Mr. Magoo is an eccentric millionaire with terrible eyesight who refuses to use eyeglasses, therefore he always gets into trouble. During a museum robbery he accidentally gets a priceless gem called the Star of Kurdistan and starts to trace the way for the arch-criminals–Austin Cloquet and Ortega “The Piranha” Peru– who had wanted to steal it. Meanwhile, two federal agents, Stupak and Anders, lead the manhunt for Mr. Magoo himself.

Also Known As: Pan Magor Czech, Gospodin Magu, Misteris Magu, Господин Магу, Mr. Magoo: Chior sa fii, noroc sa ai!, M. Magoo, Mr.マグー, Мистер Магу, Містер Маґу, Μίστερ Μαγκού, Bay Şeşibeş, Pan Magoo, Mr. Magoo

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