Life is going well for Bob Jones: great job, beautiful loving wife and a baby on the way. Then he finds out that he has kidney cancer that will leave him dead within months. He sets out to videotape his life’s acquired wisdom for his child, and ends up on a voyage of self-discovery and reconciliation.

Also Known As: Mein Leben für dich, Minha Vida, My Life, Моят живот, Mi vida, Ma vie, Gra o zycie, Moj život bez mene, Η ζωή μου, Uma Vida, Моя жизнь, Lo mejor de mi vida, Minu elu, I zoi mou, Stunder av lycka, Øyet som ser, Elke seconde telt, My Life - Questa mia vita, My Life - Jeder Augenblick zählt, Életem, Hayatim, Elämäni

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