Mr. Cedric Brown has just lost his wife and is now left with his seven children who misbehave so much that all the nannies have run away. Now he is told by a mysterious voice that he should get Nanny McPhee who is a magical woman with special powers.

Also Known As: Nanny McPhee - I magiki dada, Sihirli dadi, Бавачката Макфий, La nana mágica, Nanny McPhee, Моя жахлива няня, Nanny McPhee, a Babá Encantada, Νάνι ΜακΦι: Η μαγική νταντά, Dadilja McPhee, Eine zauberhafte Nanny, Nanny McPhee - A Ama Mágica, Nanny McPhee - A varázsdada, Nanny McPhee - Tata Matilda, Dadilja Makfi, Aukle Makfi, Nanny McPhee - La nana mágica, Nanny McPhee - satumainen lastenvahti, Nounou McPhee, La niñera mágica, Nanny McPhee - võlurist lapsehoidja, Nanny McPhee: Den fortryllende barnepige, Nanny McPhee - De magische kinderjuf, Niania, Моя ужасная няня

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    ang panget ng palabas nyo nanny panget