Four childhood friends, now in their thirties, are having a reunion. Their lives have gone separate and very different ways. Together again they reminisce about their younger years, especially the eventful period when they were 12 years old.

Also Known As: Souvenirs d'été, Az V'Ahashav, Koniec niewinności, Axehastes meres, Souvenirs d'un été, Dear Friends, Ayer y hoy, Agora e Sempre, Tegnap és ma, Nekoc in danes, Bağlılık yemini, Некад и сад, The Gaslight Addition, Sada i nekada Bosnia and, Сега и преди, Amigas Para Sempre, Nyt ja silloin, Now and Then, Зараз і потім, Dabar ir visados, Amiche per sempre, Сейчас и тогда, Now & Then - Damals und heute, Nu och för alltid, Sada i nekada, Αξέχαστες Μέρες, Amigas para siempre

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