When a young man agrees to housesit for his boss, he thinks it’ll be the perfect opportunity to get close to the woman he desperately has a crush on – his boss’s daughter. But he doesn’t plan on the long line of other houseguests that try to keep him from his mission. And he also has to deal with the daughter’s older brother, who’s on the run from local drug dealers.

Also Known As: The Guest, Дъщерята на шефа, La fille de mon patron, Mon boss, sa fille et moi, Донька мого боса, Ćerka mog šefa, Mana Bosa Meita, Kći mog šefa, Šefova hčerka, A Filha do Chefe, La figlia del mio capo, La hija de mi jefe, A főnököm lánya, Partyalarm, Amor cu fiica sefului, Η κόρη του αφεντικού, My Boss's Daughter, Partyalarm - Finger weg von meiner Tochter, Дочь моего босса, Pomon tytär, I kori tou afentikou, Mano boso dukra, Chefens datter, Patronun kizi, Partyalarm - Hände weg von meiner Tochter, Córka mojego szefa, A Filha do Patrão, Sjefens datter

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  • archer-gardiner
    archer gardiner

    Well what can I say? The film is somewhat funny and bearable enough to finish but is tedious to the point of painful meanwhile kills time. The writers clearly were adamant about timing but it was effortful and the humor was sprinkled. Out of clear desperation the plot piggy backs off of earlier material to lay it on thick and is overall outlandish. Any form of appeal that the creators thought they could use they did whether it be through obscenity or provocation, I don’t know who the target audience was but definitely not the classy type. Ashton Kutcher was put in a role that didn’t seem too believable initially but then started to make sense as the film drew on but still in the end only proved to be utilitarian in the sense of making the film work not due to Ashton seeming the type. This film tapped into some striking issues regarding everything from race to weight and could’ve been funny yet influential but in the end goofiness took president over all else.

  • isaac-monteiro
    isaac monteiro

    This is easily one of the worst movies i have ever seen. There is so much at the house that goes wrong that would not happen it isn’t even funny. Granted this is a movie meaning things that won’t happen in normal life happen here, however this movie is more far fetched than theories that no child left behind is working. All of these people are in the house and nobody has noticed another, not to mention the damn owl that seems to be coming everywhere but in its cage. I could deal with an owl joke the first few times, but after an hour i just can’t take it, i would rather kill myself than see that damn owl again. Did i laugh during this movie? no. Not even once? no. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. The fact that this pile of garbage is capped off with Ashton Kutcher bending his boss over and taking his pants off in front of everybody just makes this movie ever worse. But wait, the day is saved because the damn owl can fly. WOW AMAZING! However, i do give this movie some cred, its not as bad as Epic Movie…..

  • dennis-larsen
    dennis larsen

    For a better done comedy, see Adventures in Babysitting. This is just terrible – what a waste of time. Never gets better – it makes Hangover appear to be profoundly intellectual. Run from this movie – go watch Deadliest Catch on TLC. This film would have been much better with John Cusak – at least he could carry off the stupidity much better than Kutcher, who should return to TV sitcoms. It just gets worse and the movie progresses, no possible redemption for this thing. Zucker should be ashamed to have his name associated with this dribble. IMDBs mandatory 10 lines only serves to make me think more and more of what a waste of time this trash actually was.

  • zvonka-dolenc
    zvonka dolenc

    This is a movie about men trying to gain the attentions of women they do not particularly like all that much.This is the same plot that most rom-coms seem to be made of: a man wants a girlfriend so that he can prove his masculinity to his friends.Because he does not care so much that he date someone he actually enjoys spending time with as he does someone who his friends adore, he inevitably casts his affections onto the nearest woman possible.Usually, this woman works with him–leading to endless workplace hijinks and misunderstandings eventually solved with a well-timed declaration of sentiment and a too-long kiss.What creativity these writers have, to be able to churn out the same plot over and over!However, there is something more nefarious at work beneath all this seeming “good not-very-clean fun”. These men pursue women for sport, not because they agree with viewing women as objects but because their friends do. When they declare their feelings, they do so because they want the woman in question to like them for the sake of their reputations, not for the sake of their hearts. Movies like this undercut heterosexual relationships by encouraging mutual mistrust.There is a reason why women are never sure that men who profess to love us are serious, or are just trying to get us into bed with them.There is also a reason why men believe women need heart-shaped cards and mixed cds and grand declarations of love to take a chance on them.The reason comes down to movies like this one.It would be nice to see a few male heroes in teen romantic comedies once in a while who actually seem to LIKE women, rather than viewing them as trophies to dust off whenever their friends come to play.

  • marthe-costa-perrot
    marthe costa perrot

    I saw the last bits of this movie a long time ago, and that’s all I will ever need to see.My Bosses Daughter stars Ashton Kutcher, who makes a bad name for himself in this film. He agrees to house-sit for his boss to meet his bosses daughter. (Hence the name.) I haven’t seen the beginning, but what I have seen (Perhaps the last hour or so. I’m not sure.) I hated it.I was at the age where I would laugh about about any comedy: Mr. Deeds, Bruce Almighty, The Waterboy, you name it. However, this wasn’t funny at all. (Except for the ending.) Why? First of all, the film hardly even makes any jokes! I just sat on the couch as Aston tries to romance the daughter. I remember one where the owl named OJ escaped and he yelled “O.J. escaped!” This scared a group of by standing girls. If you remember the O.J. Simpson trial, O.J. murdered his wife. But, who is going to remember that years from now? By then, it would be even less funnier then it already is.The films degrades itself more by trying to make itself into a “sexy” film. This only brings it down. Why? The girl is hardly sexy. The most of her that we see is he underwear. It also makes the film look so corny and unrealistic. Or, maybe she just happens to enjoy stripping to music she considers sexy. Maybe she just happens to draw her friends naked. Surprisingly, this appeals more to women then men. (I guess they might enjoy these sort of comedies.) It gets worse by delivering the cheesiest line in the history of cinema. It takes place when a robber points a gun at Ashton.Ashton: *unzips pants* I’ve got a gun too, but you’re just too afraid to use yours.Robber: *runs away* Bosses Daughter: That was so brave of you! Why didn’t the robber shoot? It would have ended the pain much quicker. I don’t remember laughing at this part.It even gets worse when the audience is given an unnecessary look at some guys butt. Apparently, it was a twist in the film. I don’t remember ever seeing that much of the bosses daughter! However, the ending has some good psychical humor. But, it hardly redeems the horrid-ness of this movie.Keep in mind, I liked many other comedies at the age I was when I saw this, but this was bad enough for even me to notice! (I never noticed the flaws in films.) It’s hard to believe this film didn’t get less then a 4.1.Good: Well, some will enjoy its comedy and the exposure of women.Bad: Corny, bad-acting, bad jokes, stupid, vulgar Feel free to send me a Private Message regarding this comment.

  • edmunds-birznieks
    edmunds birznieks

    First off, I hate movies that gets really embarrassing. Movies like “Duplex” and scenes like the toilet scene in “Along came Polly”, that’s really not my cup tea.Tara Reid and Terence Stamp is the only thing pulling this movie up, she does a good job playing the daughter, while he is the father and the boss of Kutcher.Ashton Kutcher is playing Tom Stansfield a employee of the creative department in Jack Taylor (Terence Stamps) company. He is looking for his big break, but Jack isn’t the easiest guy to be around. Lisa Taylor (Reid) gets Tom to watch her daddy’s bird, while she goes to a party. This is where everything really starts falling apart for Tom.The only part of this movie that I found funny, involved Jack Taylor, being the really mean boss. Other that that the only highlight was Carmen Electra falling in the fountain, and could have been in a “miss wet t-shirt” competition. Only watch this movie if you are a die hard fan of Ashton Kutcher, ’cause he is the main character, and none of the other actors is really involved in this movie, or if you love movies like Duplex, and other similar movies, which are even more embarrassing to watch.2/10 and never to be seen again.. EVER.

  • iyeonghyi

    “My Boss’s Daughter” is very typical comedy, that tries its best to make fun out of everyone, including ethnic groups and disabled people.At such, it gives out couple of laughs, but most of the jokes you can see coming from far and it really isn’t anything very original. It does however have couple of scenes that did got me by surprise, so I’d guess it’s not so predictable as the most of the movies of this genre.Ashton Kutcher is Tom, who by mistakes is baby sitting his obnoxious boss’s (Terence Stamp)owl and house. Things start to happen and hell breaks loose. Nothing actually makes sense, but so what? It’s not supposed to. Tom of course is in panic, because he’s in love with Lisa (unbelievebly bad actor Tara Reid), the boss’s daughter.Watch it and forget about it and don’t get angry even thought you would be in the groups insulted by this flicks: there are so much better insulting comedies to get mad to.

  • jennifer-jones
    jennifer jones

    This movie has got to be about one of the worst i have ever seen. The humor was crude, hardly funny and been heard a million times before. The start was noting special and it got worse and worse as it went on. I got about halfway through and couldn’t stand to watch any more of it. Luckily I was only watching it on TV so it didn’t cost anything, but I seriously recommend you do not waste you time or your money.Nothing in the movie was new. The characters were not at all developed. I actually think it would have been better as a little kids movie in that it was full of stupid unrealistic “funny” events occurring … thats like what happens in home alone or something. Not to imply home alone was in any way as terrible as this.

  • sasa-pintaric
    sasa pintaric

    Lots of good gags, but the situations are just too stupid to believe. It also has a few new gross-outs to make you want to spit your popcorn out.Knowing the ending won’t make a difference. If you’re going to see this, don’t let anyone tell you the gags. That and the acting are what pull this movie along.

  • karl-larsson
    karl larsson

    I don’t know anything about the ‘backstory’ of this film. I don’t know if it was plagued with production issues, recasting, re-shoots, censorship/cuts to get a PG-13 rating, etc — and I don’t have the energy to Google it to find out.All I knew about this movie was it came out when I was in high school, and I remember a friend of mine taking a girl to see it on a date. They both hated it so much they left halfway through. For some reason, that fact has remained with me for 10+ years.Now, nearly 15 years after its release, I watched the film on Netflix.Was it good? No. Was it terrible? No. Did I laugh? A little.The main issue was the film’s “jumpy” storytelling. I would imagine that this project was originally an R-rated idea, but late in the game they pushed for PG-13, resulting in this jumpy-vibe. It really hurt the film.At no point did I care for Ashton Kutcher & Tara Reid’s relationship, nor was their interactions funny or engaging. However, the film did feature an owl jacked-up on coke which was fairly funny.This movie is the definition of the word “passable.” Worth a laugh or two, but that’s about it. Expected more from Zucker.

  • richard-green
    richard green

    I’m not a big Kurcher fan, but I was mildly surprised at how funny this actually was. The events were not stop, and his reactions to the whole mess actually seemed real. I’ve seen him on That 70’s Show for years, and thought that this was the extent of his acting prowess. I’ve also heard that he did a very good job on the Butterfly Effect, but I’ve yet to see that. I did like the chemistry between Ashton and Tara Reid. But then again, it’s Tara Reid!! How can you NOT have chemistry with her, right?Overall, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, and laughed out loud in numerous places. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a mindless 90 minutes getting away from it all. Enjoy.

  • silvano-parisi
    silvano parisi

    For years I hesitated watching this movie. Now, I know why. It was even worse than I’d expected. Ashton Kutcher makes the worst movie mistake of his career, since ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ Tara Reid co-stars as the girl of Ashton’s dreams, who asks him to babysit her father (and his boss)’s pet owl for the weekend. The rules: 1. No shoes in the house. 2. No people in the house. 3. The boss’ son stays out of the house. 4. Don’t touch the furniture.Well, you can pretty much guess by the end of the first twenty minutes, how the rest of the film is going to turn out.You know, there are films like, “Meet The Parents”, where bad things happen to someone, but it’s entertaining to watch, and it’s delivered in a way, that you can’t wait to see what happens next. This, is not one of those films. You know right from the start that bad things are going to happen, and they’re mostly stupid things that would never actually happen. It’s an extremely frustrating movie to watch, and there were about three times when I nearly turned it off, because it was so bad. But, I paid the rental fee, and figured I had to watch it now.Tara Reid was good, and I would like to see her in more films. Though, I’m not surprised if this had a hand in hurting her career.The end result is a happy ending…but of course with the kind of film it is, you would expect nothing short of that.Don’t watch it. You’ll sincerely regret it!

  • abhy-bsu
    abhy bsu

    Different from the biggest part of the people here, I liked this comedy. I hardly laugh with actual comedies, and this one, specially in the part where the boss says that the coffee was tasting like a shi*, I could have some fun. Ashton Kutcher(Tom) plays a young man who works as a researcher at a publishing company,who likes his boss’s daughter,Lisa, and wants to move to the creative department.The problem is his boss, who is a tough guy who intimidates everybody. Lisa,then, asks him to come to their house. He thinks that she likes him but in reality she wants him to fill in for her. He agrees, and that’s when the mess begin!Ps:You feel sorry for the character of Ashton Kutcher,because he is kind of an idiot who let people do anything with him….I was watching the movie ,and becoming mad at the same time! (laughs)

  • john-pollard
    john pollard

    Director Zucker practically pioneered the gross-out/parody film genre that began with “Airplane!” and continued with “Hot Shots” and segued into the more current “There’s Something About Mary” blend of farcical humor blended with icky sight gags. “Airplane!” has been counted as one of the all-time funniest films, but with this one, Zucker must be sent to the doghouse. Kutcher (who has built a career out of playing jokes on people, but this one’s on him!) plays a young executive who unintentionally winds up house-sitting for his impossibly imperious boss (Stamp.) He thought he was going to hook up with Stamp’s daughter Reid, but instead is forced to feed and medicate an aged owl and keep order in a house which is as sterile and perfect as one in any photo spread of an architectural or design magazine. Naturally, this means that a parade of unlikely (and unlikable) characters come clumping in, destroying everything in sight and causing an astonishing amount of stress for the hapless (and dim) Kutcher. Just when the house is at it’s lowest ebb of destruction, Stamp is about to return home, so a miraculous recovery is in order. These types of movies are always a source of frustration for the audience because viewers are helpless to do anything about the continual, insane acts of the characters plodding through while the idiotically non-assertive lead allows it all to happen with very little resistance. The characters of “Airplane!” and “There’s Something About Mary” may not always have done the right thing and the situations were always far from believable. but for the most part, they were entertaining to watch and enjoyable to be around. This film has the most unendearing, jarringly aggravating pallet of characters imaginable! Virtually everyone is annoying. Kutcher does as well as can be expected in a very thin role. He hasn’t got a script to provide any sort of characterization, so he is basically just a prop. Reid, despite some good lighting, is unable to mask her many, MANY hard nights out on the town and who knows where else. She is thoroughly unbelievable throughout, both as an executive (!) and as a love interest. Stamp, while ridiculously rigid, at least has the presence and talent to gain the audience’s attention and provide a sense of menace. It’s degrading to see him in such a piece of garbage (and his reputation doesn’t escape completely unscathed, but he fares better than most of the participants.) Shannon (who somehow receives the prestige billing that ought to have gone to Stamp) plays the same basic thing as always…a clueless dullard with awkward physicality who makes a mess of everything. The film’s parodic sensibilities are clear, though some people expecting a more realistic comedy have been confused by the mix. It matters little anyway since the film has virtually nothing to offer in the way of wit, cleverness, humor or entertainment. It’s just an excruciating exercise in stupidity and vulgarity (which is itself hampered by trying to maintain a PG-13 rating!)

  • johanna-peltola
    johanna peltola

    Tom Stansfield (Ashton Kutcher) is a researcher at a publishing house in Chicago but he wants to be creative. He has a crush on Lisa Taylor (Tara Reid) who is the daughter of his domineering boss Jack Taylor (Terence Stamp). Jack fires his secretary Audrey Bennett (Molly Shannon) blaming it on Tom. Lisa is housesitting for her dad but she wants to go to a party. Lisa asks Tom to housesit so that she can attend her party. Tom assumes that it’s a date. Jack has crazy requirements for his owl. Then the irresponsible brother Red (Andy Richter) returns hiding from drug dealer T.J. (Michael Madsen). Audrey comes by to ask for her job back but she brings her annoying boyfriend Spike (Tyler Labine). Spike drives off and Tom reluctantly lets Audrey stay. Lisa’s boyfriend Hans cheated on her and she comes home early.Everybody is annoying in this movie and Ashton Kutcher is the welcome mat for them to walk all over on. The screwball slapstick is annoying. Everything and everyone annoyed me in this movie. This is a David Zucker film but it needs to get the characters right before the slapstick comedy could actually work.

  • hugo-georgina-gaona-berrios
    hugo georgina gaona berrios

    This movie is perfect for any aspiring screen writer, actor or director. By watching this movie you will see all the things that are wrong with the film industry as it is today. There are so many clichés that it pained me to sit through this movie. Nothing about it is original and every single line spoken has been ripped off from those clichéd movies that we all saw in the 90’s. Although it does have a few cheap laughs, overall it is wrong wrong wrong. I was so immensely bored and the movie was so predictable and pathetic i actually noticed how much make-up was caked onto Tara Reid’s face to hide those massive bags and wrinkles from her endless partying. Seriously, she was wearing so much foundation you could literally scrape it off and refill an entire bottle of it.What shocked me though was that so many of the talented and popular cast would sign on for this piece of junk. And i do NOT know how i sat through that horrible screaming that Ashton Kutcher does, you know when he’s like angry or something and he shouts his words in this annoying manner? Ashton’s horrifying “talking”, Tara’s face being ten shades darker than her neck, a drugged up owl, a script that seemed like the work of a three-year-old…Seriously, in my whole life there has been no movie that i have watched that i did not in someway enjoy no matter how bad it was. This deserves an award for being the first. BAD BAD BAD… I don’t think there is a single word in the English dictionary that can possibly describe this trashy movie. Today i was trying to re-watch it but i had to turn it off like ten minutes in because i was about to cry from the overwhelming amount of clichés.Don’t even bother to rent this at your blockbuster, it’s not worth a cent, as a matter of fact i am willing to pay anyone out there considering to watch this movie so they can go do something decent with their lives.

  • gerhard-blumel
    gerhard blumel

    It was just last week when I watched “Just Married”, which I didn’t think was very funny, and now I’ve also seen “My Boss’s Daughter”, another romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher, which was released later the same year as the other one. I first came across the title of this one a little while earlier, since it was directed by David Zucker. I’ve seen a bunch of comedies which he was heavily involved in the making of, and have found several of them funny, unsurprisingly including “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!” However, this 2003 comedy, directed by Zucker and written by David Dorfman, certainly misses the mark, and as a romantic comedy starring Kutcher, it’s even weaker than the overall mediocre “Just Married”! Tom Stansfield works for a publishing company as a researcher. He believes he should be part of this company’s creative department instead, but his boss, Jack Taylor, is so overbearing that the young researcher is too intimidated to talk to him about his ideas. Tom also has a crush on Jack’s daughter, Lisa. One day at work, she approaches Tom and tells him about a party she wants to attend, but her father is making her housesit on the night this party is happening. Tom encourages her to stand up to Jack and go to this party, and she invites the young man to come over to the Taylor mansion that night. He arrives thinking she has invited him to the party, but she’s not there when he arrives, and it turns out that she just wanted him to take her place as the housesitter for the night. So, Jack leaves Tom to look after the house, but as the housesitter tries to make sure that nothing goes wrong, he finds that EVERYTHING goes wrong, with people coming in uninvited, breaking Jack’s rules, and trashing the place! The humour is basically mediocre at the beginning, showing the protagonist on the subway trying to talk to Lisa, with nothing too funny, and that’s unfortunately the way it is for most of the film, only it gets worse as it goes along. Now, I’ll admit, I couldn’t help but smile several times, even laugh a little a couple times, during early scenes with the Jack Taylor character, played by Terence Stamp, including the first conversation we see between him and Tom, though I didn’t find the “retard” part very amusing. Stamp does an impressive job delivering some fairly funny lines, and his performance is the only one here I can really praise. After Tom is left alone at the Taylor mansion, it isn’t funny as various people come in and make a mess, which Tom REALLY doesn’t want to happen, and the romance between Tom and Lisa is also pretty cheesy. This housesitting session isn’t funny to begin with, but the gags get worse. There certainly are some notably lame and juvenile gags, including the urination ones, and I can’t forget the Julie character. Her severe head wound is meant to be a joke, but it’s not funny at all. The lamest part of the entire film is probably her leaving blood on everything the back of her head touches! Many viewers might think that this juvenile 2003 romantic comedy is horrendous all around, but I can’t usually describe a film like that, and this one is no exception. However, I’ve made it clear that I still don’t think it’s very funny, and I’m certainly not puzzled at all by the film’s bad reputation. As a flick directed by David Zucker, it marked a low point in his career, and apparently, this is the only movie that David Dorfman wrote, other than “Anger Management”, which was made shortly before this film. While his other comedy, co-starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, can be lame in places, it sure is funnier than this dreck! My vote for “My Boss’s Daughter” is four stars out of ten, even if it looked more like five stars around the beginning. If it weren’t for Terence Stamp’s performance here, with the actor still showing his talent despite the film’s poor quality, my vote would probably be one star lower.

  • mario-cindric
    mario cindric

    My Boss’s Daughter (2003): Dir: David Zucker / Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid, Terrence Stamp, Molly Shannon, Andy Richter: Despicable film that isn’t even about the boss’s daughter. It is about the forbidden as a meathead played by Ashton Kutcher who never gets mad. He is tricked into house-sitting then he is bombarded with a fired secretary, the brother with a package, a gangster seeking the package who urinates on the floor, a bunch of drunk party idiots, the girl next door with a head wound, a suicidal ex-boyfriend, etc, etc. It all concludes with the realization that this film sucks. What a decline for David Zucker who previously collaborated on such hilarious comedies as Top Secret and Airplane. This is a huge decline and proof that getting back together with Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams might be a good idea. Kutcher will have plenty to get mad about after this film. Tara Reid overacts as the daughter who pops in and out during the evening and never welcome either way. Terrence Stamp is embarrassing as the boss who orders Kutcher to watch his owl named O.J. His function is to disappear until the end of the film where he returns to predicted results. Molly Shannon is annoying as a dimwitted secretary. Nothing about this garbage is funny. The characters are stiff and not likely to present anything that viewers may relate. Pointless charade that belongs in a trash bin. Score: 1 / 10

  • brian-gross
    brian gross

    Not just the money we paid to rent it or actually go to the movies. I’m talking about how big productions companies waste so much money in things that actually are boring and not to talk about ridiculous. With the millions they used to make a movie like this, because I don’t think the actors here would actually work for free or for an insignificant sum. With that money imagine how many good independent movies you could make, or maybe one good Hollywood movie. Its just to rip you off, but not anyone, just the majority of teens that are willing to go and see an Ashton Kutcher movie, just because they are fans of him. I don’t really know either how someone with common sense could actually act in this kind of movie. If you actually look at it in prospective the actors are the same quality of this movie. So i guess I shouldn’t be surprise, I actually couldn’t have expected more.

  • jerry-fuller
    jerry fuller

    For years I hesitated watching this movie. Now, I know why. Not only is it a comedy that fails at being even remotely funny, but there’s also just nothing to laugh *at* about the movie. It was even worse than I’d expected. I rented this sucker and still felt cheated out of time more than money. I have never seen a film that annoyed me that much. It is a movie about stupid people that are doing stupid and terrible things. I don’t really know either how someone with common sense could actually act in this kind of movie. I have used IMDb for some time but felt obligated to register just to help prevent poor unsuspecting folks from renting or, worse, buying this stinker!! Really a waste of time and money. I must say that the plot line is awful.

  • evan-love
    evan love

    Tom Stansfield (Ashton Kutcher) works in a publisher and has a very tough boss, Jack Taylor (Terence Stamp). He aims to have the chance to work in the Creation Department of the company. Tom is `Mr. Nice Guy’, never being upset and helping his colleagues, and has a crush on Lisa Taylor (Tara Reid), the daughter of Jack. When Jack has to travel to Singapore, Lisa is in charge to housesit her father’s house. However, she has a party in the evening and invites Tom to go to her place. Tom misunderstands the invitation of Lisa, thinking it was for a date with her, but when he arrives at the house, Jack is waiting for him with lots of recommendations and procedures to be followed. Jack has obsession for a neat house and his pride and joy is an owl. I believe it is no spoiler to say the everything goes wrong with Tom along the night, with the owl escaping and the most weird visitors arriving in and destroying the house. Although being very silly and full of clichés, sort of `Risky Business’ and `Meet the Parents’ together, this movie is also very funny. Using lots of scatological and black humor, it is almost impossible not laughing in many situations. Forgettable, but I liked it. Further, the DVD is full of extras. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): `A Filha do Chefe’ (`The Boss’s Daughter’)

  • klas-svensson
    klas svensson

    I didn’t like one bit of this movie. It was more like a Greek Tragedy play than a modern day comedy. It made me feel bad. Feel bad because the jokes were pretty bad, the plot was pretty bad and it felt like it was going to go on forever. Add to that, that we have seen this type of movies for years. We know how it’s going to end. It tries to be somewhat serious at times. The movie brings up some issues that would better be left in dramas or TV Series. Not in comedy films, featuring Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid.The plot is about Tom Stansfield, that is working for some big publishing company. He has some great ideas for books, but is afraid of his boss, who happens to be a huge monster. At one point he starts to like this girl, who also works for the company. She asks Tom if he could watch her and her fathers house for her when she goes to a party. It just so happens that her father is Tom Stansfield’s boss.Of course, Tom gets himself into numerous “hilarious” situations, which we all have seen dozens of times before. It’s somewhat similar to Home Alone, in the way that Tom gets unexpected visits from a dozen uninvited guests that stir up some “fun” situations.I found myself extremely annoyed at Ashton Kutchers character. Because he was never developed, and all he ever did was getting yelled at by different people, and never has the courage to stand up for himself. Instead he just utters a couple of lines and accepts what’s happening to him. This kind of cheap character development is extremely annoying. In the end scene he just “pops” up and suddenly he has developed and is brave enough to stand up for himself (how this happens, we never know).The jokes are old, the movie is short, the plot is weak, the actors are crap, everything about this film is below par. Add to that that this so called “comedy” actually makes you depressed! That, if anything, warrants a “Extremely Bad Comedy” stamp.I give it a 3/10. We’ve seen it ALL before. Absolutely nothing new. And nothing funny…

  • vladimir-kovac
    vladimir kovac

    This film was terrible. I thought it would be OK but it just got worse and worse. From the starting scenes it seems to be heading in the direction of another safe predictable rom-com, but the moment he arrives at the house it just disintegrates. None of the characters have any depth and the only person who was anywhere near believable was Tom, although the way he became so easily distracted just annoyed me after a while. The dialogue is ridiculous and the structure of the film almost completely non-existent. In an insulting attempt at comedy the writer/director introduces a new character or event in practically every scene, none of which are realistic, making it very confusing to keep track of what is going on. The plot is barely an excuse for a movie : guy likes girl, house sits fathers home to get to know girl, destroys house, gets girl. A complete waste of time.

  • luke-martinez
    luke martinez

    Seems to me that the actors had no idea what they were filming and where it would end up in the movie, halve of the time. I’m not sure if even the director had a clue. It was like he shot the movie in just in parts and on the automatic pilot. A waste, since David Zucker was a real capable genre director once, with movies such as “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad” on his résumé. Seems like the movie wasn’t put together until it hit the editing room, who randomly just put sequences in order. This definitely shows in the movie, since it gets messy and disjointed to watch. It also makes the movie overlong and tiresome at times. You just want all these people to leave and get things over with. Seems the movie doesn’t know when to end things and when things just seize to be funny. You’re better off watching “The Party”, starring Peter Sellers, which has a sort of similar concept as this movie.Terence Stamp was really great in the movie and he is the reason that still most of the comedy works out. Here we have an actor who has had a great career- but no-one has really heard off. I know Ashton Kutcher has gotten a lot of crap over him but he’s capable at what he’s doing. I just like him as an actor. He’s a good comedy actor and besides has got the right looks for his roles. The movie also has some well known actors in the supporting cast. The most surprising name was Michael Madsen. You don’t too often get to see him in a comedy. Other are actors such as Jeffrey Tambor and Carmen Electra.The movie love story between the Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid characters, which forms the central core of the movie doesn’t ever become realistic in the movie. I mean what is that draws these two people together? They have no chemistry and its a real mismatch.But admittedly the movie is entertaining. Some sequences and moments make the movie worthwhile, although as a whole I wouldn’t really recommend this movie to anybody.5/10http://bobafett1138.blogspot.com/

  • alexander-moore
    alexander moore

    Tom thinks he has been asked out by the sexy daughter of his manic yet powerful boss but when he arrives at her house he finds that he has actually been asked to house-sit while she parties. His boss Jack Taylor leaves him instructions, very strict instructions and all Tom hopes to do is get through the evening without doing anything negative at all. However it is not just the obvious things that go wrong for Tom, but things that would seem unlikely and absurd to any normal person.I watch hundreds of films a year covering all sorts of genres, countries and periods. I do not say this as a boast (really, is this anything to be proud of?) but rather to highlight what I mean when I get to my next sentence. I rarely turn a film off or walk out before the end. Rarely, in fact I can only think of one or two where I wrote a review based on part of the film. I don’t always do this because I think it will get better but rather because I have a touch of the compulsive behaviour about me and I just prefer to watch the whole thing so I can give my opinion in an informed manner.So, with this film please feel free to ignore my views on the basis that I switched off at the 60 minute mark, unwilling and unable to stand the film for any of the remaining thirty minutes. I found the 60 minutes that I enduring to be incredibly lazy and contrived with not even a single laugh to cover for it. The entire (from my point of view) film was based around Tom house-sitting due to a misunderstanding whereby he thought he would actually have been dating Lisa Taylor, the character who is the title’s daughter of the title’s boss. If you have not seen the film you may be shocked to learn that this house-sitting period is not event free, in fact it is pretty much a case of one thing going wrong after another, whether it is a drug deal, a cheating boyfriend, a sexy girl with a great body, a missing owl or some mice getting loose. Be sure – if it can go wrong it does.Sadly what this “craziness” does not produce is a single laugh or even a single moment where I believed the story was written by a human as opposed to a machine, no, scratch that – a committee of machines. It isn’t really predictable, because who predicted a criminal trying to recover drugs as part of the story, it is just that nothing that happens has any wit, humour or imagination about it. I tired of it quickly and literally the best thing I can say about it was that I managed about an hour before bailing out. The cast are rubbish but in fairness it is the material that leaves them out on their own. Kutcher is poor and, to provide a frame of reference – is poor by his own standards. I often thought he was asleep. Aside from a bit of a sexy dance and the fact that short blonde women are lovely, Reid does nothing. The rest of the cast features faces such as Thompson, Tambor, Madsen and others but none are any good. Electra has a great body but that alone accounts for a few minutes of the sixty I sat through.Overall then, a pointlessly bland film. There wasn’t anything that struck me as being “terrible” but rather it was just 100% bland and uninteresting – which I almost think is worse than being bad. You can understand if people are not capable of doing something but seeing everyone putting in so little effort is that bit more insulting. Perhaps it turned into Citizen Kane in the final thirty minutes but I’ll never know because the two-thirds I saw was so banal and pointless that I thought switching it off was the only safe option I had.