So-hee enjoys her seemingly perfect life as a newlywed with her seemingly perfect husband. For being so perfect, she begins to suspect that her husband isn’t as he seems. Wanting some answers, she hires a private detective agency to trail him around. The PI comes back with a report that her husband Man-gil is all over town, being affectionate to every girl he comes across. He has already married several times, and all the women he married previously are either missing or were found dead. Man-gil realizes that his true identity has been uncovered and tries to harm So-hee. With the help of her school friends Sera, Yang-sun and PI Jang, So-hee decides to kill her husband first, but he won’t fall for any of her traps so easily – Tonight, her duel with unbreakable Man-gil begins.

Also Known As: Jukji anneun Ingan-deul-e Bam, Night of the Undead

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