Self-financed fictional biopic of Brazilian bishop Edir Macedo, founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and owner of Record TV network.

Also Known As: Nada Que Perder, Nada a Perder 2, Нечего терять, Nic do stracenia, Rien à perdre, Nada a Perder, Nada que perder 2, Nothing to Lose, Nada que perder, Nada a Perder - Contra Tudo. Por Todos.

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  • natalie-young
    natalie young

    History of a man who since childhood was rejected and discredited by all. Even before the warnings and persecutions he fought and won every fight that arose. He knew that God had great things for him, even if he did not see (faith). Finally, this Spirit passed to all and today nobody can say that Edir Macedo is a defeated. Great photo, facile plot, weight cast. I recommend

  • gabriele-costa
    gabriele costa

    This movie IS NOT a propaganda or drama movie to try and make Edir Macedo look good but instead its a movie based on his personal life experiences from early age to adulthood. It shows the hardships he has gone through in his life and a fine adaptation to the books Nothing to Lose.The actors show great interpretation of characters as well as good execution of emotions. Cinematography is good and the plot is consistent with the book. Again this isnt a movie based on the history of a country or a drama trying to show a man as a holy person. Instead its the life story of a man who faced many difficulties, and still does, but through his faith and perseverance has overcome them all.Overall a good movie. Highly recommend to watch it with an open mind and ignore its bad comments.

  • beatrice-oprea
    beatrice oprea

    The film is an adaptation of the trilogy Nothing to Lose, which tells the true side of the story of Bishop Edir Macedo, current leader of Universal, and is quite faithful to the books. The performances are good, the sets and costumes faithful to the time of history. The script is also well assembled, I can even recognize some techniques of narrative. As for truthfulness, whoever knows the real people of the story knows the truth conveyed in the film, but it is not up to me to prove, everyone believes whatever they want. Even for those who believe in the lies that other media tell, this is a good movie about overcoming, with a very positive message: do not give up on your dreams.

  • savelev-agap-evstigneevich
    savelev agap evstigneevich

    After watching the movie, I can easily say that I did find it uplifting. Setting aside the fact at it does deal with religion, what caught my attention was the courage this man had to go out and do what he wanted, to preach!!! It may sound like something so minute, so plain, yet I saw courage to face one’s own fears and backlash of others. As I watched, I did not expect any exaggerated effects or extravagant details. Rather, real-life experiences that explain why the bishop and his church has been able to spread into so many parts of the world. With that said, what I came away with is that no matter what, I cannot let others define who I am or stop believing in my dreams, That is why I state that it is an inspiring film!!!

  • eugenios-kaboures
    eugenios kaboures

    I had never heard about this guy before the movie and this movie certainly didn’t help me: it looks fake and the actor that plays him reminds of Ted Bundy. A nice story but probably not super realistic

  • minjeonghun

    SPOILER: Great movie! Family friendly! Definitely anticipating Nothing to Lose 2! SPOILER ALERT! Favorite scene was when Bishop Edir Macedo’s second daughter was born with a facial deformity and he dropped to his knees to pray. He cried out, “ENOUGH!” In that moment, he decided that nothing and no one was going to stop him from doing the will of God. He said along the lines of, “…I give myself 100% to you, my God, and if I have to go through hell and back, then I will go alone, depending only in You…”. One of my favorite character-defying moments, along with so many others. I recommend any and everyone to watch this film. It doesn’t speak of religion or preach during the film but rather tells the compelling story of one man and his journey of overcoming and conquering.

  • ellen-matikainen
    ellen matikainen

    After reading some of the bad reviews on this movie, I can see why some think it’s trash and not true. Honestly, the movie is not bad for Brazilian standards which is why I gave a generous 4 stars. It was nteresting to see how Macedo’s life story would play out in the big screen. The setting and cinematography is decent in quality but I found it comedic that most of the character’s who I knew personally portrayed in the movie, looked nothing like them in real life except for the actor playing Macedo who shows a good resemblance. I knew Macedo and his family personally from the early years of his church back in 1978. I was disappointed that my family was not mentioned in the movie because we sponsored them to begin his church mission in the U.S. in the early 80’s and came to live with us in NY for a period of time. The movie ends with him and Ester in NY with no context of how they got there. If there’s a sequel coming, it will be interesting to see how the plot turns out but don’t expect a miracle LOL!!! The guy from his humble beginnings and life challenges, definitely dreamed of gaining power and fortune all in the name of the Gospel!

  • luka-likar
    luka likar

    Highly biased story as the main character is the owner of the main sponsor and production company. Not a biopic but an auto-biopic in the end. Also, bad direction that feels very old style and doesn’t help much the viewer that doesn’t already know the character.

  • vladimir-spralja
    vladimir spralja

    Edir Macedo is not a hero like its shown in the film. He’s nothing but a corrupt, charlatan and criminal.

  • magnus-aasen
    magnus aasen

    This guy is a billionaire, while his faithful often have no money to eat. He built a church that looks more like a mansion. Horrible movie, where the guy’s type is masked. Do not watch and use your time to research the fame of Edir Macedo in Brazil.

  • marcus-anderson
    marcus anderson

    This movie cost $16M BRL (about $4.7M USD). This may not sound like much money by Hollywood standards, but it’s a lot of cash in the Brazilian film industry. City of God, one of the best Brazilian films of all time, cost $3.3M USD.And the best they could do with all that money was to make a good movie on some points but horrible on everything else. Cinematography is quite good, not at the same level of Roger Deakins or Vittorio Storaro, but fair enough. Historical reenactment is very well done; sets, cars, clothes, the best aspect of the film by far. But the good points end here.The plot is simply horrible, self-indulgent, confused, manichaean. The dialogs are on the same level as The Room, some useless anecdotes that have no need to be in the script could have been cut, certain facts that should have been worked out more carefully are narrated in a hurry. I’m not a fan of Mr. Macedo and his church, but I still think the screenwriter could have written a way better story about his life.The cast have some good names: Petrônio Gontijo, Beth Goulart, Dalton Vigh and Arthur Kohl do the job well done, but the rest is a bunch of awful actors/actresses. They could had get a much better overall cast with the massive amount of money they had. This prove one thing: money is not all you need to make a great movie. If you are not able to attract talent, all the money will be wasted.

  • teresa-decker
    teresa decker

    An absolutely craptacular “movie.” I really need to look more closely at the IMDB reviews and not just the overall rating. Self-financed propaganda by a charlatan fleecing the religious minded in Brazil (and elsewhere, apparently). Badly written, directed, acted and whatever else you can be bad at in a movie. The lead looks like a cliche of a pedophile and has zero charisma, even when preaching. Do you want to see a good faith-based movie? Check out “I Can Only Imagine.” That movie proves faith-based doesn’t have to be synonymous with garbage. Avoid this AND the sequel teased in the Avengers-style stinger at the end of the movie.

  • khristina-goloborodko
    khristina goloborodko

    How man of god produces this propaganda movie and pays for it is beyond evil. I hope there is hell, karma since using faith for greed is awfully wrong. I am not even religious person. As for movie itself, just trash, not even mildly entertaining.

  • robert-kristoffer-dahl
    robert kristoffer dahl

    For the people who know the real story, it’s pretty clear they try to pass Edir as some sort of hero, a martyr, That alone makes you want to stop watching the movie less than halfway through it. So do yourself a favor, and don’t even start, unless you want to see this as pure fiction and not try to compare it to the real history.

  • viola-thorsen
    viola thorsen

    Watching this movie is the worst thing you can do to spend your time on. Full of fanaticism, zealotry and partiality. It only reflects how blind faith and dogmatism can be dangerous and manipulative. Other than that, this movie does not show a biography of someone whose life is blameless, it is more like a brainwashing attempt to cover up a very dubious past.

  • jesse-johnson
    jesse johnson

    Unfortunately the film portrays a very bad reality. Unfortunately it was made with money from church donations to spread the gospel in Brazil.

  • agnes-adelaide-lebon
    agnes adelaide lebon

    This is not an independent movie. It is about a Brazilian church owner, but financed by himself (with the money of church goers) to show him in a positive light, while in reality he got billionaire (he is the richest pastor in the world) by exploiting the faith of the poor.Avoid.

  • dawid-poleszak
    dawid poleszak

    I watch this movie and i can say the people are manipulated for high rating, bad movie, actors and theme.

  • john-savage
    john savage

    Not very good movie, a lot of errors, I really lost my time seeing it.

  • gabriel-perkins
    gabriel perkins

    It’s a boring movie. It’s not a biographical movie, most scenes do not reflect the reality of Edir Macedo. A movie full of religious cliche. Watch in case of insomnia.

  • brittany-boyd
    brittany boyd

    Misdirected film, scenery with weak setting, tiring narrative, forced acting and false story. An attempt to create a martyr in the figure of a religious who manipulates people.

  • brigitte-roux-da-silva
    brigitte roux da silva

    It’s sad to see the art of cinema used for propaganda purposes. Of course it’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last.Objectively speaking, this is not a good movie. It lacks quality in all forms of the production: bad direction, barely acceptable acting and photography.The script is also lacking, but that’s almost forgivable when you realize this is propaganda movie.So why this movie has such good ratings?This is a propaganda movie, made by a well known church in Brazil. It’s a huge, extremely wealthy group, and they have the ability to pull this off. Their intention is, I believe, to both please the ego of their leader, Edir Macedo, and serve as a recruiting tool, to gather more members.They, most likely, have thousands of members coming here and writing fake reviews, with text clearly translated using Google Translator or similar services.And I think they will keep coming.I urge you look into this Church, and why it’s so concerning to have this movie here, getting this kind of attention.

  • stavros-kallert
    stavros kallert

    The film is not very well produced. it is in the level of the many brazillian Novelas that are mass produced to air every day for months. The story is clearly fake, with hints at supernatural events and the attempt to make the one who paid for it a good person; It hides the facts regarding the way he got rich, by taking people’s homes, salary and goods by making promises of riches and blessings. An imoral movie about an imoral person trying to wash away the well documented facts about his rise to power.

  • narcis-toma
    narcis toma

    While I was watching the movie I only thought it was better to see Pele’s film

  • jyotsnaa-duube
    jyotsnaa duube

    This is a movie trying to pass itself as a biopic, but is just a fairy tale. It’s trying to rewrite history to try pass an image of Edir Macedo, the guy who financed the movie, as a humble honest man of god.Besides all of this… the movie is placated with problem such as pacing, acting, directing, cinematography. In of itself it would be a bad movie… but since it’s obviously just a propagandas piece just makes it worse.And lastly… If you pay attention. The movie was brigaded by bots, (or just lots of people with spare time) to give it 10 starts. The same has happened with every user review site… including specially Brazilians ones, where professional reviewed average score is 1 point.something… while user review is always 4 point something… almost 5 (out of 5).