Henry is a young FBI agent. During a three-year absence from his home in Shreveport, his mother Marty loses more than 100 pounds, looks great, and to Henry’s embarrassment, has become a party animal. Within a day of Henry’s returning home with his fiancée, Emily, who’s an FBI profiler, Marty meets Tommy, a suave foreigner. He’s posing as a consultant, but he’s an international art thief, in town to steal “Mother and Son,” a Bernini sculpture. Henry is detailed to head a team keeping his mom’s new boyfriend under surveillance. Love, law enforcement, and filial devotion are set to collide.

Also Known As: あいつはママのボーイフレンド, Новото гадже на мама, O Novo Namorado da Minha Mãe, Mamin novi frajer, My Mom's New Boyfriend, Homeland Security, Lauschangriff - My Mom's New Boyfriend, Novi dečko moje mame, Mon espion préféré, Mano mamos meilužis, L'amant de ma mère, Новий хлопець моєї мами, Mais do que Você Imagina, El nuevo novio de mi mamá, More Than You Know, My Spy, Centralne biuro uwodzenia, Mi novio es un ladrón, Anyám új pasija, Mama are un nou iubit, 我媽的新男友, Eine Affäre Undercover, Kunsträuber küsst man nicht! - My Mom's New Boyfriend, Новый парень моей мамы, Annemin yeni sevgilisi, Κατασκοπεύοντας τη μαμά, El nuevo novio de Mamá, Kataskopevontas ti mama

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