Mr. Vampire Saga (1988)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror
Director: Ricky Lau
Stars: Anthony Chan, Wu Ma, Kar Lok Chin, Loletta Lee, Wah Yuen
Countries: Hong Kong

A Taoist Priest isn’t too happy when his Buddhist Priest colleague moves in next door. They are subject to constant feuds and duels, but soon must overcome their odds towards each other when a vampire breaks loose from his coffin in a nearby procession and threatens to wreak havoc to the countryside.

Also Known As: Mr. Vampire Saga, Mr. Vampire Saga Four Hong, Mr. Vampire 4 Hong, 霊幻道士完結篇 最後の霊戦, Jiang shi shu shu Hong, Jiang shi shu shu, Reigendôshi Kanketsuhen Saigo no Reisen, Geung see suk suk

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