A group of former classmates gather for a pre-party at one of their homes the night before their 10-year high school reunion, and one by one, they are brutally slain in a manner befitting each’s senior yearbook superlative.

Also Known As: Most Likely to..., Más propenso a morir, Most Likely to Die, Скорее всего ты умрёшь

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  • andrus-kasper
    andrus kasper

    I guess the makers of this movie should get a little credit for trying to revive a genre that is pretty dormant in this day and age, that being the slasher genre. But apart from that, I’m hard pressed to think of anything positive to say about “Most Likely to Die”. It has many of the same problems that eventually killed the genre in the early 1980s. The movie is incredibly slow and uneventful at a number of points. It takes a long time for the movie to introduce blood and gore – more than a third of the movie, if I recall correctly. (And most of the gore effects aren’t worth the wait to see.) The characters are incredibly stupid and obnoxious, so much so that there is no suspense to see them stalked and killed, only relief in seeing these repulsive people exit the movie before they irk us further. And it’s a bit sad to see actor Jake Busey, who once was cast in more prestigious movies, now down to doing a two scene cameo in a really cheap production. Quite simply, this is one of the worst slashers you will ever see. It doesn’t even have camp appeal.

  • marjatta-kujala-maatta
    marjatta kujala maatta

    This is a throw back to an 80’s slasher film who-dun-it. The Yearbook staff gets together for a pre-high school reunion at the home of Ray Yoder (Jason Tobias) who just got cut by the Rangers…oh wait Ray isn’t here, everyone make themselves at home and pay no attention the red X through Ashley’s face on the wall where all their pictures are hung. Each picture has a “most likely to….” by it which “cleverly” or not so cleverly relates to their death as explained to us after the second kill.The film spends a lot of time creating drama over past relationships and gives us plenty of suspects…I was guessing the kid who died in High School as this had a “Prom Night” theme + a cabin in the woods film. The film spent too much time on Gaby (Heather Morris) who got boring after awhile as I wished they hadn’t killed off Skyler Vallo in the first scene as she had so much tease to her.Guide: F-word. Sex. Tease, but no nudity.

  • aaron-dutka
    aaron dutka

    RELEASED IN 2015 and directed by Anthony DiBlasi, “Mostly likely to Die” chronicles events at a retreat home on the scenic coast of Southern Cal when several former high school classmates gather the day before their 10-year reunion. Unexpectedly, they are picked off one by one in a mode suitable to his/her yearbook superlative (i.e. “Most likely to…).This is a low-budget independent slasher, but it’s not micro-budget. The competent cast is generally no-name, except for Jake Busey, who was probably doing a favor for a friend (it’s not a big part). The locations near Malibu are spectacular, particular the opening aerial shots. There are several good-looking women (e.g. Skyler Vallo & Heather Morris). The filmmaking is professional, unlike no-budget slashers such as “Butchered” (2010) and “The Ridge” (2005), but due to kinks in the script “Mostly likely to Die” falls a notch below those two story-wise. For instance, would a woman mistake the reflection of the killer in a mirror and shoot the mirror, but then fail to turn around to shoot the actual killer and, instead, drop her gun for the killer to apprehend? True, she saw her friend dead on the floor, but how would that make anyone think the threat of the killer no longer exists? Then there are eye-rolling conventions, like the token characters (you’ll see what I mean). Moreover some of the soap operatics seem overly drummed up. Lastly, you’ll figure out the identity of the killer around the 30-minute mark (or sooner). Still, if you like slashers this one is competently done and has several highlights. There are a couple of great cuts on the score/soundtrack. THE MOVIE RUNS 90 minutes and was shot in Topanga, California. WRITER: Laura Brennan. GRADE: C+

  • pan-boleslav-tsiupa
    pan boleslav tsiupa

    I had literally just finished watching Scary movie, and this popped up as a suggestion so I gave it a try. On comparison Scary Movie was more realistic, better acted, and had a much tighter plot. It’s like the writer had gotten drunk, started reading Agatha Christie’s And then there were none, and thought up the most silly costume they could. I am so sad to see this genre of movie go down the pan, The Scream and I know what you did last Summer films were so good, this dire attempt at a film seemed to try and recreate that feeling, but failed miserably. The acting was dire, Perez Hilton’s scream at finding Ashleigh was like something out of a first year School drama production. It actually looks pretty good, the cameraman and editing team did a good job at least. A sad reminder at how good the slasher genre used to be.

  • russell-frazier
    russell frazier

    Most likely to die? Easy answer, any hope of a good film while watching this. Plastic characters portrayed with plastic acting. The acting is actually funny in places but thats not what the producers intended

  • john-morton
    john morton

    So what do you do when you’re a third of the way through a movie and it’s already the worst film you’ve ever seen? You’ve already pretty much committed to 1-star and then it just gets worse and worse? I got to the end and I felt bad giving it 1-star, just way too generous. Terrible script, awful acting, basically none of the characters’ actions make any sense whatsoever. Give us a 0-star option please…

  • marika-arch-vaze
    marika arch vaze

    It was on netflix so after slight but limited consultation with my gut I gave the film a chance. Oh what a shame, I’ve had migraines more enjoyable. Is this really what people like? The characters are shallow and the story is virtually non existent. Why would I feel bad if some obnoxious post grads get murdered off screen? Furthermore, everything about the movie screams generic, an obviously typical example of a director towing the line, it’s not art or enjoyment, it is simply consumerism served with a generous helping of cheese, cringe, and general annoyance. Diblasi should turn on his flashlight and get searching for some dignity.I will only recommend this awful film to people I dislike.

  • fru-natasja-gregersen
    fru natasja gregersen

    At first i saw all the bad reviews and was a bit sceptical about this movie but it turned out to be a nice one overall. Not the greatest movie of all time but yeahh its worth a watch.

  • bjorn-van-orleans
    bjorn van orleans

    I was not expecting much from this movie, as straight to video horror of late has left something to be desired. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Most Likely To Die is actually a super fun slasher flick. The story is well written, well executed and makes sense. It is also fun to have this movie focus on a group of high school friends 10 years after high school instead of during high school or college as so many slasher films do. They do a great job of explaining the back story without getting too bogged down in it. The characters are likable and the cast is decent. There are several subplots that tie in to the main plot perfectly. As an avid horror fan, I found this movie to be fresh, fun and entertaining.

  • adela-moravcova-ph-d
    adela moravcova ph d

    If you don’t like slasher movies why did you watch it? If you don’t like the actors/actresses why did you watch it? If it was so boring in the beginning why did you finish it? And don’t rate it 5 stars or above if you think it was bad.

  • aynilhayat-ihsanoglu-corlu
    aynilhayat ihsanoglu corlu

    With highly predictable “Most Likely to Die” was no more than a shambles and a complete waste of time. I would not recommend this movie if you want to be even slightly entertained. The plot is so simple that it is completely boring. I expected a lot more from this movie than Perez Hilton’s terrible acting and a “big reveal” that was not at all big. Ready for their ten year high school reunion, the group of popular “kids” decide to meet up prior to in order to prepare for the occasion at one character’s house (Ray). It is confusing to me as to how they spent so much time in Ray’s house without noticing his absence, and how they even got inside in the first place. It could be argued that this movie is left with a cliffhanger ending, which may be its only redeeming factor.

  • hilda-cepeda-arroyo
    hilda cepeda arroyo

    This movie was the biggest waste of my time. Nothing suspenseful or scary happened in the first half of the movie, and all of the random love scenes made no sense. I hated how chill the characters were after they found their friends brutally murdered. The character that reveals himself to be the killer gave the most confusing reason as to why he was killing. Then, some random person comes out of no where after the killer was shot, and he put the mask on? Was the bullied kid really alive or what? I’m confused and unimpressed….I love movies that end like this as long as a sequel is promised OR the ending comes together full circle, but I really did not enjoy this movie… Probably won’t watch a sequel if there was one.

  • eufemia-caputo
    eufemia caputo

    Unoriginal idea. Like any slasher film you have seen (only worse) but with a different story.You have a plot where all the characters end up secluded and where the killer can easily pick them off. There are a number of situations which make zero sense whatsoever, such as a gun being available after at least 2 friends have been murdered and if I remember correctly the dialogue being something along the lines of “we’ll use this in case of an emergency”. There is also one part where the killer LITERALLY tears someone’s head off. (I should have turned off at this point)Jake Busey is in this film and his character is seemingly unneeded in anyway. Literally thinking about it, the only thing I can think is he is a weirdo with bad teeth and therefore could possibly be accused to the killer??… Not needed. As well as this another character is gone for about half the film. No explaination as to why, then just dies anyway.All in all I would recommend you do not watch this ‘film’. Bad script, bad acting, bad story, bad concepts, bad characters.They also somehow have the neck to try and set up a sequel right at the end (Please God don’t let there be a sequel).

  • cheryl-everett
    cheryl everett

    The acting isn’t horrible but the script is cringe worthy. For some reason there’s a lot of poker and poker terms in it through out the movie, which okay one of the characters is a pro poker player but she acts guilty through the whole movie about it, it really doesn’t make sense. The main issue about this movie is they are at the killers house the whole time which is suppose to be there friend, the guy never shows up. This doesn’t stop the rest of the friends to just go on partying at this guys house until they find “Ashley” dead. Then they just mindlessly walk around while this guy kills them off. It’s just bad, even for someone that likes pretty bad B-rated horror movies this is just horrible. More like Z-rated (yes I know that’s not clever but this movie really deserves it)

  • eirene-drosou
    eirene drosou

    Most Likely To Die was not given a cinematic release. To me, it is evidence that internet distribution can be a very good thing – as I would have hated to have disturbed other cinema patrons by constantly screaming “F*** you” at the screen, which happened quite frequently during this trash.What could have been an intriguing, or at least entertaining, slasher flick is squandered on a nonsensical script, infuriatingly bad dialogue and some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen in a horror film. The characters react to finding the mutilated corpses of their friends the way most people would react to finding a moth on the ceiling.Of all the actors that I passionately hated, the crème de la crème is supporting actor Perez Hilton, who couldn’t support a ladder. His acting failed to convince me he was a human being, and I haven’t wished for a character’s demise so much since his namesake Paris Hilton’s turn in House of Wax.The term half-baked would be generous for this one. Instead, the ingredients are all over the floor and the mixing bowl has been smashed.

  • noah-valente
    noah valente

    The movie took awhile to get going, meaning we had to sit through about 20 minutes of mindless talking before any suspense happens. The characters were all likable, some made dumb decisions, but the ones that didn’t shine through. The film also breaks some stereotypes in the slasher sub-genre such as the black man not dying first or the final girl having more substance like an expert poker playing history. The death scenes are creative yet silly. One in particular really surprised me and fulfilled my gore-hound needs. The others, not so much. The effects are pretty decent though, compared to some slashers that murder their victims off screen, this one isn’t afraid to use practical effects. The acting is so-so, the worst being from the supermodel typecast. The chase scenes are also noteworthy, I was surprised at how into them i was due to its tense atmosphere. Its not great, but I’ve seen some pretty lousy slasher films these past few years. And this one was like a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, and i don’t care how good Perez Hiltons acting was, F*ck him.

  • mitrut-mazilescu
    mitrut mazilescu

    Yes, The ending was awesome because it was a big plot twist but it actually started out really boring and it took me alittle while to actually be interested in the movie. I did give the movie a chance though and I kind of liked it. That’s why I rate it 5/10. It was still pretty good though it’s just almost half of the movie started out really boring.

  • hajo-schaaf
    hajo schaaf

    Slasher flick Most Likely To Die features a pretty cool killer: clad in graduation gown and cap, face hidden by a papier-mâché mask constructed from cuttings from an old yearbook, he kills his victims using the sharp edges of his mortar board (throwing it on occasion like Oddjob in Goldfinger). When he’s not using his hat to kill, he resorts to a retractable craft knife to cut throats. This means that there are some pretty decent death scenes, including one character having her neck severed before being completely decapitated by the maniac (who uses his bare hands to complete the job), and another having a broken hockey stick jammed into his mouth before the obligatory throat slashing.Unfortunately, a memorable psycho and some reasonable gore is about all the film does have going for it. The rest of the film is an exercise in sheer mediocrity, with extremely obnoxious characters, stilted dialogue and mundane action in which the soon-to-be-dead repeatedly split up to put themselves in peril. The cast range from the reasonable to the completely wooden, with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (as camp alcoholic Freddie) the most unbearable (unsurprisingly). The most recognisable ‘proper’ actor, Jake Busey, is one of the first to die, ending his suffering way before the viewer’s.

  • mart-a-lalayan
    mart a lalayan

    Nothing original here, a movie you will forget within hours of watching it. The same old classic slasher film cliches regurgitated once again into this little, boring slasher flick.Filled with unintelligent and straight up stupid dialogue, as expected, this movie fails to create any suspense, so whenever one of the kids gets killed you simply couldn’t care less, since the writers have completely failed setting the atmosphere of this movie, you can see where it is going right from the start. In my opinion, we have had more than enough of the same recycled slasher films over the years and it simply is the time to stop and move on from this genre, at least for a couple of years, because this type of horror has been witnessed so many times throughout the years it has gotten completely mondane and boring. People are not looking for shock value in movies anymore, hence the low ratings here.Also, the plot twist is absolutely ridiculous and could very well be one of the dumbest i have ever seen, simply put this film has a horrible ending. Another thing to point out, the lighting/sound effects in this film were surprisingly bad, the location was great, but clearly somebody was not doing their job right, when it came to lighting/sound effects.Overall ”Most Likely To Die” is your casual, boring slasher horror film, which brings absolutely nothing new to the horror genre and will be forgotten almost instantly after viewing. Do not recommend watching this in the slightest!

  • dr-nagyne-varga-agnes-barbara
    dr nagyne varga agnes barbara

    Well into the 21st century, we still have four or five slasher films per year. The formula never changes, but its longevity has allowed the exploration of new styles and interpretations which present something different; among the slashers I liked the most in recent years, I would mention Stage Fright and the remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown. However, on the other extreme of the creative spectrum, we find films such as Most Likely to Die, an atrocious rehash which executes the formula without any grace or ambition, making us wonder: “What was the point of the film?”. I guess that the answer is “money”, but even from that mercenary point of view, it’s difficult to imagine someone having faith in the commercial potential of this listless movie which doesn’t wake the slightest interest or suspense on the audience. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about this piece of junk, so I will limit myself to mention some of the many things which are wrong with this film: horrible performances; awful narrative; stupid characters making bad decisions to keep the story moving; and Anthony DiBlasi’s bad direction, which doesn’t bring any rhythm, style or vision to the tedious scenes. In summary, Most Likely to Die is a deplorable movie without any ingenuity or enthusiasm to transcend the clichés, or at least, bring them a more attractive appearance. Talking about attractive, the actresses of Most Likely to Die certainly are so, but none of them displays any credibility or charisma in their roles; they couldn’t even capture the spirit of the “scream queens” from yesteryear. That would have required talent, and it’s already quite difficult to make a movie in order to get worried about making it original or entertaining.

  • gonzalo-gonzalo-quintero-mora
    gonzalo gonzalo quintero mora

    “Most Likely To Die” had a nice premise going for it. Some high school buddies get together to celebrate their 10th reunion, but something is amiss in them thar hills. Soon the carnage starts, with the invitees getting offed in manners describing them in their yearbook. That was kind of a new and different take on the genre. Unfortunately, the script is just, well, awful. The dialogue is so stilted, so cliché, so incredibly ridiculous, you soon just want the movie to be over. I loved the conversation between the people after they have found the first body, and all they can do is bitch at one another because of past decisions.Then, there are decisions made that DEFY stupidity. The “good guys” actually have a gun in the house. Do they know how to use it effectively? Oh no; I guess that would be too easy. Do they EVER stick together? Oh no; I guess that would also be too easy. There is an unexpected twist near the end, but I will not reveal that.The movie is rated “R” for brief nudity, simulated sex, graphic violence, and language. Not recommended.

  • lic-samuel-prieto
    lic samuel prieto

    I certainly understand the amount of negative reviews and overall attitude of disdain for this film. Most Likely to Die really is a bad movie. The plot is contrived and silly, replete with all of the slasher clichés. The cinematography is adequate at best, the lighting is horrible. The acting ranges from serviceable to downright laughable (don’t get me started on Perez Hilton). So why, despite all of these drawbacks, did I enjoy this film? One word: nostalgia. Most Likely to Die is a hardcore throwback to the cheesy slasher flicks of the 80’s. Every single aspect of this film, other than the outfits and music, screams 80’s slasher. Even the plot is a direct reference to, if not a ripoff of, the 1986 horror film Slaughter High (also known as April Fool’s Day). Most Likely to Die is a direct descendant of these legendary films, much more so than most modern slashers that also recycle the usual tropes. It’s really sort of a guilty pleasure. If you’re looking for anything other than a corny throwback, throw this one right out the window.

  • eranowhi-janjowghazyan
    eranowhi janjowghazyan

    Anthony Diblasi’s film “The Last Shift” was one of my favorite horror films of 2015 and was a nice surprise, it was one of the few recent horror films that was actually able to creep me out a bit. So when I saw that Diblasi had recently released another horror movie I jumped at the chance to see it even though there were quite a few red flags, Jake Busey and Perez Hilton on the cast list plus a very generic teen slasher type plot, lets just say I should have listened to the warning signs.The film starts out with a very cliché slasher type opening scene, an attractive blonde arriving at an seemingly empty house where she was suppose to meet up with her old classmates for a reunion, she strips down into almost nothing and roams around the house until she is eventually killed. From there the rest of the classmates begin to arrive and this is where the film really started to fall apart, we are introduced to all the characters and it becomes very clear that none of them are going to be interesting at all. Usually in a slasher film unlikable characters are not necessarily a big deal since you are there to simply watch them get brutally killed, however this film desperately tries to get you attached to these boring characters, this would be OK if their stories/relationships were interesting but it all just feels like a bad soap opera episode.So after about forty five minutes or so of our characters discussing the past and having dull conversations the killings finally start, really only one of the kills is well done and brutal, however none of the cast really seems to care all that much that their friends are being murdered. There is one scene in particular where they find the dead body of one of their classmates, then literally like five minutes later two of the characters start having a nice reminiscent conversation about their high school days as they sit outside a shack that houses the body of their dead friend. After a bunch of sloppy dialogue and running around the killer’s identity is finally revealed, but at this point you won’t really care, his/her motive doesn’t really make any sense and their attempt at acting like a psychotic frantic killer is pretty pathetic.Overall this was just a mess of a slasher film, which is disappointing because I know Anthony Diblasi is capable of making a quality horror film, shame to see his talent wasted on such a generic flick.

  • guy-aguilar
    guy aguilar

    This is one of the worst horror movies made in the past ten years. It’s so bad that while watching you’ll see under acting, over acting, and things that are so unbelievable you’ll burst out in laughter. There’s not a lot of action. There’s a ton of dialogue and the bad thing is that the acting is awful so it makes the discussions between characters extremely hard to watch. It’s like the writers and directors never saw a movie in their life. It’s like the actors are fresh out of elementary acting school. I’m just trying to understand how things like this get made. At the end of the day, don’t waste your time unless you’re bored and want to laugh at all the failure. I mean, it stars Perez Hilton. Need I say more?

  • pan-anton-babak
    pan anton babak

    Does Perez Hilton “act” in any other movies?? He looks like a 70 yr old man who’s been choosing cocaine over food for decades. His haggard face makes the young adults having a high school reunion theme highly unlikely. Throughout the movie, he is just loud and overly flamboyant and it’s awful. The movie was bad, but Hilton made it irredeemable. This isn’t even a b horror film. The deaths were tacky. What exactly was the plot. There is mention of a kid that is bullied while the throw back some beers and that’s it. they have this character who sold alcohol (Last name is Busey, and by those big choppers he is definitely related to Gary Busey) who had no purpose in the movie and didn’t serve to add to the plot at all. I just can’t get over how awful Hilton was…