When a mysterious storm kills all but one crew member of the first manned mission to mars, a rescue mission is launched. Once on the red planet, the crew finds the sole survivor of the first mission who informs them that this was no ordinary storm. It was meant to protect something. But what?

Also Known As: Misia na Mars Czech, Misija: Marsas, Misia na Mars, Operation Mars, Apostoli ston Ari, Мисия до Марс, Misja na Marsa, Operaatio Mars, Görev: Mars, Misija na Mars, Misión a Marte, Mars mentőakció, M2M, Mission to Mars, Αποστολή στον Άρη, Missão a Marte, Мiсiя на Марс, Миссия на Марс, Missão: Marte, Mission sur Mars

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