Robert DeNiro and Jessica Lange are the most impossible couple. He’s a failed lawyer. She’s a common waitress. Together they get in a downward spiral, as they can’t seem to deal with their problems. The lawyer just failed winning a case in court against a famous boxing organizer and he wants revenge by catching the organizer on his own territory: boxing. Although he knows nothing about boxing, with his fine talk he finds the help of a couple of people like the brother of his new enemy. But the relationship with his waitress doesn’t make things double as hard.

Also Known As: Mroki miasta, Noite na Cidade, Suurkaupungin yöt, Gece ve Şehir, I nyhta & i poli, La notte e la città, Ночь в большом городе, La loi de la nuit, Night and the City, ナイト・アンド・ザ・シティ, Noc a město Czech, Natten och staden, Η νύχτα και η πόλη, Az éjszaka és a város, Night & the City, La noche y la ciudad, Нощ над града, Noaptea si orasul, Sombras do Mal, Die Nacht von Soho, Angeschlagen, Noc i grad, Noche en la ciudad, Naktis ir miestas

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