Real estate agent John’s down on his luck: it’s his birthday, and he’s been just fired, his house is in foreclosure, and his marriage is going downhill. He had an argument with his wife, Joanie and an she’s taken their kids. Out of the blue, a stranger knocks and asks for help. Richie says his car’s not starting, so John helps pushing it, but hurts his leg, and Richie offers to take him to hospital. On their way, John realises Richie’s a psychopath on a killing spree Richie releases John on the road and tells him he’ll pay a visit to Joanie and his children. Meanwhile, detectives Frank & Rodgers suspect John’s the actual serial killer, and they pressure Joanie to tell them where John might be.

Also Known As: Conociendo el mal, A gonosz markában, Meeting Evil, Incontro con il male, Encontro Diabólico, Rencontre avec le Mal, Sataniki synantisi, Абсолютное зло, Seytanla Randevu, Encontro Maligno, Le mal incarné, Blogio pinkles

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