Little known actor, Jack Noah, is working on location in the country of Parador at the time the dictator dies. The dictator’s right hand man, Roberto, makes Jack an offer he cannot refuse.. to play the dictator. Jack’s acting skills fool the masses but not close friends and employees of the dictator.

Also Known As: Lua Nova em Parador, Mesec nad Paradorom, 冒牌君主, Mond über Parador West, To feggari stamatise sto Parador, Presidente por accidente, Il dittatore del Parador in arte Jack, Dyktator z Paradoru, Луна над Парадор, Pleine lune sur Parador, Το φεγγάρι σταμάτησε στο Πάραντορ, Луна над Парадором Soviet, パラドールにかかる月, Bananrepubliken, Moon Over Parador, Holdfény Parador felett, Luar sobre Parador, Luna sobre Parador

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