Ruth and her beautiful sister Eileen come to New York’s Greenwich Village looking for “fame, fortune and a ‘For Rent’ sign on Barrow Street”. They find an apartment (such as it is!), but fame and fortune are a lot more elusive. Ruth gets the attention of playboy publisher Bob Baker when she submits a story about her gorgeous sister Eileen. She tries to keep his attention by convincing him that she, (a “spinsterish old-maid writer”) and the gorgeous, man-getting Eileen are one and the same person.

Also Known As: Моя сестра Эйлин Soviet, Ma soeur est du tonnerre, The Gay Girls, Min søster Eileen, Mi hermana Elena, Moja siostra Eileen, 'n Zuster uit de duizend, Sisareni Eileen, Há Falta de Homens, Sora mea, Eileen, Min syster Eileen, Meine Schwester Ellen, Eileen, a húgom, Kız kardeşim Helen, Сестра ми Айлийн, My Sister Eileen, Pass för den blonda, Meine Schwester Ellen West, Mia sorella Evelina, Jejum de Amor, Dyo paraxena koritsia

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