The last wish of the dying “Monk” is for his foster child, Harald, to find his real son, Ludvig. But the latter is currently in a Swedish prison cell. Peter and Martin – the two chefs – want to get him out and soon father and son meet for the first time in their lives. They get on from the word go, but now dad needs a liver transplant and Ludvig and Harald set about raising the wherewithal. Everything goes wrong when they try to rob a bank, though they meet Mille, who puts them onto a new trail, and Peter and Martin also make a contribution. However, soon they have the cops and the anti-terror corps on their tails.

Also Known As: Old Men in New Cars: In China They Eat Dogs II, Öregfiúk új verdákban, U Kini jedu pse 2, Gamle menn i nye biler, Стари муцуни в нови коли, Gamla män i nya bilar, Vanhat miehet uusissa autoissa, Old Men in New Cars, Gamle mænd i nye biler, In China essen sie Hunde 2, Old Men in New Cars - In China essen sie Hunde 2, Дави на газ!

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