Claire, a suburban mother indulging in some good-natured hedonistic debauchery, one day, with a very sudden decision steals her 7-year-old son’s friend’s mother’s car during their football practice and leaves her husband, Aaron and their son, George there. After having a one-night stand with a handsome hitch-hiker, the man steals the stolen car and disappears. She wants to return home as usual but her son doesn’t want her to come back. To win back his affection, she decides to return a small rock half way around the world to its place of origin on a Mediterranean island. Along the way, she goes to work in a strange strip club on the edge of civilization where exotic dancers perform in an otherworldly space for abandoned souls just like her.

Also Known As: Menorca

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  • kimberly-nelson
    kimberly nelson

    Saw this on Netflix the other night, and it was slightly better than the repeat fare on TV. There isn’t much more to the story than the synopsis of the movie provides, and ordinarily bored soccer mom’s aren’t my thing, but I did not hate the protagonist, or the movie. Let me be clear, I didn’t like either of them a great deal, but – oddly – no hate. This wasn’t a movie that is very memorable, but it was watchable. Some of the scenery was beautifully photographed. Visually very appealing, well framed, great colors. Nudity doesn’t bother me, if it does, just skip the first minute or so, after that it is all small boobs, nothing too racy. The protagonist is flawed, impulsive, a horrible mother, messes up, and does not seem capable of redemption, but at least she does it in a scenic fashion. Problems I had with the film were about the incessant drinking and driving and smoking – not a fan of those. Also, even though the film was short, my attention span wandered a bit toward the end, and I got caught up in comparing Spanish as spoken here vs. in the Mexican/South American movies I watch (never learned Spanish, so it is all based on movies), and didn’t catch all the ‘deep’ things the old woman was rambling about. Maybe that would have made a difference, although I doubt it.

  • jayda-ariens-ansems-van-den-hoek
    jayda ariens ansems van den hoek

    Starting with the opening scene (no big spoilers here) where a naked man snorting a line of cocaine off of the main character’s naked rear end, the movie is nothing but a long, drawn-out salacious heterosexual man’s fantasy of a soccer mom gone bad. The concept was done so much better in “Weeds” but in this unimaginative treatment the improbably young and attractive mother drinks Johnny Walker from the bottle yet never looks the least bit tipsy, chain smokes, steals a mini-van, sleeps with a random hitchhiker in a dumpy motel. Then, naturally, meets a stripper, takes a job in a strip club, and we get to see her and her stripper friend half naked for most of the rest of the movie.While the movie is long on shots of partially clothed women, drinking, and smoking, and the acting is pretty good, it is a little hard to find the point, if you can make it all the way to the end.