Set in urban Auckland (New Zealand) this movie tells the story of the Heke family. Jake Heke is a violent man who beats his wife frequently when drunk, and yet obviously loves both her and his family. The movie follows a period of several weeks in the family’s life showing Jake’s frequent outburst of violence and the effect that this has on his family. The youngest son is in trouble with the police and may be put into a foster home while the elder son is about to join a street gang. Jake’s daughter has her own serious problems which are a key element in the plot.

Also Known As: Egykoron harcosok voltak, Die letzte Kriegerin, Somos guerreros, Bir zamanlar savasçıydılar, Itan kapote polemistes, Kerran sotureita, Guerreros de antaño, Tylko instynkt, Nous étions guerriers, O Amor e a Fúria, L'âme des guerriers, Bili smo ponosni ratnici, En gang var vi krigere, El amor y la furia, Once were warriors, Когда-то были воинами, 戰士奇兵, ワンス・ウォリアーズ, Krigarens själ, Once Were Warriors, Колись були воїнами, Някогашни воини, Krigare engång, Once Were Warriors - Una volta erano guerrieri, A Alma dos Guerreiros, Nekoc so bili bojevniki

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