Eccentric actor Daniel Hillard is an amusing and caring father. But after a disastrous birthday party for his son, Daniel’s wife Miranda draws the line and files a divorce. He can see his three children only once a week which doesn’t sit well with him. Daniel also holds a job at a TV studio as a shipping clerk under the recommendation of his liason. But when Miranda puts out an ad for a housekeeper, Daniel takes it upon himself to make a disguise as a Scottish lady named Mrs Doubtfire. And Daniel must also deal with Miranda’s new boyfriend Stu Dunemyer.

Also Known As: Doamna Doubtfire, tăticul nostru trăsnit, Η κα Ντάουτφαϊρ, Mrs. Doubt, Мисис Даутфайър, Sra. Doubtfire, papá de por vida, Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige Hausmädchen, Mrs. Doubtfire - isä sisäkkönä, Tatica u suknji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Мiсiс Даутфайр, Välkommen Mrs. Doubtfire, Meie issi, proua Doubtfire, Gospa Doubtfire - Očka v krilu, Pani Doubtfire, Fru Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire - Mammo per sempre, Mrs. Doubtfire - pappa som husa, Gospođa Dautfajer, Миссис Даутфайр, Madame Doubtfire, Gveret Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire - Apa csak egy van, Ponia Dautfaje, Müthis Dadi... Müthis Baba, Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige Kindermädchen, Uma Babá Quase Perfeita, Ka Doubtfire, Papá por siempre, Papá para Sempre, Señora Doubtfire, papá de por vida

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