In this adaptation of Tolstoy’s story the Wurdulak, a mentally ill patient known as Nicola (Gianni Garko) flashes back to horrifying experiences that he encountered while driving through the country. Upon damaging his car, Nicola sets out for help, only to meet a mysterious family that lives in total fear of someone or something. This evil force slowly penetrates the household and thrusts each of its members into a frenzy of absolute terror!

Also Known As: La noche de los diablos, The Night of the Devils, La notte dei diavoli, Az ördögök éjszakája, I nyhta ton diavolon, Az éjszaka ördögei, La nuit des diables, Akuma no hohoemi, Demonen der nacht, Ночь дьяволов Soviet, Dasos vrykolakon, Djävulens natt, A Noite dos Dêmonios, Night of the Devils

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