Further complications beset the life of young, aspiring magician Max when he finds only he can see and hear the ghosts that have come to reside in his family’s relatively new home (former home of the ghosts). Like Max, two of the ghosts are children, who also need a living person to help them defeat an evil apparition named Phears aiming to capture them and release mean spirits back into the world on Halloween.

Also Known As: R.L. Stines Geistermeister - Besuch aus dem Jenseits, Fantasmas a mogollón, R.L. Stine - I racconti del brivido: Fantasmagoriche avventure, Fantasmas a mogollón - ¿Quién los ha soltado?, Mostly Ghostly, R.L. Stine's - Rysligt kusligt, Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?, Quem Soltou os Fantasmas?, R.L. Stines - Die Geistermeister, Fantasmas à Solta, Le pacte mystérieux, Pact cu fantomele, R. L. Stine: Démontanya, Небольшое привидение, Mathitevomenos magos, Mahom duhovi, R.L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly, Mostly Ghostly: Quem Soltou os Fantasmas?, Realmente Fantasmal, Realmente fantasmal de R. L. Stine

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