A romantically hapless young man (Scott) has his life changed when he finds the proverbial genie-in-a-bottle, in this case a very comely lass (Jeannie). With Jeannie granting wishes left and right, Scott soon has a fine house, a wonderful car, and a chance to impress the girl of his dreams. But is this the way to true happiness?

Also Known As: Miracolo a Santa Monica, Deseos perdidos, Magia sulla spiaggia, Praia dos milagres, Pobrezi snu Czech, Miracle beach - sonne, sex und 1000 träume, Dzsinn tonik, Чудо-пляж, A praia dos desejos, Miracle Beach, Плажът на чудесата

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  • roger-hagar
    roger hagar

    no subtitles ? why ?

  • roger-hagar
    roger hagar

    subtitles gone

  • cutie

    Buffering server lag. I don’t have this problem in the summer. Can’t watch movies here.