After suddenly losing all contact with his younger sister, Jacob King arrives in Los Angeles determined to track her down. Trying to piece together her last known movements, King finds unsettling evidence of a life gone off the rails – drugs, sex and secrets in the sleazy underbelly of the City of Angels. Undeterred by warnings to go home, King proves to be more than a match for the violence he is confronted with as he relentlessly pursues the truth about what happened to his sister.

Also Known As: Послание от Кинга, Poruka od Kinga, Kralin Mesaji, Message from the King, King: Uma História de Vingança

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  • jerica-klemencic
    jerica klemencic

    An okay movie with decent acting.. The ending could had been much better do.

  • brenda-miller
    brenda miller

    Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Chadwick Boseman plays his character very well along with the rest of the cast. Meticulously directed movie by Fabrice Du Welz, which enables viewers to slowly put the pieces to the puzzle. I find it insulting to give this film a rating of less than 6. It was such a joy to watch.

  • baltas-ihsanoglu
    baltas ihsanoglu

    A waste of time, unfortunaly. Great actors, good performances and great soundtrack surrounded by a script made of cliches, cliches, cliches and cliches, nothing but cliches. I didn’t like “John Wick”, but it was still better than this movie, comparing movies with the same theme.

  • kavaliauskas-rojus
    kavaliauskas rojus

    This film tells the story of a South African man, who goes to Los Angeles to find his sister who is missing. During his investigations, he learns by surprise that she has a stepson, and is involved in shady businesses before she is murdered. He sets out to hunt for the killer and seek revenge.”Message from the King” may have a good plot, but I have to say that my enjoyment of the film is hindered by the strong accent of the lead character. There are times when I hardly can understand him, and I have to guess what he is saying. Other than that, his calm composure, quick reaction time and being street smart make him a memorable character. I wish the film more explicitly tells exactly who he is back in South Africa. Though there is a hint at the end, I am left hoping for more information on the background story.

  • berta-cabrera-crespo
    berta cabrera crespo

    A well-paced and solidly written revenge thriller, pretty much a riff on Get Carter but with a nicer hero. Chadwick Boseman is a very charismatic star and his character’s background is unusual for an American action film — an ex street kid from the Cape Town gangs. The villains are deeply unpleasant and you will have no qualms about their fates. One thing I noticed is that while the underworld on display is a pretty evil one, no one appears to be racist. Given where the film is set, you might have expected King (the hero) to be the subject of some kind of racist talk, or to elicit suspicion because he is black. Not at all. Sure people often don’t like him, no doubt because he is beating them up or threatening them or their livelihood, but they display no personal racist attitudes.I would have liked to have seen more of King in Cape Town.

  • aurelio-mario-baez
    aurelio mario baez

    04/16/2019 The principle character in this movie is Jacob King ( played by Chadwick Boseman) To say that he’s an excellent actor is an understatement. Viewers will become one with his character due to his subtle intensity, perfect presentation of every given situation he plays. He makes the whole movie life like, almost real as the storyline plays out. This is a great movie. Watch for yourselves and decide. Bon Appetit

  • franc-zemljic
    franc zemljic

    I watched the movie mainly because Chadwick Boseman is a wonderful actor. What I was not expecting was what a great and unique story this is. In a city that attracts people from around the world, it is not unusual for there to be waifs trying to make it in Hollywood.What it showed was a the seedy underworld of drugs, sex and what happens when your failed dreams drag you into that underworld. Boseman’s character was deeply flawed, angry and had nothing to lose but to get revenge. But he’s no superhero.Enough about the story. There is a great twist which I won’t reveal. Thrilling, dark, brooding film.

  • anna-pettersson
    anna pettersson

    I don’t know how anyone could consider this a good movie. The plot made no sense. The dialogue was terrible. The lighting was too dark, even if it was going for a pseudo-noir effect. The camera had trouble following the action in the fight scenes, and the director must have been asleep to let all of this take place. It started out okay, but why did he have to lie about being a cab driver, and not tell customs he was a detective? He didn’t know that his sister was dead yet. Why did he only bring $600? Why couldn’t he involve the LAPD if he was a detective? The second half was so convoluted, it made no sense whatsoever. Terrible movie!

  • aashaa-gaaykvaadd
    aashaa gaaykvaadd

    This was an action-packed, thrill ride of a film. It had some unexpected twists – especially at the end – and some great acting by Boseman. He makes the movie, no doubt! The plot is pretty simple – find his missing sister. And when that comes to a heart-stopping conclusion, find those responsible for what happened to her. And Boseman’s character – while not super human – is super skilled. The film shows the seriously gritty and unseemly side to Hollywood. Overall, a really good film and another fine performance by Boseman.

  • jeremy-heath
    jeremy heath

    This movie puts together some among my favorite actors: from Alfred Molina to Luke Evans or Teresa Palmer or Chadwick Boseman, and follows an intriguing storyline.Unfortunately (on my opinion) the final result suffers the destiny of many TV movies: a plot doomed by annoying logical holes, an unkempt sequence of events and an (even more disturbing) insufficient development of key characters…Too many good actors for a missed opportunity.

  • odette-carpentier
    odette carpentier

    When it comes to films with black leads, I try to never let representation cloud my judgement and always hope they have the ideal writing and direction working for the leads in their favor. I’ve been excited to see Chadwick Boseman raise from the TV show Lincoln Heights to playing T’Challa as Black Panther. After learning about this film Message from the King, I thought this film would at least be a good prelude to the few months waiting for Black Panther, however, I left severely underwhelmed that the Message brings.Chadwick Boseman plays Jacob King, a man traveling back from South Africa to search for his sister Bianca had gone missing and goes on a chase through those she knew personally for answers of her whereabouts and even resulting in violent acts in the process. Chadwick himself does fine in the role, as most of the time he is spent stoic and a man of few words. Luke Evans makes a surprise role connected to the antagonists, and while his cool persona helps the role, his character gets really annoying fast as a dentist where literally no character doesn’t talk about their teeth while their around him. “You can really learn about a man when you see his teeth.” That is a real line. In a movie that’s supposed to be a action thriller.Another big issue is the pacing of this movie. Even at a 103 minute runtime, it takes entirely too long for any engaging action to occur (there’s only 2 action scenes in the whole movie), and the plot and writing isn’t engaging enough to warrant it’s slow burn storytelling. But the film really flies off the rails in the third act with the main antagonist and you find out about his shady business involving someone young, it felt disgusting and really out of place for what the films main motivation.Message from the King was one I had hope for, but I found out halfway, this wouldn’t leave a good impact. The direction and writing is choppy, despite some decent performances from Chadwick and Luke. I just feel King deserved better and I’m hoping I’m right in February.

  • benjamin-pope
    benjamin pope

    *There is no way I can comment on this film without SPOILERS so read at own risk*I had really high hopes for this film based on the trailers. Possibly too high. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I had none.Unlikely.This movie left me with a lot of questions, but before we get to that I want to say some of the things I enjoyed.A story with black characters not based on traditional stereotypes! That I know of anyway. I’m not South African. The siblings tattoo idea. I like the symbolism (intended or not) of how each sibling ends up seeing, hearing, or speaking evil. Great cast overall. Would not change the chemistry. The use of a bike chain as a weapon. The good guy didn’t really win, and probably made certain characters lives worse. I’m a bit torn though as well because we’re still seeing more whites ‘win’ than black in movies…so as much as I like the end, it was bittersweet.Armand. For some reason he turned into my favorite character even though he had no lines.That being said…The story did not seem to know how it wanted to tell itself. There were several . I don’t know if this was writer or director error, or if it was intentional, but the lack of certain realism pulled me from the movie and kept me from my usual suspension of reality.First: The border security…like what? He got let into the country after not answering any questions? He got moved to an interrogation room and wasn’t finger printed? They would have known he was a detective. I don’t understand his need to lie about this. There is no motive. Did he pay someone off to fake his identity? “I am here to visit my sister. I will be staying with her and using the money for food and bus fare. In a week, I will return home.” or even “I wanted to see if busking in your country would garner the same results as your young Americans do in my country.” would have made more sense.Second: Hinting a little at why he calls himself The King would have been nice. It was a great line and wish it had been explored more.Third: How did he not get arrested when he beat up Frankie? The sirens were close. The drugs were mostly used up. I’m sure since it was outside no one else would have been an issue even if they were high because of lack of possession.Third p2: How on Earth were the cops who arrested him worth 50 grand? They were so bad at their side job. Cops not on the books are violent against blacks in the States. And why the political connection in the story at all? The governor didn’t seem to have anything to do with the recording and the dentist was rich enough.Fourth: If you suspect your business partner in crime is stealing from you…WHY ARE YOU NOT INVESTIGATING? Would it not make more sense to have him followed? And have someone do an independent audit? If he’s done it before WHY ARE YOU STILL PARTNERS? And what rings other than drugs were they even in? It seemed like there was only one child molesting (+worse) incident and the rest were prostitutes. Were they trying to break into the underage ring? I don’t get it.Fifth: What was it about the video and Armand that condemned King’s sister to death? Why was she tortured instead of just executed? How was she a threat? To whom was she a threat? They hired professionals for this, why? I felt like sentences were being cut out of a book and pasted together with good inventions. It was not a bad movie by far, but it had a lot missing for me to say I loved it. The potential was there…it just didn’t quite make it for me.

  • iveta-cerna
    iveta cerna

    Anybody that does not give this movie and 8+ out of 10, should not be leaving reviews.Yes it was low budget and in some areas may have needed a very small bit of work, but all in all the directing, script, story and acting were all very good. It was raw, honest and quite frankly very believable.Thumbs up.. 8.0 /10 for me.

  • codrin-stoica
    codrin stoica

    i wish i could show this film to all the haters who downvoted my review of Aftermath.Message From The King is a very personal take on the revenge film genre, kind of similar to Taken, but less Hollywood. The message, to be clear, is pain.Chadwick Boseman plays King, a black man from South Africa who shows up in the US to visit his sister, who is apparently living there.You can immediately understand that while the two siblings were close, they must have had some family issues that have now prevented from keeping close still. This is done without words, just by Acting(tm).King finds his sister’s roommate, and we immediately understand that something bad has happened, she must have fallen in with the wrong crowd.King, who seems to be a young man of little means, proves himself to be a spectacular investigator and soon finds out what has happened and who needs some punishment. And he does bring on the bad people a great good deal of punishment, but not in a Hollywood “fire and brimstone” kind of way, but rather closer to the way you had that fight in highschool and nothing went as planned but in the end you won and the other guy lost.THIS is how you do grief. THIS is how you do real in a film. Boseman puts in some real effort and the result is tangible, helped by the fantastic direction and camera-work that frame the emotions rather than the script. Message From the King is a bit limited in scope, true. Guy goes on revenge. OK, but what is remarkable is that it uses good filmmaking and acting techniques to advance the story, instead of “good guy dodges bullets, bad guy’s car explodes”, which is, in my opinion, the reason why the rating is so low.Watch this film. If you don’t like it, you’ll know exactly what type of movie-goer you are.My vote: a solid 7.5/10 and hopefully we’ll see more of Boseman.

  • viktors-dumins
    viktors dumins

    “Message from the king” have to be one of the best payback movies ever made. This movie reminds me a little of “Man on fire” and “Drive”. Its a dark thriller and shows LA in a way none else does. The story line is absolutely magnificent and the acting as well. This is a movie that deserves a much better rating and meta score. If you are looking for a good thriller/action movie…..this is absolutely one to watch!!

  • dr-isabella-nilsson
    dr isabella nilsson

    The story is nothing really special. Guy comes to LA to look for his sister and he gets tangled in the mess that she was in. He uses his tough South African skills to punish people. Liam Neeson did it with great success, Chadwick Boseman does it too.It was the acting that was pretty decent, though, as well as the portrait of the city as a corrupt place that feeds on hope and takes it all away. The “message from the king” is that you may have a lot of money and live in a big rich place and still be just as rotten as the most crime ridden places in Africa.Bottom line: a linear and predictable story that only highlighted the good acting and subtle message on the background.

  • monica-jansson
    monica jansson

    “It’s Bianca. She’s got a brother. He’s in town, says he has what we’ve been looking for. He’s out of control, Mike. You told me Bianca was not a problem anymore. Bianca isn’t a problem anymore. I’m afraid that’s his problem.”Those who imagine the Los Angeles metropolis to be idealistically beautiful, they should adjust that view after watching “Message from the King”. The less beautiful part of Los Angeles is used here. An impoverished neighborhood where the vast majority of residents live in poverty and where crime and drugs are an obvious part of society. Ash gray ghettos full of human suffering. And that’s being emphasized by drizzly weather. The crowded mortuary is a reflection of these fading slums. A collection of nobodies who died because of an overdose, madness (drowned in a bathtub as an imaginary fish) and gang violence.This is what Jacob King (Chadwick Boseman) faces when he arrives in L.A. The reason why he’s staying in the city of angels is the sudden disappearance of his younger sister Bianca (Sibongile Mlambo). Soon he discovers the sore situation his sister got herself into and what it did to her : she earned a spot in the mortuary with a name tag on her big toe. The search for the murderers of his younger sister brings him in touch with all kind of figures. Trish (Natalie Martinez) the loyal neighbor points him in the right direction after which he meets a violent gang of Balkan criminals run by a certain Zico (Lucan Melkonian). Then there’s the rich dentist Wentworth (Luke Evans) and the wealthy movie producer Preston (Alfred Molina). And let me tell you. Some of them are getting to know the bicycle chain he just bought, in a less pleasant way.For Jacob, these L.A. neighborhoods probably still look like charming neighborhoods compared to where he comes from. His sister Bianca, his deceased brother Isaac and Jacob himself, lived the largest part of their life in South Africa in the Cape Flat townships, a sandy area south of Cape Town and better known as “Apartheid’s dumping ground”. A dilapidated community where gangs rule. Both in the slums and in prison. Such as “The Number Gangs”. Isaac was a member of this notorious gang, until his death. Reason enough for Bianca to turn her back on her home country and to seek salvation in the United States.You could say this movie is a cheaper version of “The Equalizer” with Boseman having an equal personality as Denzel Washington. A cold-blooded but alert person who has control over his violent eruptions and who accurately follows the traces to solve the criminal puzzle in the end. However, the ultimate motive remains quite mysterious. Perhaps the only minus I could find in this hard-core, ultra-dark movie. In fact, it’s an ordinary revenge film that differs slightly from others because of its quirky atmosphere and tone. And afterwards I discovered the film was directed by a fellow countryman : Fabrice du Welz. Maybe that’s why this movie displays a kind of willfulness.Even though this action-flick is soaked by cliché elements (corrupt policemen, a cunning politician and a prostitute (Teresa “Lights Out” Palmer) who plays the Good Samaritan), you can speak of a stylish end product. No explicit violence scenes (the result is usually more explicit than the action itself) and a few star-like interpretations like that of Teresa Palmer. But especially Chadwick Boseman impressed. A man with few words, but hard negotiating techniques. From the very first instance, I was fascinated by him. In my opinion, this is yet again a rough diamond that simmers on Netflix undiscovered. Don’t let anybody stop you from watching this when you bump into it somewhere, because this will surely surprise you.More reviews here : http://movie-freak.be

  • benetios-risbas
    benetios risbas

    It is becoming a recent trend on the silver screen that, the city of Angels, is quickly becoming the city of demons. With this entry, showcasing a very dark, gritty and neon-lit Los Angeles, inhabited by the worst of the worst, director Fabrice Du Welz’s newest follows in the deep and imprinting footsteps of Drive, yet Message From The King is a very simple, revenge-thriller homage, giving tribute to the films it was inspired by in the 80’s. Mixing the neo-noir elements of film with minimalistic action sequences that make for a solid film and overall enjoyable first screening for TIFF16, Du Welz’s highly stylized actioner is one captivating thrill ride.As the film begins, we aren’t really given any real introduction to our protagonist. Mysterious, quiet and observant, Jacob King (Chadwick Boseman) arrives in Los Angeles like almost anyone else, looking for something. Yet, unlike the many eager young people searching the streets of Los Angeles for fame and fortune, Jacob is just looking for his younger, beautiful sister Bianca (Sibongile Mlambo), who, in fact, came to Los Angeles for the fame and fortune dream. Unfortunately, Bianca’s beauty attracted the wrong crowd of people, and Bianci soon found herself at the tail end of the needle, which lead her buried in the garbage in a nearby dumpster. Jacob, upon arrival, soon learns of Bianca’s death at a nearby morgue. Shaken and saddened, and with the help of Bianca’s druggie neighbour Trish (Natalie Martinez), Jacob begins a decent of vengeance in the primal criminal underworld of Los Angeles.Message from the King is an interesting film, in the grand scheme surrounding its star, Chadwick Boseman. Boseman, who was recently cast as the Black Panter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, is really given a fine opportunity to prove his action chops with this film. Luckily, Boseman doesn’t disappoint, even while being able to practice his South African accent, using the same coach he’s been using for his upcoming standalone Black Panter film being directed by the supremely young and talented filmmaker Ryan Coogler. Boseman, who adapts more of a brooding Clint Eastwood like hero, the stranger from afar, who comes to a local town to wreck havoc of justice and morality, taking down anything and anyone in his way.Apart from having a stellar cast with the likes of Teresa Palmer as the unsuspecting helpful neighbour Kelly, to the shady dentist Dr. Wentworth, played excellently by the square-jawwed Luke Evans, to a small role for Tom Felton, playing Bianca and Trish’s drug dealer Frankie, to the always impressive Alfred Molina playing the super rich and super sketchy movie producer Preston, Du Welz assembles a cast of very high caliber, delivering an action-thriller piece with many motives, intricate pieces and endless conspiracies.One of the most exciting elements of the revenge-thriler genre, especially new films placed within this very rich and lasting cannon, is finding out what exactly the protagonist’s weapon of choice is going to be. Du Welz along with his screenwriters Stephen Cornwall and Oliver Butcher, decide for Mr.King, nothing other than a bike chain. Yup, you heard me right, a damn bike chain. The same kind of chain that used to dirty your hands when the chain found itself off the gears of your bicycle, Mr.King walks through the front door of all the baddies hideouts with nothing other than a bike chain, while everyone else is armed with knives, guns and clubs, King avenges his sister’s death by chaining each and everyone of these generic baddies to a pulp. One of the most memorable baddies in the film, Zico (Lucan Melkonian), who, after a first encounter with Mr.King, goes to Dr.Wentworth for some reconstructive jaw surgery, dawns a clear face mask, which makes Zico’s fight sequences with Jacob all the more terrifying, exciting and monster-esque.While many came out of the World Premiere of Message From the King with a very Blade Runner nostalgic feeling, I couldn’t help but see the very unarguable similarities to Refn’s Drive, a brooding, atmospheric action piece that is much revenge-thriller, as it is character study. While both protagonists in both these films are given less than expected back-stories, it does become clear that love is the greatest motivation for vengeance.As King comes to the end of his onslaught of revenge for his sisters death, there is a very skeptical tone in the film, where the audience questions Jacob’s keen investigating, combat and sneaking skills, especially when King answers that he is a taxi driver in the opening frames of the film, during the customs interrogation scene. While I won’t dear ruin the ending and the comprehension of King’s skills, Du Welz does a fantastic job of engaging the audiences in all the triumphs and pitfalls of King’s journey, despite some absorbingly disturbing revelations.While Message From The King isn’t a perfect film, audiences can be sure to understand that each and every one of the characters presented surely have all their own agendas planned. Some of them, in pursuit of wealth, others, in pursuit of power, while Jacob and Kelly are only after what’s deserving of the people who showed Bianca an early funeral and an overall better life and peace amongst themselves.

  • matej-luksa
    matej luksa

    A solid film from director Fabrice Du Wetz (Allelula, Vinyan) at the Toronto International Film Festival. In genre “revenge thriller” but I completely agree with Du Wetz at its core a character study and much more. Chadwick Boseman follows up his Black Panther introduction in Captain America:Civil War with a nuanced and believable performance as an older brother seeking out his lost younger sister in a Los Angeles that truly feels like a “Blade Runner” homage in its grittiness and tone. Teresa Palmer is outstanding as a complicated and pivotal associate in his “message”. High marks for all involved in this interesting and well scored film!

  • balogh-julianna
    balogh julianna

    An EXCELLENT movie. One that not only addresses the cruelty and injustice of this world but also the humility and focus of the few who do try to make it right.Highly recommended!

  • oleksandr-miroshnichenko
    oleksandr miroshnichenko

    First of all, what a movie! When I heard about this movie through the cinematographer’s page here on IMDb (fits perfectly with the story), I was shocked to see the 6,4 rating and the critic reviews. Chadwick Boseman shines as Jacob King, a mysterious man from Cape Town looking for his sister in Los Angeles. Director Fabrice Du Welz made good use of the locations to show us the gritty side of the city. The performance of the supporting cast is excellent for this kind of movie. For the critics who wrote their thoughts on this movie, I say this: I do not know what your problems are with this movie, but I do not see any problem with this movie. You should probably give this movie another go.For the ones you who are going to watch this on Netflix at home, be shocked for the ending.

  • tajus-gronskis
    tajus gronskis

    A simple story with a solid script with action and twists. When Jacob King from South Africa does not hear from his sister in America. He decides to visit and uncovers a pit of lies and betrayal. I enjoyed this cracker. I knew, where the story was going and then the story takes a side step. Which leaves you like mmmm OK and then your back to where you thought the story was going. Now my issues, the accent was too strong or low. Which stopped certain scenes from connecting. Also I’m not going to lie a car chase scene and some one liners would have made it Fire. And the action needed more multi angles (point of view shots). But this would add 1000s to budget and editing time. Modern film making is control by numbers, like most products today. So, I am not disappointed and I cant wait for this teams next project.Apart from that very good watch. Casting and performances were strong. If you like films like taken with a touch of born identity. Then this is the Netflix title for you. One the best crime action dramas on Netflix today.

  • celeste-ruggiero
    celeste ruggiero

    This movie shows you what cinema should look like. This old craft of making movies with tempo, cinematography, editing and score is deprived of all imprints of judgement, opinion or the director’s indulging in his pretentious personality as many directors strive to do these days; it seems that the director has nothing to prove but only the commitment to telling a beautiful masterful story filmed with excellence and craftsmanship. The goal here is to learn what real cinema is. Everything serves the story, everything is well balanced. It’s an exercise in genre and a director’s pure intentions to making only cinema. You don’t get pitiful emotion or euphoric fake bliss you only marvel in excellence. No shot is overrated, no emotion is fake. This is a work of a master. And these days masters are found in Europe. It brought me back to my film school days when I was in awe with the great directors of past and how they can create a work of art without the excesses of today’s cinematic work that is riddled with uselessness and has no soul or beauty. Mind you, this is not a masterpiece, far from it; rather this is a lesson of what true cinema is… Watch it and be in awe…

  • dr-varga-levente-norbert
    dr varga levente norbert

    I know some Netflix films can be a little rubbish but they excelled themselves here. In my opinion the whole cast excelled especially Chadwick Boseman who carries his role off beautifully with a great accent that has no weak points – revenge thrillers are common but few as well acted or with a script as well written. I was engaged from beginning to end – the twist is superb.You won’t regret watching this movie.

  • teterin-kapiton-efimovich
    teterin kapiton efimovich

    This crime thriller/revenge action film is a straightforward story about a guy from South Africa who comes to LA to find his sister, only to learn that she was viciously beaten and murdered. He spends the rest of the film tracking down her murderers and learning why she was killed. He’s easy to sympathize with; you will care about this man and what he’s going through. The plot is steady and things are slowly revealed, enough to keep your interest. There is not a big plot twist at the end like some reviews have (for some reason) hinted at. Quite a bit of violence, but nothing gratuitous; it makes sense within the plot.In sum, this film has good acting, it’s a decent story, and it has a plot steady enough to keep your attention. Perfect for Netflix and chill.