When Nelly, a woman being just divorced, meets by chance M. Arnaud, a mature salesman just retired, begins a strange and special relationship between the two personalities.

Also Known As: とまどい, Нелли и месье Арно, Nelly e Mr. Arnaud, Nelly and Mr. Arnaud, El placer de estar contigo, 真愛未了情, Nelly et Mr. Arnaud, Vennskap og kjærlighet, Nelly ve mösyö arnaud, Nelly ja herra Arnaud, I Nelly kai o kyrios Arnaud, Nelly i pan Arnaud, Nelly og Hr. Arnaud, Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud, Nelly és Arnaud úr, Nelly y el Sr. Arnaud, Nelly och herr Arnaud, Minha Secretária

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