Based on a true story, ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL is a compelling coming-of-age drama that is like no other film of its kind. Boldly honest and thought provoking, the film introduces audiences to the world of a 20-yr-old fantasy girl: Becky Lewis, who escaped an abusive mother at the age of 15, surviving on her own in LA ever since. Having always struggled for money, Becky becomes business partners with Chi, an aspiring musician, who convinces her to work as a fantasy girl, acting out any fantasy a guy wants but no sex, no nudity and 100% legal. She immediately gains two frequent customers, Roger and Bobby, who change her life forever. Becky finds herself in a web of deceit, betrayal and murder that forces her to give up her own happiness. Shaken and bruised, yet determined to make it, Becky pushes forward hoping to earn enough money to invest in real estate and make the “big bucks.” Her journey leads her to find an unlikely ally who, for a moment, gives her the break she’s never had.

Also Known As: One Hour Fantasy Girl

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  • daniel-williams
    daniel williams

    ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL journeys into a corner closet of the dark basement world of prostitution––the sexless realm of fantasy fulfillment. It is stunningly shot with a beautiful melange of color that externalizes the inner conflicts that Brandi (Kelly-Ann Tursi) battles with throughout the film. It’s a raw and oftentimes sweetly disturbing picture. At one moment we watch as Brandi fulfills the Freudian desires of Roger, then we fall at ease when she spends time with Bobby, her seeming savior. The twist in the film is unpredictable, and was probably what I enjoyed most about the film. Although ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL was superbly shot by cinematographer Rush Hamden, the film fell somewhat flat for me where the overlapping story lines are concerned. Some elements just didn’t add up, specifically the very loose subplot which takes place in a diner. I get what those scenes are trying to accomplish, but I don’t see how it fits seamlessly with the context of the story’s main plot. The ending, I thought, could have come much sooner than it did, and I feel that more could have been done to expound on Brandi’s desire to work a job in real estate so that the ending wouldn’t have appeared so arbitrary. I saw many similarities between ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL and THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (and while I appreciate the premise in the former much more than in Soderbergh’s film, I did feel more empathy for Sasha Grey’s Chelsea than I did for Tursi’s Brandi), but writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo offers up an intriguing alternate take on the “dark damsel in distress” motif and gives the audience a worthwhile ride.

  • vincent-villanueva
    vincent villanueva

    One Hour Fantasy Girl, directed by Edgar Michael Bravo, is a film about a young woman named Becky (Kelly-Ann Tursi), a girl with an unusual day job.Becky earns money as a “clothed escort” via a Fantasy Girl branded website. Her business partner routinely drops her off at a meeting place, and she then proceeds to fulfill men’s fantasies… as long as they stay within her guidelines: “no kissing or sex allowed”.Becky was abused as a child, and makes a scapegoat out of that situation, claiming that she had no choice but to take such an unusual career path. As she continues working, the jobs being to get increasingly perverted, until her situation finally boils over. The camera follows Becky like a fly on the wall, and everything is so naturally shot, with realistic lighting, that you could easily confuse this with reality. It’s only fitting that this is based on the true stories of real-life call girls.The acting matches the over-the-shoulder cinematography, and is top notch. The characters rarely smile, and never raise their voices loud enough to wake the neighbors. Fitting for their bizarre circumstances. But there is a point when you have to have to start wondering when the depressive scenarios will come to an end, or at least one character will find what they’re looking for. When that does happen, it’s too little too late. There’s no way around it… you leave it depressed, and even a cherry ending would’ve felt wrong, given the rest of what you’ve seen. I can understand a character experiencing tough times, but you can make a better story of that than One Hour Fantasy Girl accomplishes.

  • bekir-etzold
    bekir etzold

    I don’t think words can express how much I value this movie and how important the experience was to me. I find it very rare to find movies in which I relate to the female characters. They are usually one dimensional paper cutouts that play secondary roles to the men. When I heard the title of “1-Hour Fantasy Girl” I thought it was going to be more of the same. I am rarely wrong, but wow, was I wrong! This movie was so powerful and such a feminist piece (made by men, which is amazing and baffling at the same time, showing the true talent of the director and creative team). The strength of its lead character and her story actually made this film the first thing I thought about when I woke up the next morning. The story captures you from the first moment and doesn’t let you go, even long after the credits roll.Overall, this movie is a huge success story for women. It depicts society’s restrictions of what women are forced to be versus women’s innate nature to love and trust. And if the social depiction in itself doesn’t hook you, the heightened level of raw emotion, vulnerability, and a continued awareness of danger will. Just watch it!

  • zachary-miller
    zachary miller

    “One Hour Fantasy Girl” really blew me away. Indie films are always special to me, as the viewer is often able to see new talent. Kelly-Ann Tursi truly shines in this movie. From the moment that she is on screen she is captivating and very interesting to watch. Kelly seemed to really connect to the pain that her character endures while trying to make a living by fulfilling men’s ‘fantasies’. Jon Morgan Woodward also really impressed me with his talent. Throughout the film he kept lots of us guessing what his true intentions were. Apart from all of the actors doing a phenomenal job, I congratulate John Paul Rice and Edgar MichaelBravo on a job very well done. It is so important for the public to be more aware of certain issues like those that “Becky Lewis” encounter in this film.

  • magnus-roar-amundsen
    magnus roar amundsen

    Don’t even consider watching this Movie! Unless… you enjoy brilliant cinematography…strong characters…and a captivating story. If you’re bored with the comic book hero storyline and need a little spice…then I have a movie for you.The real surprise – it’s an indie film… …that takes you through a coming-of-age drama based on a true story. You’ll get lost in the characters and discover a new world as the director, Edgar Michael Bravo, tells an original story about an age old profession. This unique film does not use nudity to lure you in. However, One Hour Fantasy Girl is raw, unpredictable and engrossing. The actors bring deep authentic emotion to the screen as you follow the journey of the main character Becky Lewis, actor Kelly-Ann Tursi, a 20 year old fantasy girl who makes a living by fulfilling men’s fantasies.Becky and her business partner, musical artist Chi Trang, actor Paul D. Nguyen, will walk a fine line between business and social taboos. Becky saw her choice to work as a fantasy girl as a temporary fix to save money for her dream of owning real estate. Eventually, she is forced to test the limits between customer and client confidentiality that will take you on a journey of unforeseen twists.I thoroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish. The Producer John Paul Rice and Director Edgar Bravo created a top-notch film in every aspect! The actors were brilliant! I’ll have to give this one a 10 in 2010! Betsy Malone aka 3rd Dog Script

  • paula-lindstrom
    paula lindstrom

    I loved this film. It is real, and sometimes its ugly, but it rings true almost every step of the way. The cast does some of the best work I’ve seen in a long while, and the story is hauntingly sad. It doesn’t get tied up in a pretty pink bow when its over, its like life really is more often than not….hard, ugly, messy, and without a sweet resolution. that being said, just like in life the people in the story have true beauty the kind that shows from within as each attempt to make their own way…in a world that doesn’t care. If you want to see how the real world is and can be…please watch this film. You will be so glad you did…

  • pasi-tolvanen
    pasi tolvanen

    “One Hour Fantasy Girl” was a good movie, but had some flaws (in my opinion.) One of the strengths of the movie was the lead actress. She was very engaging, engrossed in the role, and held my attention throughout the entire movie. She had a vulnerability about her in her performance, but in a way that wasn’t overwhelmed with hysterics. The story itself was very good, and had interesting elements that showcased the hardships of an occupation where one is vulnerable to people who manipulate and take advantage of others.However, during the first half hour, the film was hard for me to follow, and I wasn’t too sure what was going on. I wasn’t sure what the purpose of the transitional scenes were, and how they moved the story forward. I also didn’t understand the significance of certain characters and how they were important to the main character, or why she came to trust certain characters and not others.Overall, I thought it was a good film with a potentially rich story and a great lead actress.

  • finn-hagen
    finn hagen

    This is a movie based on a true story which makes the bleakness and the reality of it have that much more impact. It’s definitely a look at the darker side of life in an honest, and at times, extremely unflinching way.Brandi/Becky is a 20 year old woman who has a dream of investing in real estate as a way to improve her situation. Tired of struggling to get by, she gets an offer from a friend (who becomes her pimp) to make some “easy” money as ‘a by the hour fantasy girl’ where she fulfills any fantasy one might have, as long as you can pay her fee and as long as there is no sex or kissing. It’s pretty straight forward but it doesn’t mean that it is pretty. As a fantasy girl no fantasy is off limits, and pleasing the client is paramount if you want repeat clientele. Everything has a price, and there is a price for everything. “One Hour Fantasy Girl” makes that aphorism really hit home.There is a desolate truth and a certain honesty to Becky’s story that evokes sympathy for her, yet it’s not as if she spends her time making you feel sorry for her. She is a strong and determined woman — she had to be strong to withstand the things she learned about people and not run screaming from the room and descend into insanity. But she is a survivor of child sexual abuse and anyone who can survive that has strength. The film demonstrates instances of kindness and then shocking cruelty. There is a real sense throughout the film that something is going to go wrong to derail Becky’s pursuit of her dream. What that obstacle is you just don’t know, but you keep guessing, expecting the worst to happen. And you keep hoping that Becky will hopefully escape the lurid state that is her life to somewhere better in the future. There were definitely moments in the film that made me so uncomfortable that it made me squirm. The bleakness of Becky’s journey to a freedom that seems unattainable is at times harsh and not easy to watch. But that is what makes “One Hour Fantasy Girl” so intensely effective. It’s adept at making you grateful for your own situation in life because it really could be much worse. It is a film that makes you think, and isn’t that what a film should do?

  • ernest-kobal
    ernest kobal

    I was provided a screener of “One Hour Fantasy Girl” for my unbiased opinion. The film is about a young woman’s journey to earn enough money to buy a piece of property. How does she do this? By being a “fantasy girl.” Becky Lewis (played by Kelly Ann Tursi) sells her services for an hour at a time, and will do almost anything so long as it doesn’t involve sex or kissing, and she is never fully nude. The movie follows her, her male partner/manager, and three men who request her services on a regular basis. There is also a side story with a mysterious older woman in a diner who offers Becky a place to sleep – for a price. The film explores a multitude of themes that revolve around the fantasies of the three men – from a seemingly benign relationship to one that is increasingly perverse in nature. Becky makes no judgment on what she is asked to do. She just sticks to her principals of what she WON’T do, and collects her money.Sexual deviance and how it translates to the human psyche is a mystery, and “One Hour Fantasy Girl” highlights this fact poignantly. Power in real life does not equate to power in one’s fantasies. The scenes with actor, Jon Morgan Woodward, show this power struggle up until the climax of the film. The exchange of money is at the core of the plot, and the surprise ending magnifies this point even further.I enjoyed this thought-provoking movie. As it was based on a true story, I question what any of us would do to make our dreams come true. One person’s definition of “normal” is another’s “deviant,” and who are we to judge what others do to survive?

  • frank-salazar
    frank salazar

    Kelly-Ann Tursi in the role of Becky is great. Her face can metamorphose from one scene to the next one, or even in the same one. In one scene her client pinches her face and there remains a hollow surface as if her flesh were made of modeling clay. Tursi is an astonishing artist. For a director, she is pure gold as she becomes an embodiment of his will. Besides Tursi’s performance, “One hour fantasy girl” is an astonishing film that shows a world of prostitution without sex, as miserable as prostitution, maybe more desperate because of a poignant search for dignity. Secondary actors are all good… But this may be due to the talent of director Michael Bravo.

  • elisabeth-aasen
    elisabeth aasen

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with One Hour Fantasy Girl, but this small independent film is worth checking out. It turned out to be a surprisingly non-sleazy, non exploitative drama that had me intrigued from its opening minutes. The real revelation here is Kelly Ann Tursi, a stunningly beautiful young actress who plays the aforementioned lead character. One look at her and it’s easy to understand why men would pay $150 for an hour with her. She carries the film with an understated, subtle performance. Her character is clearly not comfortable with her line of work, but she’s willing to go through with it to somehow achieve her dream. Expect big things from this actress in the future.

  • chase-mcclure
    chase mcclure

    This is the second production I have viewed by this team. With any type of genre you begin to feel like you are seeing the same styles copied and the same concepts repeated. What we have here is something I feel, at last, is fresh and unique. No Restrictions productions are raw and real. This film skips the scene setting and plunges you straight into the characters worlds. While I viewed it I felt uncomfortable and directly immersed in the world I was watching. It feels very real throughout and that means that at its darkest moments, of which there are a few (!), there is no escape. Like others who have reviewed this, I delighted in one of the characters. Sal, and was thankful for the comic relief of the somewhat shady real estate agent. I actually found myself laughing out loud then covering my mouth because of my reaction, chastising myself for finding this world amusing. This really demonstrates the beauty of the film and the style. I felt so immersed in the film that even my laughter felt like it should be questioned. Films with a social message are so easily clichéd or just too brash but this is wonderfully put together. To me it explores the themes of abuse, exploitation, the sex industry, the vulnerability of youth and how life can take you down paths that make you feel like there are no other options. There are twists and turns that surprised me but made sense to the messages throughout. It doesn’t ask you to feel sorry for the characters, it doesn’t play on emotion or sympathy, it just shows you their world and a little harsh reality that we should and must be aware of. Perfect.

  • zuzana-cermakova
    zuzana cermakova

    Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything just to obtain it? If so, how far would you go? These are the questions that you may be asking yourself after viewing No Restrictions Entertainments latest film; One Hour Fantasy Girl.One Hour Fantasy Girl, which is based on a true story, tells the tale of Becky Lewis (Kelly-Ann Tursi). Becky, a 20 year old who is struggling to make a living in downtown L.A., aspires to make it in the real estate business, but because of her financial woes, she is unable to. As a result, she decides to become a “fantasy girl”; a dominatrix of sorts who will do anything you want (except for kissing or sex) for an hour. During her time as a “fantasy girl”, Becky meets some shady individuals, an odd real estate agent named Sal (John Buckley Gordon… probably the best character in the movie) and a guy who appears to be her saving grace… but is he really too good to be true? To be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of this movie… mainly because I don’t see too many independent films that impress me much… but, this film was actually, quite surprisingly, well done. The film has some solid direction, some decent acting and, for the most part, is decently written.The film’s director, Edgar Michael Bravo, puts together a wonderful looking film that is dark and complex, yet, somehow, he manages to make the film look beautiful and simplistic. Bravo’s only blemish comes from the writing. I said before that the writing was, for the most part, decent. I used “for the most part” because there are two characters that have their own thing going on that is kind of relevant to the story, but not necessarily needed. To make matters worse, Bravo throws in a twist. The good thing about the twist is that you don’t see it coming… which is a good thing since most twists these days you see coming a mile away… but the bad thing about the twist is that it’s very random and you’re left sitting there going, “Huh?”.The acting is pretty much hit or miss. The two acting highlights of the film come from Kelly-Ann Tursi and John Buckley Gordon. Tursi is the heart and soul of this movie… if it wasn’t for her the viewer wouldn’t be emotionally attached to anyone in the film and probably wouldn’t give a damn about it. Her performance single handedly saves this movie. As for John Buckley Gordon, he provides some comedic elements to the film that bring a breath of fresh air to the film by briefly brightening the mood of the story for a few moments. The rest of the cast, however, is pretty poor. I don’t want to say that their bad actors or anything like that, it’s just that I found their acting in this film to be rather bland and emotionless… there are even moments when these actors appear to be rushing through the dialogue and, because of this, it kind of kills the pacing of the film.No Restrictions Entertainments’ One Hour Fantasy Girl has its weak moments, but, overall, turns out being a pleasant surprise.

  • olaf-namysl
    olaf namysl

    We sat down to this film with a feeling of obligation to watch it for Hollywood Tweet prefers to know about the content it shouts out about on Twitter. When viewing a film in that manner you watch for cinema, story plot, direction quality, continuity all the things you judge to determine a film’s value.Screw all that! We simply got lost in the film and forgot our obligation and got memorized by a compelling story. You’re taken along into a world you have no part of and likely don’t even think about its existence. As you watch you realize its real, this culture does exist and the young are its life’s blood. The old are its users sucking the dreams out of these kids. You feel Becky’s pain and entrapment, on one hand feeling sorry on the other screaming, “What the hell are you DOING?” You reach the peak of the film and cheer inwardly when the bad guys kill each other off. One being a lost soul willing to sell that soul to get fame, the other a monster taking advantage of a situation he knows he controls. Hurray, Becky’s saved!!! The good guy to the rescue to whisk her off to his kind family in Montana! Not so fast. This is a world of predators and victims. There are no good guys to come and save the day. You feel an instant of surprise but as he approaches his next victim you remember, this is based on a real story. Life doesn’t work that way – of course he’s either a victim or a predator.When the black woman gives the example of complete detachment, you think Becky will pick up the message. Then you realize Becky has been twisted and you’re not going to get a rational solution in an irrational world.Is this what the filmmakers wanted to get across? Did they have intent to elicit a certain set of emotions and did our reaction meet their expectations? Do they call that success? Here’s what we call success: For days after viewing One Hour Fantasy Girl, we could not get the actors, the story and that world out of our heads. Discussions expressing how we felt, changing emotions when looking back on our memories and the weight of the film on our shoulders told us what we needed to know. This film hits you. You cannot deny its power. Its lasting hold on you doesn’t easily go away. Maybe it’ll never go away. That is a successful film.The only weakness was the very end. You felt left hanging, you wanted a specific ending. You wanted it tied up in a nice bow, something tangible to hold onto and you don’t get that. But maybe that’s the point. . .

  • laura-do-coelho
    laura do coelho

    One Hour Fantasy Girl is a blissfully simple yet extensive portrayal of the hardships many experience in Hollywood; viewed by many as the one place in the World where everyone will make it big. The storyline for this indie film is excellent, and the cinematography and music build up an excellent atmosphere. The quote at the beginning of the film, ‘if I’ve got some money, anyone’s going to be my friend; no one loves you when you’re down and out’ really stood out, only the second time, but portrays how tough Hollywood can really be… The story follows Brandi as she works as a ‘fantasy’ girl, providing men with one hour of time in Heaven – acting out whatever they wish. The film focuses on her meetings with first of all Roger, who is a middle aged businessman with lots of money and a lost soul. His acts that he asks of Brandi come across as unusually odd which when she meets her next client Bobby, a young College drop-out, who only asks her to help him increase his self control lures her into thinking that he is kinder, and friendlier than Roger had been.Brandi meets a couple more times with Bobby, who then invites Brandi to move back to Montana with him, where he comes from. Before she has a chance to stop him he has taken what little money she has attempted to save and fled, revealing that he had given a false name. This presents an unexpected twist in the film just as one had expected the pair to bond.The film continues when Brandi encounters a new client Sal, who owns a Real Estate company – (this had been her dream, Brandi is seen reading a book on Real Estate and how to get rich quick). After Sal asks her to his office a couple of times Brandi rings him back and asks if she can work for him – evidently after watching her on the phones Sal asks her back, expressing how well she had done with customers. In the end Brandi found her dream.There are many things I could continue to mention, the flashbacks expressing Brandi’s hardship as a child, and the Diner sequences, where Brandi would go to sleep. Nice touches in my mind, the Diner sequences especially – and this I would like to think ties in in a parallel storyline showing the equal possible hardship as the owners accept girls off the street to stay the night for some extra small cash.Go and watch it, if you get the chance. You’ll enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing more from No Restrictions.

  • ronny-danielsson
    ronny danielsson

    “One Hour Fantasy Girl”: Portrait of a life less ordinary. A review by: Casey Ryan – The Cutting Room Floor.”One Hour Fantasy Girl” is based on a true story. It tells the tale of a young woman named Becky Lewis (played by Kelly Ann Tursi) who works as a dominatrix to support herself while dreaming of a successful career in the glamorous world of real estate. Writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo paints a portrait of a life that is at once haunting, harrowing, and painfully vivid.Still plagued by memories of her abusive alcoholic mother, Becky is ardently devoted to her goal despite the many obstacles that lay in her path. Her website, where she refers to herself as “Brandi”, advertises that she will fulfill any fantasy so long as it does not involve sex or kissing. As the film plays out, we’re witness to several examples of just how far some of her clients are willing to push this particular envelope. Veteran character actor Jon Morgan Woodward turned in a memorable and blood curdling performance as one of Brandi’s regulars named Roger that was arguably the film’s strongest.Bravo’s greatest strength, however was character development. All of the players clearly have their own agendas but Bravo isn’t about to let his audience off easy. Using the skill of a surgeon, he keeps their motives carefully hidden – strategically revealing key bits of information at select points in the film.The underlying theme behind “One Hour Fantasy Girl” is a struggle for normality in the face of a set of life circumstances that is anything but. To that end, Kelly Ann Tursi does a phenomenal job of bringing this dichotomy to life on screen. In conclusion, I’m starkly reminded of the most telling line of the film – uttered in an opening scene by Becky’s manager (played by Paul D. Nguyen).”We create the world we want to live in.”

  • oleg-karpov
    oleg karpov

    “One Hour Fantasy Girl” conveys the essence of the human condition through the victories and tragedies of Brandi, a fantasy call girl. This condition: That we are as particles floating in a gravitational field, only to be freed by finding the way up, out, and away. In her desire to find Beingness, she seeks the surety of financial freedom. And, this freedom eludes her and betrays her in her quest for it. The film’s pinnacle is her ability to exhale, when she believes that she may finally find the momentum that will lift her out of the gravity that ultimately, binds us all to the Human Condition. “One Hour Fantasy Girl” is a layered modern fable where hope and reality collide, then find a way to co-exist in the heart of young woman. “One Hour Fantasy Girl” is compelling Film worth Being With.

  • tiago-teixeira-ramos
    tiago teixeira ramos

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish. I was pleased that I wasn’t brought into a fictional cliché set up to explain Becky Lewis/Brandi’s (played by Kelly-Ann Tursi) descent into the adult fantasy world. Instead we were brought into the fantasy and all that it encompasses. I couldn’t help myself from wanting to protect Becky from the men in her life because she had such a disturbing past. The level of suspense in this movie was unexpected, at least for me. Edgar Michael Bravo wrote and guided us into a moving and unorthodox drama that keeps you on the edge only to release you after the last frame.There is nothing cliché about this film…not some sex film. It’s a serious look into a young woman’s life who wants more out of life but has to make some allowances to get there.The entire cast did an amazing job! Kelly-Ann Tursi–incredibleWell written, well directed, well acted, beautifully shot and highly recommended.

  • prieditis-edmunds
    prieditis edmunds

    WOW. thats all i could say after watching this Film. I have seen plenty of movies this month alone and none of them seemed to have the full package like this one. I mean What a great movie. its so real, authentic and there is so much depth. usually in movies like this I find myself lost and unable to follow, but that was not the case with this piece of art. The movie takes you on a journey inside the dark places in the human mind, without the fluffy sugar coat wrapping. the leading lady Kelly Anne was truly brilliant. you can tell how much she dove into her character. Two thumbs up to everyone who helped produce this work. I believe that it is a story that needed to be told. Great Job. I cant wait to see what you guys put out next.

  • niko-cukon
    niko cukon

    I bought a copy of this movie because it’s not available in Australia. And the only word for it really is WOW.This movie was fantastic. The story was just captivating, along with Becky’s character. I completely lost myself in the story and really enjoyed it. I cannot say enough good words about this movie, nor express myself properly, it was just absolutely beautifully written, directed and produced. The acting was great by all actors involved. The Edgar Michael Bravo did a fantastic job writing and directing this film. Personally, I can’t wait for some more works from NoRestrictions, they are a talented bunch I’ll be watching this movie over and over again. Buy a copy for yourselves and check it out, it’s definitely worth it!!