My Prairie Home-2013
Genre: Documentary, Music
Director: Chelsea McMullan
Writer: Chelsea McMullan
Stars: Rae Spoon
Countries: Canada

Canadian indie-folk musician Rae Spoon is followed on a concert tour via Greyhound bus through the prairies where they (a self-proclaimed pronoun as he or she are inadequate) grew up. Theirs is a life of dichotomies: being born biologically female, but identifying emotionally as male (hence the reason they does not identify as being a lesbian anymore); having what they describe as a difficult growing up period in the prairies in an evangelically Christian family with a tyrant father, yet embracing their past on the prairies as a shared history which has shaped the person they is; and pursuing a music career, a public oriented career, while realizing that being in the public eye opens them up to potentially dangerous personal situations, not only for them but also their girlfriend (their high school sweetheart), especially on the conservative prairies because of their transgendered status (which is why they assumed the gender neutral name Rae). Through this storytelling, Spoon performs their music, which are highly personal stories of their diverse life.

Also Known As: Mój domek na prerii, My Prairie Home

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  • bay-aran-akgunduz
    bay aran akgunduz

    This is a film about a female to male transgender country/folk singer from Canada. It follows her across country on tour, with many musical numbers separated by brief minutes of verite action and a lot of talking.I knew there was going to be a problem from the very first shots. I mean I love looking at the prairie, and I love artistic camera work. But there’s a certain point where it feels like the director is holding the camera on the ams spot for so long to annoy you instead of please you. An attitude of “I don’t care whether this is boring you to tears or not, I think it looks really, really cool.”As to the talking, I understand letting the main character have their own say, but a few hard questions would have been very welcome. Like about the fact that despite “transitioning” they still sing like a girl, just dressed in jeans. It’s fine to be gender ambiguous, but transitioning is something serious and it should be treated as sync.As to the point of the film, it’s not really clear. There is some talk about mental illness but it doesn’t go anywhere.It’s curious this film was at Sundance. Feels like some sort of inside track? Anyways, its pretty obvious that the film failed everywhere else- no buzz, bad reviews, bored audiences. I guess everyone makes mistakes – just don’t get tricked into wasting your own time on this one.