A fiction. An 11 year old runaway, the oldest daughter of three. An absent mother, an abusive father, a grandmother too pure to imagine what is going on. A field trip, the girl disappears… she has found refuge in a truck; an initiatory journey, a chance meeting, new encounters; a wonderful and tragic road movie with a Scottish truck driver “when love just happens”.

Also Known As: Je m'appelle Hmmm...., My Name Is Hmmm...

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  • ahmet

    bon film merci.

  • liepins-vera
    liepins vera

    This film was made with much love. It is not perfect but much better then the average movie out there.The acting is natural and the story develops itself calmly but surely. If you love action movies, then this movie will be to slow for you. If you like a solid drama, then tune in and let yourself be touched by the atmosphere.

  • egorov-afanasii-edgardovich
    egorov afanasii edgardovich

    This is the new film from Agnès B (Agnes Trouble) who brought us ‘Spring breakers’. This time she has chosen a more serious subject; Céline is the eldest of three children. Her mother works shifts at a bar and her father is an unemployed stone cutter – he is also sexually abusing her.As she becomes more withdrawn she confides the truth only in her ‘Barbie’ doll and is seen as an outsider by her school mates. Then on a school trip to the seaside she wanders off and climbs into the unlocked cab of a lorry. This belongs to a Scottish lorry driver and the two have an instant rapport – what unfolds will have consequences for all.Now none of the above is a plot spoiler as it is all in the synopsis; what would be a plot spoiler would be to mention the plot holes. There are quite a few instances where a fair amount of poetic licence is taken as to how things normally pan out. That of course is the prerogative of the film makers but some critics have been fairly harsh about them.It is though undoubtedly well acted, directed and has a clear style that raise it above the ordinary. It also has a natural pace and rhythm that means it is never slacking. The issues being looked at are also only touched upon which some will find a bit of a letdown, but once again this was never about providing answers. Original title is ‘Je m’appelle Hmmm…’ in French with some English and good sub titles. It is though a film that lovers of French cinema will want to see and those who like their movies slightly different.

  • ellen-johannessen
    ellen johannessen

    Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed this even as I noted the flaws and I’d gladly watch it again yet I can’t help feeling that either the co-writer director is loaded or lucked into someone prepared to underwrite her self-indulgence to the tune of several thousand/million euros. For one thing she clearly doesn’t mind sloppy writing. Example: the protagonist, eleven year-old Celine, long a victim of sexual abuse by her father, takes it on the Jesse Ownes. At a truck stop she finds a container lorry with GB plates and the door unlocked (as you do), climbs inside and hides in a sleeping area behind the cab. The driver, Scotch rather than English, eventually returns and drives off. After a while he spots her in the rear-view mirror and beckons her into the cab.He doesn’t seem alarmed, concerned, or indeed anything to find a girl so young hiding in his vehicle. They bond and share an idyllic few days on the road. Problem: the man is in the haulage business; he is in France to (presumably) deliver a cargo and/or pick up a cargo, both of which would imply a deadline yet once he meets Celine he seems perfectly content to abandon any schedule he may have had. At an early stage – he has gone into a hyper-market to buy toothpaste, toothbrush, and panties at her request, he sees her photo larger than life on a bank of plasma tvs in the store together with the caption that she is missing. If anything he shows even less concern and certainly doesn’t tell Celine that she is headline news. This is only one of the many holes through which you could drive his container. A short time later he disconnects the cab and leaves the container in a layby. If you can swallow this then fine. Sylvie Testud, just about the only ‘name’ in the cast, and the only actor likely to be known in the UK, is totally wasted in an under-written role as Celine’s mother but the acting throughout is of the highest order, if you’re well versed in the suspension of disbelief you’ll enjoy this one.