A ghost sucks the life-force out of a one of Uncle Nine’s student. The other is slowly turned into a vampire. They halt his transformation by filing down his teeth! The female ghost throws her head around like a boomerang to protect herself. Can Mr. Vampire chase away the Succubus and the hopping ghost and save his two students?

Also Known As: The Taoist of Spiritual Illusions, 霊幻道士, Zhan Shi Ting Zhi Hu Xi, Geung see sin sang Hong, Mr. Vampire Hong, O Drakoulas tis Kinas, Mr. Vampire, Mr. Vampire: El Señor de los Vampiros, Мистер Вампир Soviet, Mr. Stiff, Jiang shi xian sheng Hong, Geung see sin sang, Reigen dôshi

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