Christy Brown is born with cerebral palsy to a large, poor Irish family. His mother, Mrs. Brown, recognizes the intelligence and humanity in the lad everyone else regards as a vegetable. Eventually, Christy matures into a cantankerous artist who uses his dexterous left foot to write and paint.

Also Known As: Моя левая нога, Min venstre fod, Il mio piede sinistro, Min venstre fot, Moja lewa stopa, Mi pie izquierdo, My left foot: L'histoire de Christy Brown, O Meu Pé Esquerdo, Meu Pé Esquerdo, Mein linker Fuß West, Моят ляв крак, Sol ayagim, To aristero mou podi, Моя левая нога Soviet, Minun elämäni, Piciorul meu stâng, My left foot, Kuf Ragli Ha-Smalit, My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown, A bal lábam, Το αριστερό μου πόδι, Min vänstra fot, Mein linker Fuß, Mano kaire koja, Paay-e chap-e man, Moje levo stopalo, My Left Foot, Moja leva noga, Моя лiва нога: Iсторiя Крiстi Брауна

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