Clark Gable plays a card cheat who has to go on the lam to avoid a pesky cop. He meets a lonely, but slightly wild, librarian, Carole Lombard, while he is hiding out. The two get married after Lombard wins a coin flip and they move back to the city. Gable continues his gambling/cheating scheme unbeknownst to Lombard. When she discovers his “other life”, she presures him to quit. Gable feels crowded and tells her that he is leaving for South America. In fact, Gable has decided he wants to go straight and turns himself in to the cop…

Also Known As: Casar por Casar, Casada por azar, No Man of Her Own, O hartopaiktis, Nessun uomo le appartiene, Трудный мужчина Soviet, 心の青空, Un mauvais garçon, En man för mig, No Bed of Her Own, Dama kier, En mand for mig, Casar por Azar

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