Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers (“Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?”, another character asks him) travels to Canada in the 1880s in search of Jacques Corbeau, who is wanted for murder. He wanders into the midst of the Riel Rebellion, in which Métis (people of French and Native heritage) and Natives want a separate nation. Dusty falls for nurse April Logan, who is also loved by Mountie Jim Brett. April’s brother is involved with Courbeau’s daughter Louvette, which leads to trouble during the battles between the rebels and the Mounties. Through it all Dusty is determined to bring Corbeau back to Texas (and April, too, if he can manage it.)

Also Known As: North West Mounted Police, Ta kokkina gerakia tou Vorra, 北西騎馬警官隊, The Royal Canadian Mounted, Die scharlachroten Reiter, De scharlaken tunieken, Policía montada del Canadá, Northwest Mounted Police, The Scarlet Riders, Die scharlachroten Reiter West, Policía Montada del Canadá, Politia Ecvestra de Nord-Vest, Legião de Heróis, O kyriarhos, Giubbe rosse, Les tuniques écarlates, Canadas sønner, Северо-западная конная полиция Soviet, Hjälte-skvadronen, Los siete jinetes de la victoria, Policja konna Północnego Zachodu, Sankarieskadroona, Os Sete Cavaleiros da Vitória

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