With a name like Hoops McCann, he’s bound to get that basketball scholarship after high school, right? Wrong! What Hoops really wants to do is write and illustrate a love story. To help him find his way, his friend George invites Hoops to come with him and his sister to spend the summer on Nantucket. The friends Crazy Summer begins when they pickup Cassandra on the way–she’s being chased by a motorcycle gang. From here on in, it only gets crazier. Once on the island, Hoops and George, along with George’s island friends the Stork twins and Ack-Ack (son of a marine), must help Cassandra save her grandfather’s house from the greedy Beckersted Family. Along the way, Hoops must find a way to write his cartoon love story – and maybe a real one of his own.

Also Known As: Um Verão Louco, Едно лудо лято, Ein ganz verrückter Sommer West, Un loco verano, Ένα τρελό, τρελό καλοκαίρι, Un verano loco, Una folle estate, One Crazy Summer West, Egy őrült nyár, Ena trelo, trelo kalokairi, Greetings from Nantucket, Um Verão Muito Louco, Ludo ljeto, Hullu kesä, One Crazy Summer, Uma Loucura de Verão, Jedno szalone lato, Одно безумное лето Soviet, Ein ganz verrückter Sommer, Noro poletje

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  • toth-pal-gergely
    toth pal gergely

    Lonely cartoonist Hoops McCann (John Cusack) graduates from high school. His friend George invites him to spend the summer in Nantucket with George’s weird little sister. He rescues Cassandra Eldridge (Demi Moore) from a motorcycle gang. They stay with George’s grandma where uncle Frank is desperately waiting for a radio contest. They meet up with the idiot Stork twins (Bobcat Goldthwait, Tom Villard) and Ack Ack Raymond (Curtis Armstrong), the son of marine General Raymond (Joe Flaherty). The ragtag group helps Cassandra save her dead grandfather’s house from the greedy Beckersteds for their development. She has one week to pay the mortgage.Cusack is in the throws of his boyish charms. Demi Moore is beautiful and bold girl next door. It’s got Bobcat going Goldthwait insanity. Director/writer Savage Steve Holland has his wacky sense of humor similar to his first movie ‘Better Off Dead…’ It’s fun but a bit uneven. The craziness never stops and it’s very memorable. Watching it some 30 years later, the most crazy stuff like the Bobcat Godzilla is still unforgettable.

  • eudoxia-ioakeimidou
    eudoxia ioakeimidou

    Released in 1986, “One Crazy Summer” stars John Cusack as a wannabe cartoonist/writer who is invited to vacation on Nantucket Island (Massachusetts) with a friend. A string of misadventures begin after they pick-up a free-spirited hitchhiker (Demi Moore) who’s being chased by a motorcycle gang. They and their friends must help Cassandra (Demi) save her grandfather’s house from the greedy Beckersted Family.There’s just enough good in this quirky youth misadventure to give it a thumbs up. It’s zany and creative, highlighted by Demi in one of her early roles. She was 22 during filming and looks great, but she unfortunately wears big, loose clothing throughout, which conceals her physical beauty. No matter, there are a few curvy cuties in peripheral roles, most notably Kimberly Foster as cookie. The Godzilla parody is great.The movie runs 93 minutes and was shot in Nantucket and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.GRADE: B-

  • milka-terzic
    milka terzic

    This is from much of the same creative team behind “Better Off Dead”, but is not quite as good as that amazing teen comedy. Its a lot of fun, but its all over the place and just not quite as funny. Curtis Armstrong is used to less effect (he was incredibly funny in “Better off Dead”, Bobcat Goldthwaite is hilarious, Cusack is good, Demi Moore is Demi Moore (only with better hair here.) Overall its fun, and as a person from Cape Cod, it catches the feeling of an 80s Cape Cod summer very effectively. For some reason, this film feels more “mainstream” than “Better off Dead”. There isn’t quite as much left field absurdity going on here. Again, if you are a fan of John Cusack and Savage Steve Holland its definitely recommended.

  • nestan-nabievi
    nestan nabievi

    Affable aspiring cartoonist Hoops McCann (a wonderfully engaging performance by John Cusack) and his best buddy George (the deliciously deadpan Joel Murray) go to Nantucket for the summer following graduation from high school. Hoops, George, and several newfound pals come to the aid of Cassandra (Demi Moore at her most charming), a singer who’s family house is being threatened with demolition by the greedy Beckersted clan. Writer/director Savage Steve Holland offers an often hilariously wacky and zesty nonstop barrage of admittedly broad and dumb, but still very funny jokes. The constant madcap lunacy has a real giddy, good-natured and infectiously inane vitality to it that’s impossible to either dislike or resist. Moreover, the lively and enthusiastic acting from a fine game cast adds immensely to the zany merriment: Bobcat Goldthwait as the spastic Egg Stork, Tom Villard as his goofy brother Clay, Curtis Armstrong as the sweet Ack Ack Raymond, Mark Metcalf as evil rich jerk Aquilla Beckersted, Matt Mulhern as the mean Teddy, Kimberly Foster as the fetching Cookie, Joe Flaherty as the gung-ho General Raymond, William Hickey as cranky Old Man Beckersted, Jeremy Piven as smug preppy bully Ty, and John Matuszak as hulking biker Stan. Isidore Mankofsky’s slick cinematography, the hip thrashy soundtrack, Cory Lerios’ cool rockin’ score, and the funky animation are all uniformly excellent. Single funniest scene: Egg in a Godzilla suit terrorizing a posh dinner party. An absolute hoot.

  • andrew-tyler
    andrew tyler

    ^ 4.5/10 I found this film to be very similar to “Better off Dead” in terms of premise and cartoons. However, “Better…” was so so much better because it was really interesting and the gags worked better. This film just seemed to drag on and on even though it was only 1.5 hours…it literally wouldn’t end. Most of the characters were under-developed except for John Cusack who was great as usual. Those two Calamari characters were so damn annoying and really got on my nerves.All in all the only things that stood out in the movie were John Cusack, the soundtrack and the animated cartoons were really fantastic. Otherwise boring film and I would rather watch “Better off Dead”

  • pan-bruno-ladniak
    pan bruno ladniak

    I cannot say enough good things about this movie. From the warped mind of Savage Steve Holland comes this superior laughfest. First, I have to say that I haven’t seen many movies that start out with a David Lee Roth tune. This could be a good or bad thing. The main character is John Cusack’s character, who calls himself Hoops. Which is a total oxymoron if you have seen his basketball skills in the movie. This movie is all about leaving your troubles behind and getting away for the summer to Nantucket. Hoops is afraid of boats, but has no choice when his friend George launches his clunker onto the ferry at the last minute. He shacks up with future love interest Demi Moore, the worst actress in history. But she is pretty young and 80’s looking in this one. They finally hit mainland and meet a whole host of odd characters. Of these is Bobcat Golthwait and Dudley Dawson, from the Revenge of the Nerd flicks. Hoops is still practicing his drawing and falling head over heels for a debutante named Cookie. But Cookie has a muscle bound rich preppy ass boyfriend named Teddy. And he has it out for Hoops and co. As the plot thickens, Demi’s character is about to lose her grandfathers house to the bank, so they decide to plan a benefit at a local dive. You can just imagine Demi lipsyncing. She ends up with plenty of money, but the bank has already sold the mortgage to the house. The movie comes to a happy ending via boat race on the lovely waters of Nantucket. Cusack and co. build a riff raff boat and blow everyone out of the water, despite some unfair play along the way. So they get the trophy, house, and Cusack ends up in a liplock with Demi. Despite the cheesey story, there are some really funny moments in this one. Some of my personal favorites are: the guy getting stabbed during the hat toss at graduation, Uncle Frank getting launched out of the bathroom window, and Bobcat getting stuck in a Godzilla costume. Also expect cameos from Rich Hall, Rich Little, and Taylor Negron. I rate this movie 4/5 for the great comic moments and the fact that I grew up watching this one. Very hard to find on dvd, and am not sure on bonus footage, but this is a comedy classic. But I think Better off Dead is equal or a little less funnier. Both have their moments. And this was way before Cusack ruined his career doing Pushing Tin.

  • lusandros-rentas
    lusandros rentas

    This movie is exactly the same thing as “Better Off Dead…” Think about it. It’s a romance-comedy starring John Cusack as a near-mute (Cusack didn’t start talking in his movies until “High Fidelity”) cartoonist, whose cartoons come to life, made just one year after “Better Off Dead…” POSSIBLE SPOILER: Both involve a competition at the end of the movie so that Cusack’s character can get what he wants; naturally, Cusack wins. NO MORE SPOILERS So why does “Better Off Dead…” work so much better? I have no idea. But I would recommend skipping “One Crazy Summer” unless you really, REALLY loved “Better Off Dead…”

  • mowshegh-abdalyan
    mowshegh abdalyan

    How does this Only have a 6.0 rating For any one who likes screwball Comedys Brain donors Better off dead or parodies like airplane should check this movie out. It’s not really a spoof but it’s Close to it Like BFD John Cusack is a Cartoonist who’s looking for love Curtis Armstrong Is A Sensitive young man who’s pushed in to the army by his father Joe Flaherty A crazy Scout master Always talking about violence and bloodshed. Joel Murray bill Murrays brother plays hoops{Cusacks}Friend who has a kid sister named Squid Calamari who Steals many scenes. The main plots Are Demie Moore trying to get her singing career going and a boat race to save her families home from a rich land developer who wants to turn it into a lobster restaurant. I first saw it long time ago when i was just a young kid and i instantly fell in love with it. it use to come on TV lots of times now it’s hardly ever on Another movie to check out is Moving violations which like this is an cult comedy that is overlooked.

  • daniel-anaya-roma
    daniel anaya roma

    I used to look forward to this on Saturdays in the 80’s on NY’s channel 11 (‘NY’s movie station’). It was so great. Demi when she was first getting started, Cusack in his dry humor perfect voiced roots as well, Revenge Of The Nerds Booger playing against character as the unconfident loser, and what’s an 80’s movie without the blond snooty a-hole from the money side of the tracks. From the girls who made goofy faces that stayed to the lunatic uncle who spent his summers trying to win a call-in radio contest to even 80’s goofball Bobcat Goldthwait it was fantastic. Oh and let’s not forget the fat guy who sat on the chair over George causing paramedics come and fight over who will do CPR. This and Better Off Dead were truly John Cusack’s best in my opinion, oh look, another great Booger/Cusack collaboration… and let’s not forget Demi knows Dow!!

  • isaeva-evgeniia-feliksovna
    isaeva evgeniia feliksovna

    …but still humorous enough. The main problem is Demi Moore, who seems to have the impression she is in a serious movie. She also fails to convey much romantic interest in John Cusack’s character. Lots of zany humor from the hand of Savage Steve.

  • ottmar-dehmel-hoffmann
    ottmar dehmel hoffmann

    It’s a simple fact that there are many of us from the 80’s generation who grew up loving those loopy John Cusack comedies made by Savage Steve Holland, and while I prefer there other more bizarre, out-there flick, Better Off Dead, it’s hard for me to dislike One Crazy Summer, a movie I grew up loving wholeheartedly as a kid into my teens. OCS was a follow-up to Better Off Dead, returning Cusack and Curtis Armstrong from that film. Cusack is Hoops, following graduation pal Joel Murray(George)to Nantucket for the summer to each some fun on the beach. Hoops finds himself embroiled in a feud with a blonde, buff punk named Teddy Beckersted whose lecherous father has designs on bulldozing over homes of a neighborhood to build a giant condominium. One of the homes, needing it’s mortgage repaid belongs to Demi Moore(Cassandra). There’s a sailboat race which might be their only hope of saving Cassandra’s grandfather’s home(..he had recently passed), but it has been won by Teddy over the past many years, and Hoops is deathly afraid of boats over water. But, with the help and motivation of newfound Nantucket friends(..such as Bobcat Goldwait and Tom Villard as auto-mechanic twin brothers!), George, and budding love-interest Cassandra, perhaps Hoops can come to terms with his fears and win the race to save the neighborhood. Armstrong has a supporting part as the son of a kooky, manic weapons salesman, General Raymond(..SCTV’s Joe Flaherty in an inspired bit of casting), Ack, who uses the training from his father to assist Hoops and company in their goals to win the race. Memorable scenes include Bobcat getting stuck in a Godzilla suit(!)running rampant across an entire model of Aguilla Beckersted(Mark Metcalf, barely recognizable as Teddy’s rather unhinged pops)’s condominium, Hoops being chased by deranged cub scouts wishing to perform first aid, George a victim of toxic flatulence, Bruce Wagner’s nutty Uncle Frank’s increasing insanity every time he tries to better his chances to win 1 million dollars from a radio show, and the wonderful Billie Bird as George’s grandma who actually bills the group after a meal! Jeremy Piven as(you guessed it)a brutish jerk who associates with Teddy and causes trouble for Hoops and his posse, the yummy Kimberly Foster as Cookie(..Teddy’s girl who attempts to make-out with Hoops while he attends a luncheon with his father), and the one-and-only William Hickey as Old Man Beckersted, who will not reward his son and grandson an inheritance if they lose the sail boat race. Demi Moore is cute, but this is Cusack’s vehicle, though Bobcat and Villard steal most of the scenes their in. Again, some delightful animation from Holland are sprinkled throughout the movie(Hoops is an artist, appropriately). If you like his movies, I highly recommend the underrated, How I Got Into College.

  • mr-leon-martin
    mr leon martin

    …you know something’s up.The movie isn’t all that bad. It’s got a number of humorous moments in it. When it aired on HBO all those years ago I’d watch it to kill time, but I can’t recall ever really laughing at the jokes and other gags (save the “Godzilla” scene).The film making style is professional enough, but also some what spartan, and the gags (like in “Better Off Dead”) are mostly telegraphed or trumped by the characters stating the obvious. There’s a distinct lack of coverage with a heavy reliance on master shots and the actors’ performances to carry the scenes (again much like Holland’s previous film “Better Off Dead”).Historical footnote; one could call this the origins of crude humor in film, but that might be giving it too much credit.I didn’t find the movie all that funny way back then, and after seeing the DVD I still don’t find it all that funny. Still, it has a certain appeal to it. It’s worth a night’s rental to see Bobcat Goldwaith if nothing else. Not great, but a decent film all around.

  • joao-moura
    joao moura

    I love this movie. Why you ask, it’s because this movie has a very basic storyline: guy finds girl, guy disses girl, guy wins boat race so she can buy back her home, girl and guy find romance. Bobcat Goldwaith steals this show. Rare that I can say that, but his Godzilla impression really magnifies the wild humor to fantastic movie. Rent it now.

  • juan-antonio-higueras-infante
    juan antonio higueras infante

    This is the follow-up creation to Better Off Dead. In a competition, Better Off Dead would win hands-down. But for star power, One Crazy Summer outshines Savage Steve’s better script. Problems with One Crazy Summer (OCS): casting. Better Off Dead (BOD) was cast so much better. Friendship: OCS shows Cusack giving hateful looks to Bill Murray’s little bro. Trouble on the set?? More outrageous friends in OCS, but more genuine friends in BOD. Plot was good. You’ll predict some of it, but even the predictable parts go further than you think they could. So, even though this is Better Off Dead’s ugly stepsister, it’s worth a look. See Demi Moore before the plastic surgery if for no other reason. John Cusack fans, you gotta see it, just to say you have. If you don’t like Bobcat Golthwaite, I’m sorry. I don’t like him either, but you can’t escape him in this one. At least he does a great job in the film doing a tribute to another movie monster. Editing needed help on the beach, but for most part, not much to complain about. Overall, it’s good and funny. But try not to compare it to BOD or you’ll find it lacking. *sigh*

  • univ-prof-jens-walter-b-a
    univ prof jens walter b a

    i adore this film as much as any one adores viewing whatever it was they saw when they were young. it was one of those films that Home Box Office showed every other day throughout my youth. this film is forever lodged in my brain. For someone who didn’t grow up around this film, you may have become spoiled by the ADD cycle we’ve been in since the mid-90’s and may find it more difficult to appreciate this gem. cool this is, as my sis was doped up on “better off dead” before i saw this (of which i raped & loved)-and no one, NO ONE can deny the embrace of awkward teenage humor in American cinema in the 80’s – this gave birth to everything we have found tiresome in teen comedies..because with all the overuse of slow-mo, the current soundtrack, the new tech. I wonder if cinema will go back to these roots… THIS IS the teen comedy…YES!

  • aleksander-samul
    aleksander samul

    This is beyond stupid. Two high school graduates travel to Nantucket for the summer and find situations there that are absolutely revolting.Demi Moore co-stars in this one. As the film was in 1986, was Ashton Kutcher just a babe in the woods at that time?Moore’s grandfather has died and his home is on the verge of being sold to ruthless people with a father and son who bring a new meaning to the term mean.Bobcat Goldthwait, with that obnoxious voice is in the film, as well as two brothers, who make dumb and dumber look more and more intelligent.The writing is absolutely ridiculous. Highlights of the stupidity are where one person says to the other: “Did you ever notice that when people die, they go alphabetically in the papers?” I rest my case.

  • sharon-thomas
    sharon thomas

    Another movie that aired about 10,000 times too many on cable. I’m not exactly sure what audience I should recommend this to– there’s no gratuitous sex or T & A. No witty dialogue on the trials of being a young person. And nothing particularly screwball enough to qualify it as screwball comedy. It’s just kind of there. Like a man’s nipples or Wisconsin.As far as I can tell, it’s a movie about a cartoonist, a singer (note to Demi: don’t quit the day job), a boat-race (always exciting, those boat-races are!) and a really deathly looking dog with a satellite dish around it’s neck. Oh, and some sub-Family Circus animation.This isn’t good enough to be good, nor bad enough to be bad, it’s the Cheerios of teen comedies. Although I must note, it’s seriously teetering on the edge of Puffed Rice or Muslix with all those ultra-annoying Bobcat Goldthwait scenes. Are there really people out there that find this man funny? I mean, sober people?The dog with one paw in the grave did make me laugh though. And so did the two ugly kids with the frozen faces. Eeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrs-marian-elliott
    mrs marian elliott

    1st watched 3/8/2011 — 4 out of 10(Dir-Savage Steve Holland): Dumb little comedy romance with some animation thrown in has a couple of funny moments but the overall silly David vs. Goliath plot line where the weaker hero-type fights against a snot-nosed rich guy over his dignity is old and part of too many movies. The movie starts as a couple of high school graduates, played by John Cusack and Curtis Armstrong, decide to spend their summer at Nantucket Island looking for fun and a break away from their normal life before they have to make any longterm decisions. Demi Moore, plays the obvious eventual love interest to the main character, Hoops(who is named this despite the fact that he can’t play basketball very well — it was a parental hope). Instead Hoops is trying to get into Art school and trying to create a project to enter(this is the drawings we see throughout the movie). What happens is the movie presents us with a series of crazy characters and events making an overall crazy summer(thus the title). The crazy characters include an uncle who locked himself up in a room hoping to win a radio show millionaire contest, Bobcat Goldthwait — playing one of the twins, who has one of the funnier scenes where he trounces around as godzilla recreating a scene from one of the monster’s movies where he destroys a fake town with him screaming and smoke coming out his nostrils, and a young girl with a deformed dog where she puts a spell on anyone that laughs or says bad things about it. The gags are not the problem and are plentiful, and sometimes funny but the commonplace storyline with cardboard comedy-movie characters that are not developed is what holds this movie back. Overall this movie is really not that unique or funny despite it’s attempts at being just that.

  • ann-ullmann
    ann ullmann

    When I watched this movie, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It is certainly reminiscent of Better Off Dead, with many of the same cast members, similar animation scenes, and the same writer and director. I adored the animated sequences (especially the one in the very beginning!) and Cusack’s performances throughout the movie, but on a whole, I feel that Better Off Dead is probably the better film. One Crazy Summer’s plot is sort of all over the place. It doesn’t seem like the romance is built up as much as it should have been. My least favorite part of the movie, I think, is the inclusion of the Stork Brothers. While to some people they might be considered humorous, I thought they were a horrible parody of people who are mildly retarded. Perhaps that wasn’t the intent, but it definitely came off that way to my companions and myself.In conclusion, I’d recommend this movie to big Cusack fans, but I’d also recommend keeping a remote in hand to fast forward through much of the movie.

  • britt-lindstrom
    britt lindstrom

    Despite this being one of John Cusack and Demi Moore’s early films, it is one even hardcore fans can miss, unless they absolutely have to complete the collection. I have rare moments, where I can handle Better Off Dead, but this movie is ultimately worse. I am just not a Savage Steve Holland fan, and he did both movies. So if you don’t like the cheesy, random comedy and amateur animation, steer clear of this one. FYI even for the Demi Moore fans: she can’t sing and the 80s synthesizers did not save her. There are too many predictable twists and too-easy jokes. I suppose if you want mindless entertainment or something you can leave on in the background and ignore while you do something productive, then go for it. Otherwise, don’t watch this movie. If John Cusack (or Demi Moore) couldn’t save it, you know it’s got to be bad. They are the only reason I didn’t give this movie a 1.

  • zlatko-tepes
    zlatko tepes

    An outstanding Cusack movie with an incredible supporting cast of Demi Moore, Bobcat Goldthwait & Curtis Armstrong (Booger from Nerds). I’m not even a Bobcat fan & he is hilarious in this movie. Also a good performance by the late Tom Villard as Bobcat’s “twin”. The DVD also has a commentary with Bobcat, Curtis & the films director Savage Steve Holland (Better Off Dead). You will not be disappointed.

  • juan-carlos-trujillo-maza
    juan carlos trujillo maza

    Upon seeing ONE CRAZY SUMMER for the first time many years ago, I wasn’t very impressed with it. I thought it had some decent laughs, but I was overall disappointed. Then I saw this again movie last summer when it was on VH1 and my opinion instantly changed. I loved it. If there is one movie genre that really stuck out in the 1986, it was goofy comedies. From ARMED AND DANGEROUS to POLICE ACADEMY 3: BACK IN TRAINING, 1986 was full of wacky comedies. Perhaps the wackiest of them all, ONE CRAZY SUMMER, like all of Savage Steve Holland’s movies, is a classic. Hilariously insane and inventive and loaded with great lines, ‘summer’ is John Cusack’s best movie to date. According to a recent interview I read with Savage Steve Holland, Cusack really hates this movie as well as BETTER OFF DEAD, his previous collaboration with Holland. What Cusack could possibly hate about both movies is beyond me. Both are comedic masterpieces. However, ONE CRAZY SUMMER is the better of the two, mainly because it has a better cast. The cast does a terrific job (Bob Goldthwait has never been funnier). Simply a classic! ****

  • risto-auvinen-rantala
    risto auvinen rantala

    Thus starts “One Crazy Summer”, the evil twin of “Better off dead..”. How can any movie be bad when the opening lines are sung by David Lee Roth?This movie is a total blast. Pairing again John Cusack with Curtis Armstrong, but this time adding Bobcat Goldwaith to the mix has great, funny results. Hyperactive Bobcat grates the nerve of everyone around, Curtis “Ak Ak” is the son of a deranged military with pacifist tendencies, and Demi Moore (with natural breasts… wow!) as the love interest of, once again, chronically depressed Cusack.The story is, well, simple enough. The laughs are there, but both Savage Steve Holland films have a certain quality to them… they are funny, but they are also sweet. The scene where Curtis finds a blown up doll in the target practice beach, and begins musing about how a little girl won’t be able to sleep was dumb, funny and touching. The animation used throughout is quite surreal. “The Boat” is hysterical (complete with Watsamatta U. sail and Odie plush doll). Overall, a fun film, though not as good as “Better off dead…”

  • dott-penelope-bernardi
    dott penelope bernardi

    The always likable Cusack collaborates with “Better Off Dead” director Holland again in this comedy about a struggling cartoonist who helps a singer (Moore…And boy does she sing badly.) save her family home from a land developer on the island of Nantucket. Goldthwait is his usual maniacal self and adds some laughs to the picture. A film that has loads of fun with itself. Completely harmless.

  • jekaterina-gorbunov
    jekaterina gorbunov

    In the eighties, Savage Steve Holland put out three movies, two of which are classics of what seems to be a very small genre, absurdist teen comedies. The third “How I Got Into College” does not measure up to “Better Off Dead” and this one, mainly because of it’s lack of John Cusack and Curtis Armstrong (Except for a tiny cameo).One Crazy Summer is an underrated movie, with lots of great characterizations and gags. As I recall, Savage Steve’s movies were vilified as being brain dead at the time and after three movies he drifted into children’s TV. We could use more movies from the likes of him.