For over fifty years, 60 Minutes’ fearsome newsman Mike Wallace went head-to-head with the 20th century’s most influential figures. Relying exclusively on archival footage, Mike Wallace Is Here interrogates the interrogator, tracking Mike’s storied career and troubled personal life while unpacking how broadcast journalism evolved to today’s precarious tipping point.

Also Known As: Mike Wallace Is Here

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  • jesper-de-groot
    jesper de groot

    “That’s not an interview, that’s a lecture!” Mike Wallace analyzing a Bill-O’Reilly interview as they watch a tape of it together.Mike Wallace’s entrance into a room would be announced as if he were a rock star; and indeed, he was one as a hard-boiled broadcast journalist, as well known as some of the well-known figures he toughly interviewed like Salvatore Dali, Betty Davis, and Vladimir Putin, to name only a few. He set the standard in the twentieth century for asking the questions others were afraid to ask.Although the informative and entertaining Mike Wallace is Here could be judged a puff-piece of celebration, like its subject, the documentary regularly looks at the underside: for a high-profile interview, it was discovered a producer had provided him with most of the questions; during a severe bout of depression, he tried suicide; Morley Safer called him a “prick” at his interview with Wallace; and much more.This documentary does a credible job of taking us through his early years as a pitchman for Parliament Cigarettes and other commercials that eventually prepared him for serious broadcasting, most of its groundbreaking honesty married to savvy production, to the point that 60 Minutes became the most-watched news magazine in the world. When he asked Larry King why he had a reputation as a patsy, no one should have been surprised at Wallace’s candor. That’s who he was.Sometimes this uncompromising doc has moments of soap-opera sentimentality as when star Wallace disagrees with his legendary producer and CBS about not publishing their candid interview with Jeffrey Wigand, the tobacco whistleblower. Hero Wallace refuses to buy into the network’s caving into fear of litigation.If you are looking for a contemporary hero with Greek-tragic properties, then see this expertly-edited song of praise for a broadcaster who deserves his place next to Walter Cronkite for integrity and charisma.

  • mr-william-murphy-jr
    mr william murphy jr

    Mike Wallace is an American Israeli citizen. He lived and worked in America while being a citizen of Israel. Mike Wallace pushed left wing ideology thru his reporting in America while advocating for right wing Ideology for Israel. Mike Wallace believed in Diversity and flooding America with Immigrants while advocating for Jews for Israel. Mike Wallace was a biased propagandist, he was no journalist. Journalism is dead.

  • adriano-farina
    adriano farina

    Avi Belkin ‘s documentary, “Mike Wallace Is Here” (2019) gives background making history of the investigative journalist, Mike Walkace. It follows in no real order, countless archival footage of interviews with celebrities, artists, poltical figures and even a thirty-something Donald Trump!As a documentary, there is any real breakthrough, but having behind the scene, shows off a candid Wallace is a treat. It tries to present a timeline from his early days from radio to pioneering TV shows like”Night Beat” and “The Mike Wallace Show” to CBS’s “Sixty Minutes” fame.Wallace aa the subject himself has donemany interviews giving moments of inversion. For example, he responded in one of his interviews: “there’s nothing to reflect upon” as asked when is it time to retire from TV. Also when asked in another interview, about what is feels about US and media of today. He stated “its getting worse” due to today’s heavy saturation of media news figures, produces a sense of mistrust: who’s telling the “truth”?This 1h and 30min features aside from Mike Wallace, interviewees from Johnny Carson, Mickey Cohen, Bette Davis to Oprah Winfrey! One’s of its higlights is when this documentary focuses on the infamous law suit threat from a major tobacco corporation, ironic considering that Wallace, in his early days promoted cigarette products!

  • sven-persson
    sven persson

    The New Documentary Film ” Mike Wallace Is Here” is pretty good. Deep look back at his work with CBS and intimate background about his personal Life. If you are old enough to have watched 60 Minutes for multiple years ? Really cool archived footage of his work over a 50 year career on TV and Radio. His Interviews were Ground breaking but may have fueled the current glut of News shows some of which are very Controversial and Shady. Great job on the research for Film

  • max-neri
    max neri

    Mike Wallace’s career peak coincided with my lifetime. So this look at his life and his work, and the context of the times, was breathtaking for me in many ways. I learned new details of his backstory, and followed the arc of his work, with great interest and new perspective.I wonder, though, if people younger than I am will recognize and understand the influence and sway that the 60 Minutes stories held for all of us back in the day. In these days of fractured and siloed media strategies, I worry that will be lost on new viewers.There were a number of instances where the protagonists of the stories were not identified, and even I was searching my memory files for some of their names. But I know they were key figures in their times. Others, though, will be obvious, for sure.That said, I think the news media ecosystem that we follow with this story is crucial to understanding where we are today. The infotainment pablum combined with cautious corporate legal teams we have now makes you yearn for the hard-driving precursors that Wallace represented.I came out of this film thinking hard about the past and the future. Definitely worth a watch.