Phoebe and fellow American Julian Peters meet in Rome, find a lost dog, and agree to return it to Monte Carlo to split the five thousand dollar reward. Discovering the dog’s owner dead, they panic and become fugitives. Other victims of misfortune also become suspects, as the plot twists and luck and judgment desert everyone.

Also Known As: モンテカルロ殺人事件, Huijareitten paratiisi, Sólo falta el asesino, Однажды преступив закон, Só Falta o Assassino, Era uma Vez um Crime, Była sobie zbrodnia, 7 Gauner und ein Dackel, Casino Shel Taoyot, Имало едно време едно престъпление, Once Upon a Crime..., Одного разу порушивши закон, Bir Zamanlar Bir Suç Vardı, Volt egyszer egy gyilkosság, 7 criminali e un bassotto, Criminals, Trubbelmakarna, Returning Napoleon, Itan kapote ena eglima, Es war einmal ein Mord, Ηταν κάποτε ένα έγκλημα

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