the baggage instead on a platform? Referring to a cousin’s parents one mentions the closest relationship like maasi’s son and not her husband’s like Sonam tells Harry that Akram is my khaalu’s (khaala’s hubby) son. Shahid did a better job in Jab we met n Kaminay. And the way he tells the British about their air force plane (nice bird. It flies well) like the sub-continentals taught them to fly. Director dad u did a film (Dharm) in which you were a Pandit priest who adopts a Muslim child so why did you shy from saying out loud that the heroine is Muslim and the hero Sikh (instead of referring to him as a Punjabi)? Muslims, Hindus and Christians are Punjabis too. The date line supers get on one’s nerves and makes one wonder why didn’t the heroine exchange email addresses in 99? Or the hero didn’t even have 2 minutes to call her when he was send for Kargil whereas he yearned for her and missed her earlier? Mr. PK gets stuck in 99 that soon after showing 9/eleven the next dateline is 99 again. There was Gulzar’s Mausam with evergreen music and a simple but interesting storyline which did well without any hype, and here is another Mausam (PK couldn’t you think of an original title for your first directorial effort?) which I just can’t fathom how the producers poured money into. Lots of extra bucks I guess. Less said about the ferris wheel drama at the end: totally atrocious. And Sonam by praising PK as an excellent director you have placed him next to the one who directed Aisha

  • pan-daniel-szambelan
    pan daniel szambelan

    I’d say it straightly. Until the very end of the movie only one thing came to my mind – “why couldn’t direct it better with a proper script?”This movie is a mess. It’s not acting, Shahid and Sonam at their best. My point is that they don’t have a proper story which flows smoothly. The movie jumps here and there. The two of them travel like crazy. Confusing between real life events and dates. It’s not like the audience already know the story. The story must be told clearly. It’s like the director was at a race of covering real life events before the movie end.

  • miha-filipic
    miha filipic

    I am not saying its a great movie or something like that, its a feel good movie. It reminded me some of the old Hindi classics. The romance in the movie is not or a mobile or face book. its through the old fashioned way of letters.i loved the movie for performance of Shahid Kapoor and stunning looks of Sonam Kapoor. Pankaj Kapoor has shown a series of incidents occurred during a decade, which had a great impact on India through this movie.I would say that the film could be laid on editing table for some more time. And also the Air Force scenes could have been filmed in a much more realistic way. The songs are another plus point of the film.

  • kevin-richards
    kevin richards

    Mausam is the story of two lovers, Harinder Singh, known as Harry (Shahid Kapoor) and Aayat (Sonam Kapoor). Harry is a happy-go-lucky Punjabi guy, whereas Aayat is a Kashmiri girl. In 1992, the two meet and fall in love at Mallukot, Punjab, where Harry’s family is from. But before they get to spend some time together, Aayat leaves for Mumbai with her uncle and aunt; and Harry joins the Indian Air Force. In 1999, Harry, now a Squadron Leader meets Aayat in Scotland, where they get closer once again. However, before their marriage, the Kargil occupation happens in Kashmir, and Harry is called back to India to fight in the war, fate separating them once more. After this separation, they begin to long for each other. Overalls story of this movie was too near with my heart.

  • eric-leach
    eric leach

    This movie is great. i loved it. it is a romance and drama movie with a little of action here and there. recommended.

  • aacaary-iish
    aacaary iish

    This review has spoilers but its important that you read. This is a not a suspense movie so even if you read my review you wont miss the awful experience you are about to have from watching this movie.This ‘movie’ is 3 hours long and sonam kapoor’s (actress) character moves 8 times in the movie (NOT the only flaw in the movie by far). Even in Veer Zara prettie zinta only moved once (not counting the trip)…..This movie is a total FAIL. The ‘movie’ does not have a SCRIPT!!!.The guy falls for a girl. The girl invites him to come see her father in the morning but she moves(1) to Mumbai without notice. cut to 7 years later…the girl has moved(2) to Scotland. the guy finds her in Scotland while on Airforce visit and they have a tea and a dance. The girl invites him to come see her father again but the guy gets called off back to India (kargil war but no war in the movie) without notice. After few years the girls moves(3) to the village in search for the guy but no luck so she moves(4) to Ahmadabad after giving a letter to a girl in the village but she destroys the letter because she is jealous and the guy doesn’t find the girl. The girl moves(5) back to Scotland for no reason. Then she moves(6) again to New York for no reason. Meanwhile the guys sister comes looking for the girl in Scotland but find the door locked. After 2 years, the girls moves(7) to Switzerland for no reason and by Gods good grace the guy was also in Switzerland at the time and see’s the girls standing in middle of nowhere while he is on a train. He gets off the train and runs to her and finds her in another train fallen a sleep next to her male cousin and his son….so obviously he thinks that she is married and has a son. So he doesn’t say anything to her and leaves them asleep. Meanwhile the girl moves(8) to Ahmadabad again for no reason and again by Gods good grace the guy finds her there out of pure luck….they both cry and fall a sleep in a new uninstalled Gutter pipe piece. Cut to few years later and they have a daughter. This movie is three hours long and absolutely nothing to watch in it. Go watch at your own risk. You have been warned.

  • emily-rich
    emily rich

    Pankaj Kapoor’s directorial debut – that made me have some expectations from the movie. an actor of the pedigree of Pankaj Kapoor, with his understanding of characters, would come up with something fresh and give life to a romantic saga movie – at least that was the hope. But this movie turns out to be anything but that. Its a joke – on the audience by the director and his crew. there are bizarre incidents in the movie, without continuity leaving a lot to be imagined and guessed by the audience. the dialogue’s are old and boring. its like an effort is being made to give the movie a whole greater than life image when both shahid and Sonam do not fit onto such epic roles. they both cant act. period. Sonam is giggling most of the time and has this superpower of appearing near shahid out of nowhere be it in Scotland or at a snow covered mountain in Switzerland!! just because the camera pans on the shadows of people talking doesn’t mean that its well shot. the leading couple not meeting and expressing their feelings for each other goes on for so long (a decade) that at some point the whole audience gives up. even serious scenes become a joke. there is hooting, cheering and booing by the crowd, in fact the song”ajjeb dastan hai yeh, kahan shuru kahan khatam” seems to be true for this movie. and can someone please explain, even after 2000, why do they not have mobile phones and email ids !!! it gets so painfully slow and melodramatic that eventually one has to get and leave and let the others be tortured. this movie is best avoided and if this is anything to go by, so are future pankaj kapoor movies. this has to be the biggest let down of the year and one of the worst movies i have seen in a long time (P.S. i haven’t seen Bodyguard, Ready and the likes)

  • dr-balogh-t-erzsebet
    dr balogh t erzsebet

    When anything comes with a name of Pankaj Kapoor expectations becomes very high weather it’s a movie or a serial.Mausam also came with lots of expectation as it has been directed by Pankaj Kapoor.Story: Harinder Singh aka Harry (Shahid kapoor), whiles away his time in his native village, waiting for the letter to join the Indian Air Force. But before the letter arrives, he falls in love with Aayat (Sonam Kapoor), the displaced Kashmiri girl who lands up in the village when Kashmir falls prey to insurgency. However, the ill-fated romance gets disrupted by the political events like the Ayodhya dispute, the Mumbai bomb blasts, the Kargil war, the Gujarat riots…. The world simmers, violence spreads, but love never dies as Harry and Aayat keep hoping for a re-union, despite the passing years and the turbulent landscape When I have gone to watch this movie I have heard lots of bad reviews but somewhere in mind i have good feelings for this movie as after all its Pankaj Kapoor’s movie who never do anything just to earn.When the movie started I fell in love with whole place he shown, the characters and artistic touch of pankaj kapoor. Romance of harry and Aayat was shown very beautifully. Romantic moments like Talking with each other by notes, Shahid watches from rooftop, rain scene, Conversation without saying anything were awesome.Upto interval movie is fantastic but after interval it loses grip due to too much separations, unneeded action scenes, events like godhra…tiger hill…babri mosque…twin tower blast and with too much filmy climax.In direction and cinematography department Pankaj Kapoor has done his best. Kudos to him. His way of showing the movie was fantastic. He just needed to cut movie length by not showing unnecessary events.Shahid and Sonam are perfect for this role. You will love Shahid in all the shades like Desi boy of Punjab, lover boy, Air force officer, Handicapped one. Like wise you will like sonam as Desi girl of Kashmir, Ballet dancer. Though shahid was looking pretty young as Air force officer but he managed it very well.In music and song department movie is powerful. None of them were unnecessarily put in the movie. Song while passing the note was surprise package for me, loved it very much. In script and screenplay department pankaj kapoor had to work to make movie better.Overall I can say movie takes has too much to offer to the audience which they can’t digest due to its unnecessary length. If you are going to watch this movie then don’t go with much expectations.My rating – 2.8/5 (In some parts its good else it is wasted due to its bad screenplay )

  • savelev-boian-marsovich
    savelev boian marsovich

    My title says it all.. There is almost no thought put into the screenplay and script of the movie. After first 30 minutes, the movie’s plot simply drags along with events happening around the dates of Babri Masjid, 9-11, Kargil, Godra issues eventually torturing you to death. I sincerely hope that this would Pankaj Kapoor’s first and last directorial venture. What a waste of his talent!! Shahid Kapoor is the only saving grace in the film with but even he can’t rescue this clichéd, loosely connected storyline. Sonam Kapoor is better showing off her fashion antics at the Ramp rather than forcing herself in the movies.The last 20-30 minutes were so bad that I just simply refused to take it anymore and preferred to walked out to save my sanity and intellect.

  • nathan-johnson
    nathan johnson

    The critics of the nation has a definite agenda and that is to force only a certain category of films to the audience as general entertainers that have crude, loud comic situations, stupid one liners, mindless action & item numbers. MAUSAM thankfully does not have any of these and therefore for them it does not qualify for “General Audience” and thus is not a part of “Mainstream cinema”. It surely does not have outstanding content and is not a masterpiece but rather a sensible film having good music, restrained performances & an original, gripping narrative, which can be viewed more for an experience. The film unfolds like a visual poetry on celluloid. The film can be compared to old vintage wine, those who know the taste will get it. It surely is one of the better films to come out this year.

  • dr-jan-peter-knappe
    dr jan peter knappe

    This movie hands down beats all the BAD movies I’ve seen so far. Though I wasn’t so hopeful after the first half, I gave the movie a fair second chance in second half to redeem itself. I tried to see movie with an open-mind thinking I mightn’t be getting something and this really is an epic in the making which my immature mind couldn’t fathom. I tried to look engrossed. Half an hour into the movie in the second half, I gave up any pretensions of engrossment when I saw some in the audience yawning, cursing and using expletives which I’d rather not mention.Pankaj Kapur has been exposed as a Wannabe who needs a reality check on his capabilities as a director. He’s brilliant as “Mussadi Lal” in “Office Office” and should stick to being that. Everyone involved in the making of this movie had very high expectations (of themselves) and thought of themselves as Tees Mar Khan(that was a flop, too). This movie should be included in the Movies Library on how not every Tom, Dick, Harry and Mussadi can’t be a director. Pankaj Kapur should’ve burned his hands on small, modest ventures before setting about to arson this Movie Producer’s life savings with this Wannabe Magnum Opus.Now, about the movie which this team intended. An eternal epic Love Story transcending time, continents, religion, hardships germinating from an idea of interweaving a love story around all the communal, war and terrorist events around the world. The only thing epic about this movie is its length (3 hours of pure Chinese torture).The Lovers miraculously appear in the eye of the world altering events just before they happen. Suspicious minded in the audience will be forced to think if one of them is covertly involved in it. There was a moment when I was expecting Sonam Kapoor to say “My name is Ayaat and I’m not a terrorist”. Pankaj Kapur should’ve thought on that lines too after this Love Story fell flat on its face.Both the lead characters are shown to be globetrotters who just couldn’t sit at one place. Sonam Kapoor’s character is one step ahead. She likes to move from one place to another after each tragedy and start life from scratch. Just keeping the count on the number of times she moves makes my grey cells shrink. Let’s try with reasons: From Kashmir to Punjab (Reason: Terrorism), Punjab to Mumbai (Reason: Unknown/for uncle to get killed in Mumbai Blasts/Babri Masjid issue, but how?), Mumbai to Scotland (Reason: Unknown), Scotland to Punjab (Reason: To find Kapur), Punjab to Ahmedabad (Reason: Unknown), Ahmedabad to Scotland (Reason: Unknown), Scotland to USA (Reason: Unknown/Waiting for 9/11), USA to Switzerland (Reason: Stopped for questioning post 9/11 /to get stranded on a deserted platform on a mountain), Switzerland to Ahmedabad: (Reason: Unknown/Waiting for Godhra).The lead pair meet and get separated, meet and get separated again and this Separation-Reunion saga continues for at least 3 counts (actual count, I didn’t bother after 3). Poor Souls just couldn’t keep track of each other and get separated even though there was no Kumbh Mela involved. It’s hard to imagine how dim-witted the lovers could be to achieve that feat in this age of advanced communication. The movie is set from 1992-2002 (mobiles and emails were available from 1996 onwards) but at the point of juncture, the pair preferred to communicate through good old letters or no communication at all (Shahid Kapur couldn’t spare two minutes to intimate her eternal soul mate that he’s been called to the Kargil War front). Considering the primitive mode of communication between the pair, the movie could’ve been set in the pre-independence era but then it’d have been impossible for the director to incorporate Operation Blue Star in 1984 (I think, there was a subtle mention of it), Kashmiri Pandit’s migration, Babri Masjid issue, Mumbai Blasts, Kargil War, 9/11, Godhra Riots, Operation Neptune Spear to kill Laden (oops…no, that wasn’t there) and what not, which are so instrumental to the movie.The movie had some really fantastic moments (pun intended) when one sees the couple having chance meetings in unexpected places like Scotland, Train on Mountain Top in Switzerland, Ahmedabad etc. What are the chances of that? One in a million and they cracked it 3-4 times. They must be soul mates and destined to meet, one must think. Only it didn’t show in their chemistry. There was never a moment when I felt a lump in the throat or had teary eyes.Shahid Kapur seems in character as a village lad but doesn’t look Macho enough to play an Air Force Pilot. Anyways, Macho aka Maharaj Kishanji is a Kashmiri Pandit’s character played by Anupam Kher (How Sonam Kapoor nicknamed him MACHO is yet another mystery among many in this movie). Anupam Kher, only genuine talent casted in the movie is hopelessly wasted. He appears on the screen for just 3-4 scenes (which is more than only 1 in which his screen wife appears while telephoning from Jammu Station. Whatever happened to her?). Sonam Kapoor just talks in whispers. She doesn’t get to shout in the movie which is like normal humans talking. Supriya Pathak Kapur (wife of the director)has the same ‘in shock’ expression for most of the movie as if she had a premonition about the fate of the movie.I think that entire IAF objection and hence, delayed release was hogwash to elevate the movie’s hype (much like Shahrukh Khan’s detention at Newark Airport for MNIK). That 30 second of supposedly objectionable sequence does nothing to lift the movie but rather nose dives the movie down much like the aircraft in the movie. The movie fails to evoke any emotion and sympathy even when the protagonist’s one arm gets paralyzed.In short, it’s a pretty successful failure at a disaster epic movie.

  • juan-raul-garces-tovar
    juan raul garces tovar

    The promos of ‘Mausam’ seemed reasonably promising. It had been a long time since there was a film that had a simple-sweet romantic theme as it core sans metropolitan complexities. They had ruled the box office in the 90’s, and were a rare breed now. And this one failed to break the trend and this ‘Mausam’ ran into bad weather. Replete with every cinematic cliché around, the film is actually a thesis on Bollywood clichés. The film begins in the early 1990’s in a Punjabi village with the usual clichés of mustard fields and the mandatory celebratory song and dance numbers. It is here that our local boy Harry (Shahid Kapoor) meets Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) who has just arrived from Kashmir seeking refuge with a relative there. Soon, love blossoms with not many words being exchanged but by passing love notes; old school romance, you see! Within days, Harry expresses his love for her. Just when you wonder about what’s going to happen next, Aayat disappears from the village without a trace and without answering his question. Cut to 7 years later in Scotland by when Harry is an Air Force Pilot and Aayat is an aspiring Ballerina and the latter’s family has been affected in 1992 Babri demolition and 1993 Mumbai riots. The couple rekindles their love. Now that the two are together, you at least hope for an interval, but the audience has no luck yet. There’s more! This time Harry disappears from the scene for the 1999 Kargil war and becomes disabled. The two lose contact yet again. The tragedies don’t just end there. There’s the 2011 WTC attack and the 2002 Gujrat riots too. Strangely, Aayat has the uncanny ability to find herself in every conflict around the globe. As they meet and go apart umpteen times, strangely, they are unable to reach one another although they have the telephone numbers of those they know in common. The film can use the alibi that the story predates Facebook or Orkut. And during the process, the film feels to go on forever, or will it end at all? Granted, there are some songs that help it, but the pain of sitting through this film is simply traumatic. The clichés just don’t end there. For a happy ending, the hero has to single-handedly fight hordes of villains and save the damsel in distress. And when he is done with it, he saves a child stuck on a ferris-wheel and regains his disabled hand! And lo, there is a white horse on the scene that also needs to be saved. In the end, the two are united and start a family with the ferris-wheel kid and the horse tags along too.Although set in the 90s, it may have worked better in the Black and White era. Probably Shahid’s father Pankaj Kapur’s wet dream to make a romance flick since his childhood but could manage the money only now. Obviously, the clichés in this film don’t work anymore now. I’m not saying that clichés don’t work; only the formula has changed. Those that work are more of the likes of ‘Ready’ or a ‘Singham’. Keep Out!

  • zivile-kiska
    zivile kiska

    The story line was boring to say the least. The acting did not connect with the audience on any level.The immaturity of Shahid and Sonam Kapoor was evident from the onset of the movie. Even the content wasn’t captivating to keep the audience remotely interested. So much so that I even heard a few snores in the theatre. Pankuj Kapur is a good character actor but direction isn’t his forte. One irritant is that the movie abruptly jumps from one end of the world to another losing the flow that should have been there. Veteran actors like Anupan Kher have been side lined and under utilized.Except for a couple of musical scores its been a dull affair. I wouldn’t advise watching this movie unless you looking for some shut eye.

  • hubert-kuhl
    hubert kuhl

    Let’s just cut to the chase here (something I WISH the movie had done): Mausam is a never-ending borefest. I will never be able to recover the 3 hours I spent on this movie, but I will use the next 5 minutes to help you save yours.The movie tried too hard to be an epic. Other movies that tie together themes of romance and religious / political conflict (Bombay for example) do so with force and passion — Mausam tries to be subtle, which is all well and good, but when you repeat the subtle message for THREE HOURS it begins to be less subtle, and terribly boring. Mausam is an epic case of boredom. If I wrote that sentence 2000 times, and forced you to read it, you will get an idea of what this movie is like. Please save your loved ones from this gigantic wastebasket of a movie.The only redeeming factor in this movie was Sonam Kapoor, who is quite beautiful and does her best to look good while playing an insanely boring character. Shahid Kapoor remains an average actor, but my wife tells me he’s very good looking too.

  • mr-dave-day-dvm
    mr dave day dvm

    I have said everything in above line, still i need to write 10 lines to qualified it as a valid review. Most importantly initial 40-45 minutes are awesome, movie is worth watching just because of this part. It clearly shows how a simple straight story can be so entertaining and heart touching, it was pure delight to watch that. Actually I was under the impression that it is going to be my best Hindi movie but then comes the real Bollywood in action: meaningless struggle, irrelevant side stories and all that crap you find in most of Hindi movies. But one again, I would suggest to give it a try, specially because initial part is better so you can leave the cinema anytime you want after that.

  • jorunn-lunde
    jorunn lunde

    Pankaj Kapur is 1 of those people in the industry who have played almost every kind of role with perfection-be it the commoner Mussadi of office- office or Liaqat of Roja.From Tarneja in the evergreen classic Jaane bhi do yaaron to the menacing Abbaji of Maqbool,he has played every role with sincerity & has always provided quality entertainment. With Mausam,he goes behind the camera & directs his 1st film.When people like him assume directorial responsibility,expectations assume gigantic proportions.So did it turn out to be a great film.With a grief in my heart ,I would have to disagree.Its no more than an average affair. The story begins in a small village called MALLUKOT where a fun loving Harry(Shahid) falls in love with A kashmiri girl(Sonam).However,unexpected circumstances leads to their separation only to meet in Scotland a few years later.(Shahid,by the time is serving in IAF while Sonam has become a ballet dancer).Again circumstances lead to their separation only to be searching each other till the end.The initial 45 minutes of the film are like a whiff of fresh air where a carefree village life is depicted in a realistic,heart warming way.Its really wonderful to see such tender romantic moments between Harry & Aayat which automatically melt your heart like butter.But the real problem begins when the story shifts to Scotland.The film loses its steam & drags on continuously for 3 hours.The logic is thrown out of window & film presents the monotony of deja vu(meeting & separation again & again & again).One more problem in the film (which is unpardonable considering a person like Pankaj Kapur is at the helm of affairs) is Factual errors.The Punjab Roadways bus model shown in 1992 didn’t exist then.It came much later.Moreover,we see a Whirlpool refrigerator cover in the film in the year 1992(The company entered Indian market in 1995).Such errors take away the appeal & seriousness of the film.The director saddles this film’s narrative with some important events like 1992 Babri demolition,1999 Kargil infiltration,11th September to Ahmedabad riots,which don’t actually appeal.The intention was noble but execution isn’t upto the mark.In this world of multi genre films,(Action comedy like Singham or Rom Coms),Pankaj Kapur sticks to a single genre of romance which doesn’t connect with audience somehow.Moreover,Shahid being a pilot in the IAF,it provided ample opportunity to Pankaj Kapur to explore some fine action sequences of aerial combat,but its just a little more than “BLINK & YOU MISS” sequence!The director takes himself too seriously-which ultimately works against the film.Shahid Kapur’s performance as the village brat Harry is fantastic but somehow misses the mark in his Air force avatar.His appearance seems misfit for this.Sonam Kapoor needs to take some acting lessons,she just misses to portray this complex character well.While Anupam Kher is wasted in a thankless role,Supriya Pathak plays her part with great deal of precision.The climax sequence involving a horse,a ferris wheel & a child with Shahid’s “heroics” is unintentionally funny & serves as a final nail in the coffin.One thing has to be admitted that while most film makers today find an easy way of plagiarizing hit foreign films,Pankaj Kapur tries to rekindle the old age romance which had been overshadowed by plastic emotions portrayed in movies today.There is honesty in its music(Rabba main to is a very nice song,so is saj dhaj & ik tu hi),the way the film is made with devotion & passion.The only sad part remains that it doesn’t click.But Pankaj Kapur has lot to learn as a director,he has shown flashes of brilliance in this film,& I’m pretty confident that when he makes his next film,it ‘ll be as awesome as he is.

  • johanna-salminen-saari
    johanna salminen saari

    It starts off much better than the useless action garbage Bollywood is shovelling down our throats these days, as season 1 of Mausam presents a simple and carefree love story. But as time passes and our star-crossed lovers continually fail to stay together, the film begins taxing on your nerves. It goes from great, to good, to indifferent and eventually stupid in the span of its almost 3 hour running time. Don’t know what Pankaj was thinking but the flight sequence and completely over the top climax were really poor. Maybe someone told the director he needed more current commercial elements, and in succumbing to the same, he did his movie a great disservice. Luckily, both Shahid and Sonam give great performances along with the supporting cast, and the songs by Pritam are too good to ignore. It is a lot better than the countless Readys, Dabanggs, Forces and Bodyguards out there, but that is hardly a compliment.

  • marta-zvirbulis
    marta zvirbulis

    I have mentioned it before that I have a positive bias towards every Shahid Kapoor film because of the honest effort he makes to make his films work. And what is it that Mausam did not offer? Shahid’s new look, promising storyline, fresh pairing of Shahid-Sonam and Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut. Based on these factors, the hype and anticipation for Mausam were genuine.To start with, the basic premise of the movie is phenomenal. A poignant so-near-yet-so-far kind of love story in the setting of historical events that defined lives of Muslims and Sikhs living in India and their effects of the protagonists. A gutsy and original concept. However, films are not made on concepts, they need stories and screenplays and unless they are Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar no-brainers, they need connections between events and sequences. That’s where the shortcomings of Mausam start becoming obvious. It’s a kind of film about which you want to say positive things, however, there is a BUT attached to every good thing about the movie.The first thing you notice in the first hour is the appreciable detail to wardrobe and excellent art direction. The very real locations of Punjab add a touch of authenticity to the scenes. But Mausam is a long film and has a painfully slow pace. Sequences are long even though shot artistically. Sardar Ji scenes are funny but mostly the humor is too decent (read a bit childish). Shahid’s Punjabi isn’t all that great but his friends are genuine. It’s the transition from first season to the second where the problems begin and creative liberty overpowers logic. From then onwards, the film continuously goes up and down on likability factor, less up and more down.Start of the second half is pacier than the first but it slows down again. And then comes the climax. When the climax begins, it starts to appear as if Pankaj Kapur will redeem himself for everything mistake he had made in the film, but, as usual, he goes so over-the-top in depicting heroism that he makes things a bit comical. It was sad to see the audience making fun of the film and laughing on serious scenes because the hard work put behind the film has gone wasted.I believe that film-making is pretty much like flying where more than the flight, landing and take-off are important. Pankaj Kapur, the filmmaker, knows how to fly but messes up in take-off and landing. Pankaj Kapur has a long way to go as a story-teller. Shorter as a director but longer as a writer. There comes a time when the logic of using internet or mobile phones as contact devices loses out to dependence on coincidences. The audience loses count of seasons and years and so does the director when he mixes-up dates and also makes errors like Shahid mentioning his mother was killed in Sikh Riots of 84 when he was 1 year old whereas in 91, he was 20. Oh and by the way, the Britishers used for Shahid’s sister’s wedding were as British as our friends in Bangladesh.Performances wise, it’s out and out a Shahid Kapoor film. This is his best performance of his career surpassing even my personal favorites Kaminey and Jab We Met. Great energy as a young happy-go-lucky Punjabi boy, fantastic authenticity in demeanor as an Air Force officer and maturity of an ageing man. He also carried well the part where his misfortune results in physical disability. Pre-climax scene, Switzerland train scene and train scene with Rajjo are classics. Excellent performance, which probably will go unnoticed.First decent performance by Sonam in her career but she still was not the best choice for this role. It was a pretty demanding character which needed a much established actor rather than a pretty face. The most interesting character of the film was Rajjo, played very well by the Telugu actress Aditi Sharma. She carried off the helpless negativity in her role very well. Supriya Pathak was also very good. Anupam Kher was totally wasted. Looks more like an editing cut of the character. Shahid’s brother-in-law is the weakest link in the entire cast.Overall, Mausam is a film that misses more targets than it hits which is very unfortunate because with its artistry, it had the potential of becoming a piece of classic cinema. If you are a die-hard Shahid Kapoor fan, you should still try it. If not, wait for Ra.One.

  • aretha-mparkouta
    aretha mparkouta

    Mausam : The Aroma of Springs, the Heat of Summers, the pain of autumns and the Warmth of Winters in quilt ,seasons bound to change holding their own importance neither being good or bad…It’s just the matter of preference which one you love. Mausam, the debutant venture of Pankaj Kapoor is a pleasant journey through the dark and unpleasant historical events as a backdrop. Harry (Shahid Kapoor) a young and chirpy lad from a small village of Punjab but with big dreams to fly and run faster than the train falls in love with a beautiful and innocent Kashmiri girl Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) who came to stay at the relatives place due to communal tensions in Kashmir. The first season of the movie can be described as the vintage love story between the two couples set in a sceneric beauty of realistic Punjab village and lovable music which ends up with the separation of the couple where Harry joins the Air force and Aayat left for the Mumbai.The second season starts after 7 years of the separation is Scotland where the couple meets again -Harry as Sq. Leader Harinder Singh and Aayat as a dancer in Royal house of dance. Their romance has grown a step higher with the physical intimacy which ends up in separation again due to urgent recall of Harry by Indian Air Force due to Kargil war. Then again separation, reunion, separation and director seems to be lost somewhere..??? How Read onThumps Up Thumps Down (TUTD TM ) Analysis 1) Performances Shahid has grown himself one step further in the acting school from a young chirpy guy to a serious lover to a responsible Air force officer, he has lived all his characters well and in perfection. Sonam was decent and watchable but the best thing is its ensemble cast which support main characters perfectly 2) BeaT SenSE The music of the film is composed by Pritam while the lyrics are penned by Irshad Kamil. This is an excellent album to be kept in collector’s edition with such a meaning lyrics and fresh music. 3) Art Sense The cinematography by Binod Pradhan is worth mentioning. Each frame is well captured especially the rural Punjab. 4) For the Director Pankaj Kapoor is a well know actor and this is his debutant venture as a director. The first half of the movie is extremely watchable. The rural Punjab on screen immensely claims applauds which is real as life yet charming and far from Yash raj’s Punjab, Johar’s lavish living halls and bhansali’s BRB (Blue. Red .Black) Sets. The vision of the plot is honest and appreciable but the problem lies in Second half with lot of potholes in the script. a) The 10 years depicted were from 1992 to 2002 covering four major events as a backdrop i.e. Babri Mosque riots, Kargil War, Gujarat’s Godhara Riots and America’s World trade tower’s attack. It would have been nice if the director could have taken one or two events rather than infusing all riots because it seems to be overdose in the script and actually lower downs the pace of the love story b) Second the period from 1992 to 2002 is not a very old period; director must have this in mind that internet and emails were very much in fashion in Indian and abroad in this period, so writing letters by main female lead for years to hero’s old residence in Punjab is quite illogical. Also even the email part ignored assuming they were not net savvy Aayat could have left her address and contact details to Harry’s sister Voice machine in Scotland, which she earlier done than why she was keep writing post mails and traveling to Punjab to Mumbai to Ahmadabad to Switzerland to Scotland -doesn’t it cost money for travel?? c) Shahid role as an Air Force office is very limited to uniform drama only…No dialogues at all. During War he seems to be busy checking Jet’s wings, Fan, wheel base with a backdrop of a song. Also the controversial fighting sequence is hardly 25 seconds where audience expected to had more c) The white horse in the climax was quite funny thou it was not used to carry on the story thou its presence neither justified anything .The second half script demands better screenplay as its first half.5) Golden Moments There are few scenes worth mentioning like a) The scene between Harry and Aayat where the Harry initiates a conversation with Aayat by handing over small chits to her and she teases him by putting them in a glass of water. The scene has a sweet song in the backdrop which is not in the album b) Their second meeting in Scotland in Coffee shop where the couple is having conversation in eyes , thou funny at place but appealing c) In a scene when Harry saw Aayat outside a train in Switzerland and his feet chase to catch her. d) The Climax Giant Wheel Child saving sequence is breathless. Chalte-Chalte Mausam like its name has all the flavors including a beautiful Cinema, heart winning Music and a bit of cold scripting … But it’s worth experiencing. It may not suits Delly belly audience and critics but then Choice is yoursReview Courtesywww.Thecritiquelab.com

  • kudriavtsev-arkhip-efremovich
    kudriavtsev arkhip efremovich

    The allure of the first half of Mausam lies in the vintage love story which proceeds through unsaid words, unexpressed feelings, stolen glances and lots of melody (Pritam Singh). The affair which begins in 1992, before the demolition of the Babri mosque has an oriental charm to it and makes for some moments of great viewing. Mausam has lots to offer to the viewer who doesn’t mind his cinema languorous, laid back and moody, with loads of beauty. The film tries to strike a balance between art and mainstream cinema and succeeds.After a long time I watched a movie with calming effect. With all power fight movies in the cinemas, Mausam gives a shade of love and feelings.

  • ermes-khrusoberges
    ermes khrusoberges

    ” Mausam “could have been an artistic beauty but it ended up being an erratic Screenplay binding sequence of events which never looked in direct connection with the Characters in the movie and could well have been avoided. The only good thing about the movie is its Art Direction/Camera Work but when it comes to integral concepts of Script & Screenplay it fails on all notes. The other weak point in the movie is the Editing part and painfully slow pace with absolute no beauty in the dialogs & the chemistry between the protagonist & his beloved. The first 40 Min’s in the movie displaying the rural Punjab was the best part in the movie which will impress most of the audience with bunch of light moments of humor and the art direction as well. But when there should have been raising the bar & intensity , movie falls apart on all accounts. Pankaj Kapur has been one of those greatest actors which not only Indian cinema has been blessed with but he has equally stunning with his roles in TV Serials as well. But as they say ” Not all Great Players make for Great Captains the same way Not all Great Actors make for Great Directors ” although this is TOO early to say. Great Players or Actors always have Great concepts but what remains is the execution of those concepts in practical world. Concept behind “Mausam” was to show how the chronological sequence of disasters all over world influences the bonding between two people in love .Riots in Kashmir brings the girl (Sonam) to Punjab at his aunt’s place where Shahid falls for the girl. Sonam teases Shahid to meet her in the morning at aunt’s bakery to know her YES or NO. Now suddenly Babri Masjid demolition the same day makes entire family to move out of Punjab to Mumbai without notice which i believe was not in connection at all . I mean you can be seriously hurt with your sentiments but there was NO impact in the place you are living then WHY you need to move out of that place which looks much more safe for you then any other place in the country. And this was first bizarre change in “Mausam” rest of the movie from here on brings very erratic & irritating changes in “Mausam”. Suddenly next frame camera location changes to “Scotland” 1999 where both meet again , alas ! destiny my lord has all the privileges reserved for the movie characters !! Shahid is in air force now & Sonam family has settled in Scotland. Sonam calls Shahid to meet her father for marriage and the same day Kargil war breaks and Shahid leaves without notice. Girls’s father dies & she moves to Punjab to check for Shahid with no luck and then moves to Ahmedabad and then back to Scotland. In the meantime Shahid calls her sister to meet Sonam and convey his message when Sonam is not there. And this Hide & Seek continues with frequent changes in Mausam like next 9/11 World Trade Centre and finally with 2002-03 riots in Gujrat . I seriously thought this movie will go till recent Delhi Blasts . Climax looked be in shades of Maniratnam’s “Bombay” with Gujrat riots in backgrounds and finally Shahid meeting Sonam but again looked unnerving and nothing intense to get in your minds , in fact that riot looked to have no effect on the ongoings between Shahid/Sonam. Movie fails to build connection with the audience and after such series of drastic events you do not even feel sympathy for any character in the movie and WHY should you ? Were any of them really affected by those events ?

  • tracey-webb
    tracey webb

    The positives: Shahid Kapoor – one of his best performances; Sonam Kapoor: definitely her best performance; Cinematography: remarkable visuals; Music: some beautiful melodies; Dialogues: some wonderful lines, especially between Shahid & SonamThe negatives: Editing: especially, in the second half – the film could have easily been cut by 30-40mins; The captions of each place really distracted from the movie & made it feel disjointed; Writing: could have been much tighterI’d recommend it if you’re a true blue romantic, who would want to invest time & emotions in a film.