January Wayne, the sheltered, much-loved daughter of a formerly successful Hollywood producer, goes home to New York after a lengthy stint in a Swiss hospital. Mike Wayne has fallen on hard times and decides to marry for money. January is an innocent young woman who searches for her place in the world. Pursued by her rich new stepmother’s playboy of a cousin, she instead falls hard for a much older man, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who’s a surrogate for her father, before tragedy strikes.

Also Known As: Bez zobowiazan, Kerta ei riitä koskaan, Én gang er ingen gang, Μια φορά δεν φτάνει, Einmal ist nicht genug West, Una volta non basta, Una vez no basta, Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough, Uma Vez só não Basta, Mia fora den ftanei, Uma Vez Não Basta, Une fois ne suffit pas, Une fois ne suffit pas de Jacqueline Susann, Once Is Not Enough, Bir Defa Yetmez, Tammikuu - unelma onnesta

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