1973. After to leave standing in the altar to her boyfriend Massimiliano in Rome, María is a Spanish woman who decides start again taking a flight to return Spain. Orphan, without family, money and resources, at her arrival to the Airport of Barajas of the City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain and country’s capital) María meets Amparo, a funny, loudmouth, full of life and free-spirited woman who works as airport stewardess. Three months later María lives with Amparo working as another stewardess in Barajas, when she meets again Pablo, the man with who she stumbled at her arrival, which is looking for a lost suitcase. After he gives her his work address, the suitcase appears and María takes it to give it Pablo, learning that Pablo works in TVE (Televisión Española, only one Spanish TV channel at those times). There she meets Chimo, a womanizer producer determined to turn María in a star for the famous late show “Las Noches de Rosa” as one of the dancers. Having to go back to her work at the airport, in the last moment María meets Pablo, giving not only the suitcase but her phone number, making a date to four where Amparo meets Lucas, having a love interest on him. When Chimo locates María, he convinces her to participate in the show. However, troubles appear by three: Rosa mistrusts María and turns her in a substitute if one of the other can’t dance, and Pablo’s father Celedonio is TVE’s censor, an old-fashioned man stuck in the early days of the Franco’s dictatorship, who rejects any kind of modernity and freedom in TV and who wants to fire Chimo. Unfamiliar with the Francoist Regime and its repressive laws, María tries to adjust to it, but feeling it as outdated and obsolete. As if it wasn’t enough, Massimiliano appears in Madrid looking for María, trying to recover her. While Amparo’s relation with Lucas gets colder, María’s illusion to make her first apparition in the late night show suffers a deception after to see as she’s severely censored. Taking revenge of Pablo after to know his relation with María, Chimo reveals her where is the office of the censor, discovering not only that Pablo is Celedonio’s son and his father’s plan to retire leaving Pablo as new censor, but that was Pablo who censored her, following the advises of his father. With their relation in danger, Massimiliano finally meets María, who feels confused about her feelings by Pablo. At the same time, Celedonio forces TVE’s staff to chose Pablo as new censor, betraying Pablo when Celedonio impose the condition of continue working as counselor for Pablo. With the New Year’s Eve Special incoming to be the first Special in live broadcast, María and Pablo find themselves trapped in two crossroads: he doubting between follow his father’s way or follow his own way, and she doubting between comeback to Rome with Massimiliano or follow her dream of dance and freedom.

Also Known As: Explota, explota, Моё сердце разрывается, My Heart Goes Boom!, Explota Explota, Ballo Ballo

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