After another hard night at McCool’s, bartender Randy runs into Jewel. The seductive lady seems to have evaded a rape pretty closely, and when the man comes back, she puts a bullet in his head. After all these events (and others), Randy takes Jewel home, and the two become a couple. Yet Jewel begins to develop into a very demanding girlfriend and drives Randy into committing crimes for her and her elaborate lifestyle. Randy’s cousin Carl is driven crazy by Randy’s incredibly sexy girl as well as the investigating officer, Detective Dehling.

Also Known As: Jumalik, aga põrgulikult ohtlik, Što muškarci žele, Zenska za znoret, Začalo to jedné žhavé noci Czech, O czym marza faceci, Ночь в баре Маккула, Un ángel seductor, Un soir au bar McCool's, Divina pero peligrosa, Eine Nacht bei McCool's, Една вечер в бар Маккул, Õhtu McCoolis, Divine mais dangereuse, Que Mulher é Essa?, O noapte la McCool's, Érzéki csalódás, Onunla bir gece, Um Perigo de Mulher, Eflekto thilyko, One Night at McCool's, Valomerkin jälkeen, Un corpo da reato, Εύφλεκτο Θηλυκό, Naktis Makulo bare, En sen kväll på McCool's

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  • iris-tavares
    iris tavares

    There is a lot of great things about this movie who is the best of it’s kind since Very Bad Things. First of all I want to say that this director from Norway came out of the blue and made a very good movie. His name is Harald Zwart and now since he got more connections in Hollywood (Michael Douglas and he is good friends now) he will get more money to make more good movies in USA. Also I was surprised to find Andrew Silverstein in this movie. His real name is Andrew Clay Silverstein but he have been most famous for his comedian work as Andrew Dice Clay. Now he is in a double role as Utah and his brother who comes for revenge. Great performance. Very good entrance. Love this guy. Michael Douglas did a great role in this movie. Not to talk about sexy daughter of Aerosmith lead singer, Liv Tyler play this sexy temptress who is the reason of all the mess. For those who have not seen this movie or any other stuff From Harald. Check him up, he have come to stay and I guess he will be a big name in Hollywood soon.

  • michael-tucker
    michael tucker

    Do not understand the negative comments about this movie. Sure the concept about a deadly attractive woman trapping her men is not new, but it does work. The way this movie unfolded was original, told from the perspective of three men captivated by the lady in red. It is funny, and the ending is not disappointing.

  • pan-olgierd-roch
    pan olgierd roch

    She is one of the sexiest actresses in the movies today and this is one of the funniest movies we have seen this year. It is of course a dumb movie, with a dumb plot. But it is hilarious. Kudos to Michael Douglas and the entire cast Paul Reiser is a riot, John Goodman is his usual terrific funny man and Matt Dillon looks like he had a great time. So to hell with the critics. It is a wonderfully fun time and what more can you ask for.

  • jirina-vankova
    jirina vankova

    I guess the main reason a lot of people in the states didn’t get this movie, is the european style of humour and ironi that flows through it. I found it to be a very entertaining, funny, witty, intelligent and straight out good movie. One night at McCool’s plays with and jokes about american culture and stereotypes in american movies. I guess a lot of people don’t realize this, as that humour’s not neccessarily very out in the open as with some of the more straightforward humour that also appears in the movie. This is an intelligent piece of film that deserves a lot more credit. And the ending is hilarious!!!! 😉

  • john-vaughn
    john vaughn

    This is one of the finest scripts I have ever seen, with fabulous character acting to bring it to life, so I’m truly confused as to why One Night at McCools has received such mediocre ratings here. This is one of the few films I return to over and over again whenever I want to laugh. There aren’t many films that can continue to make you laugh after multiple viewings, so I can’t help but give One Night at McCools high praise.What makes the script so clever is that it is the same story told from three different perspectives (i.e., by three different characters), and each character’s bias in telling the story is clearly evident without going over the top. The filmmaker did an excellent job overall with continuity, which is crucial for a film like this, since many scenes had to be filmed multiple times, from each character’s perspective. For example, Matt Dillon’s character, Randy, was a pretty decent guy from his own perspective, but behaved like a “human obscenity” from Detective Dehling’s point of view. To make those scenes work there must be continuity in blocking, dialogue, etc., and the filmmaker nailed it for the most part.Unfortunately, this style of film-making requires the viewer to think a little bit, and I believe that is the source of so many mediocre reviews.Casting is perfect: Matt Dillon is the gullible nice guy who loses everything he has to a woman, without the formality of a marriage and divorce. Paul Reiser is a pretentious, self-absorbed attorney with a penchant for bondage. John Goodman plays a good cop who is instantly saved from grief over his wife’s death by a delusion. And of course, Liv Tyler just oozes sensuality as the femme fatale of the story.The supporting cast of Michael Douglas, Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Jenkins and Reba McEntire are excellent in their respective roles–especially Andrew Dice Clay’s portrayal of two characters with similarly mean temperaments.Some of the one-liners in this film easily rank with comedy genius that made Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Fish Called Wanda, and Mystery Men into highly quotable films. Paul Reiser in particular, who I generally can’t stand to watch for very long, finds a role that fits his style perfectly here.I also felt that the cinematography and lighting were fabulous. Just look at the lighting inside the crowded bar, or inside the church. I notice how well this was done more and more with each subsequent viewing, but when you first watch the film it merely enhances the storytelling. So the filmmakers deserve a lot of credit there.The bottom line is that most people will definitely find this film well worth watching, and many will probably add it to their favorites list. So I highly recommend watching One Night at McCools to see what it does for you.

  • sowsanna-tsowrhvizyan
    sowsanna tsowrhvizyan

    One Night at McCool’s may not be for kids, but for the older (and funner) at heart, this film is my pick of the year. It has great acting (Matt Dillon, Liv Tyler, Andrew Dice Clay, Paul Reiser, John Goodman, Reba McEntire, Michael Douglas and Andrew Dice Clay are the highlights) great laughs, and great surprises. Also, this is one of those films where the film is mainly a set-up for what will come in the last scene. But unlike other films, the ending is electrifying, smart and funny. Just like the rest of the film leading up to it. A+

  • maarit-vesterinen
    maarit vesterinen

    Few could seriously argue that ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL’S is great film making – it doesn’t even really live up to the title which is merely the opening for each of the three stories (interrelated perspectives) we follow drawn from the events which began one night at a watering hole named McCool’s. Great film making or not, the film knows how to push most of the right buttons and quote the right classic models for a good “naughty” time, and most viewers will have such a good time before the story’s energy runs out in the last 20 minutes, that they won’t really care.Matt Dillon turns in a fine performance (and not just his from eyebrows and abs – though they get their usual workout) as the put-upon bartender who gets drawn into the increasingly outrageous chain of events by the beauteous (and predictably amoral) Liv Tyler as bodies – dead and otherwise – start to pile up. The main story thread is told for most of the film in flashback as Dillon, at a low point in his life, recruits aid from an oddly cast Michael Douglas. Paul Reiser is his cousin, in the midst of a severe midlife crisis and explaining his story to his new therapist, Reba McEntire (turning in another delightful set of reactions) and John Goodman is the policeman – and one true innocent in the story – also drawn into the web of events by lost love and seeking council from his all too interested parish priest, Richard Jenkins.Inocence and midlife frustration are not rewarded in a film like this (stick around for the punchline joke life plays on Reiser at the end – it’s a drop-dead killer!), but for the Saturday night crowd who wants a happy ending, Dillon gets one Moliere would have been proud of, and in this case, even the modern version of a “Tartuffe” may get to ride happily off into the sunset.A solid supporting cast TV viewers will smile at (Andrea Bendewald, a chilly blonde source of laughs in so many shows, is particularly good in the small role of Reiser’s wife) keeps things rolling and occasionally adds just by the baggage they bring. Completing the mix is a surprisingly satisfying double role tossed to Andrew Dice Clay (nearly unrecognizable in each) as the “friend” who starts and finishes the whole chain of events.The McGuffin here is “house hunger,” and those who love ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL’S should seek out Harold Prince’s twisted black comedy fairy tale, SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE where Michael York has the same weakness. It might make a great double feature.

  • mariah-mendoza
    mariah mendoza

    This is the kind of comedy that can either make you laugh, or just lose you as a viewer. I think it will probably win more, than lose.SpoilersFirst of all, I want to say I liked two things very much: I loved the fact that each time one of the three guys was saying his interpretation of the story, the story itself got a new look. The fact that people are sooo subjective when it comes to discussing love, is just put on screen very nicely. The second thing I liked was Liv Tyler. She’s got that charm, that would really make men go for her. Especially if they are blinded by love. Everyone, from “soft” lawyers, to assassins. I really think that Douglas is in a way the brightest, but in the same way the most stupid of them. Not only does he hear how good that girl can fool around with men, but he still ignores that fact, and even tries to make her want him…though, I believe she would’ve gone out with him anyway.The rest of the actors are really well for their roles…The plot is, as I said before indirectly, pretty nice, but…but I fear this was not really what I would’ve wanted to see in a good comedy. I don’t consider that crime and sex must always be contained in a good comedy…and if they are, let them be well in their place. I do not consider it was all so good for this movie, but still things haven’t gone really bad.Maybe the thing I really didn’t like is that the action is somewhat idiotic at the beginning with Utah, but anyway, the idea of blinding love is really becoming a boring thing.After I draw the line, and add up the plus and minus points, I think the movie is just average. A reasonable 7 maybe.

  • juana-gonzalo-paniagua
    juana gonzalo paniagua

    A very funny movie. Michael Douglas’ “do” is worth watching this flick for if for no other reason. I’d like to see him do more of these low life roles. He was terrific, as were all the performers.The film struck me right off as an American Roshomon, only funnier and easier to watch because it was in American and didn’t need no stinkin subtitles!In a funny movie with a laugh every minute or so, two of the best were with John Goodman (not someone I am crazy about) – 1. He is telling the priest about Jewel doing something he liked and says “I had to wipe the smile off my face.” The visual shows he is not smiling and clearly is a guy who never smiles, but probably doesn’t know it. 2. The scene at the end between Goodman, all suited up for Jewel in his cop uniform, and grappling with the be-leathered Reiser hunched over a table… and the two of them then protesting that they are not gay to another character who happens on the scene – this alone deserved a special Comedy Academy Award.

  • mikael-lindstrom
    mikael lindstrom

    One Night At McCool’s:I recently began to wonder how long it had been since a movie had really made me laugh. Not just smile, but bust a gut, wipe tears out of my eyes, clutch my side, think I’m going to stop breathing, roar with laughter. Frighteningly enough I realized it had been months. Ever since “There’s Something About Mary”, directors and writers have equated super gross-out with funny. However, the recent spate of disastrous “comedies” – “Tomcats” and “Freddie Got Fingered” instantly come to mind- have hopefully shown just how wrong this thinking is. Does anyone in Hollywood remember how to make a good comedy? I’m still undecided.Jewel is the kind of woman that every man wishes for: tall, gorgeous, aggressive and a “demon in the sack”. Unfortunately as the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true… Jewel’s charms are backed up by a penchant for philandering, double cross and murder. After one night at a back street dive of a bar, three unlucky men – a bartender, a lawyer and a police officer – learn what it’s like to have there prayers and worst nightmares come true when they’re caught up in her whirlwind. “One Night at McCool’s” plays like the Japanese classic “Rashomon” -different people recount their experiences of the same event and we’re never quite sure which one to believe. This movie marks the breakout performance of Liv Tyler both literally and figuratively – as Jewel she is practically spilling out of her clothing, and abandons her innocent persona delivering one of the best vixen performances in recent memory. She is positively wicked. Matt Dillon is enjoyable as the pitiable sop who, although his life is destroyed by her conniving, can’t seem to let her go. Paul Reiser manages not to be too annoying as a sleazy lawyer, while John Goodman, who seems to be wheezing through his lines, is quite distracting. Michael Douglas’ turn as a slimy coifed contract killer with an agenda all his own is quite amusing and you want to take a shower every time he is onscreen. Andrew Dice Clay (remember him?) and Reba McEntire round out the cast with decent performances.Aside from the aforementioned movie reference, “One Night at McCool’s” borrows liberally from such classic films as “Coolhand Luke” and “Falling Down”. While I enjoyed these and other manipulations, the movie spends a little too much time trying to be clever and consequently suffers from several noticeable lulls. What I found most disappointing however was the “surprise” ending that many people have commented on – although I did laugh at it, the effect would have been much greater if it had not been revealed in the trailers (on the off chance you have not seen them, I will say no more)!! I laughed nonetheless. “McCool’s” succeeds largely because it is subtle, well acted and most importantly, funny.

  • wiremu-simpson
    wiremu simpson

    “One Night at McCool’s” is one of those quirky films that comes out quite interesting. It portrays a young woman (Liv Tyler) crossing paths with three lonely men (Matt Dillon, John Goodman, Paul Reiser) and turning their lives upside down. Throughout most of the movie, you sort of wonder where it’s going, but the hilarious end is sure to blow you away. It sure blew me away.Maybe this movie isn’t really anything special, but it’s pretty neat. Sort of a look at how small things can proliferate. Also starring Michael Douglas, Reba McEntire and Andrew Dice Clay.And one more thing: after watching this movie, you may feel tempted to spend the next few days singing “YMCA”.

  • samsonov-evstafii-georgievich
    samsonov evstafii georgievich

    (One Night at McCool’s) is one interesting crime comedy. I loved how all the story is told by different viewpoints, having some meanings to say as well, unlike the absurdity of (Pulp Fiction), and more close to the wisdom of (Citizen Kane) and (Rashômon) yet wittier.It says a lot about how woman defines the men’s facts and perspectives. Look at the intellectual structure of the whole thing: there is who sees woman as just a body, a lovemaking machine, an equal to the human desire (the lawyer), or an angel, an image of purity, an equal to the human eminence (the police officer), and then the lead / the husband who’s in the middle, seeing her as body and soul.Furthermore, because the first 2 characters went to extremes in their faith, the movie punishes them at the end. They, also, were less smart to grasp the truth that the lead (Matt Dillon) grasped, and (Michael Douglas)’s character dominates. And when the last with the heroine get along eventually, feeling the harmony together, it’s more than bitter sneer at the crazy violence of our world, where these 2 killers deserve to be its masters indeed. Simply, here, the faithlessness wins since it’s a crazy world. Good shootout at the end to embody that by the way.As you see, love doesn’t live here anymore. Instead, you’d have cheating, stealing and killing. So, agree or not, you have to admire the movie’s question, or originally its wish to ask: Do we live an evil world? Or is woman an evil world herself? To answer rightly, see first how all the movie’s men were, in a way or another, victims for the heroine. Except the one who was as evil as her, or his evil completes hers!I hate to be this movie’s writer. While he shows different viewpoints towards the woman, all in love with her, he himself sees her as deceiver illusion. And whenever there is a solid truth inside of her, then it’s one winning evil, as if she’s the most beautiful incarnation of the devil!The acting is flawless, with a cast that I really don’t love most of it unless here. Enough to say that I’m not a (Liv Tyler) fan, but what a halo that she has this time, pushing you to believe her every minute. For me, it’s the best of her yet. As for the pace, it is thrilling. And really, what a wit.It’s rare to have a meaningful crime comedy while being so comic. It’s rare to have a movie that makes the sophisticated plot so attractive and lovable. And it’s rare to make the black comedy that colorful. So I loved it, it amuses me on many levels, despite its triteness while dealing with sex to some extent, and its point of view towards women.. Otherwise, I was mistaken all along, and this is a movie about the weakness and the stupidity of men!

  • heli-raisanen-koskela
    heli raisanen koskela

    This is one of those films which I pass all the time at my local vid shop. I hear of it, it has gone done generally good with critics but it never really screams at me to rent it. Anyway I did rent as part of a special offer discount voucher I had. I must say it was actually pretty good. The film is completely ludicrous in plot but it is a comedy. Basically it is about the effect Liv Tyler has on three men in particular played by Matt Dillon, Paul Reiser and John Goodman. I will say though, that I can definately believe the things these guys do for Livs character because she is so gorgeuous, I freely admit I’d do whatever the hell she wanted me to do. I am a big Liv Tyler fan after Lord of the Rings becuase she is so attrcative and depsite what critics say she actually can act. I know perhaps films like Armeggeddon are not the best to judge critical response because everyone in that film got criticised for their performances. Anyway, while this film is entertaining it has now real memorable moments of comedy that don’t involve Liv half naked and hosing herself or something. I thought that the performances in particular Dillon, Goodman and Michael Douglas were all great and also a narrow show stealer, from the other men, Paul Reiser is hilarious you can’t help but laugh out loud as he is running around in bondage gear, oh wait that could go down as a memorable moment. Liv is the overall show stopper because she lights up the screen whenever she’s on it.

  • valentina-viana
    valentina viana

    One night, barkeeper Randy (Matt Dillon) rescues Jewel (Liv Tyler) from her jealous boyfriend Utah (Andrew Dice Clay). He takes Jewel to his home. But Utah comes back and wants Randy to open the safe at Mc Cool´s. Suddenly a shot – Utah´s dead. Then… …I´ll better stop here to tell the plot. That´s like to explain the story of “Wild things”. What I found so interesting, was the fact that the plot (written by Stan Seidel, his first and his last work – he died in July last year…) was told from 3 perspectives – the 3 men that fall for Jewel. Everybody of them sees her from different eyes – like John Goodman as the detective, who tenderly falls in love with her because of being remembered of his dead wife… No wonder that the guys fall for her! Liv Tyler – she´s a real jewel. She made the big screen shining! She played her role as if she was in a 40´s noir- thriller. Sweet – but in the same time she was the cool vamp who walks over dead body´s and uses the men for her needs. And, of course, Michael Douglas. How could I forget him? Mr. Burmeister, the Bingo-playing killer – he was quite cool!But in the last 10 minutes there was a little bit too much slapstick for my taste – it weakened the atmosphere. That part began when Paul Reiser (as Randys cousin Carl) putted on his leather dress for Jewel. The “YMCA”-song didn´t fit so much here… … but altogether, “One night at Mc Cool´s” is a pretty COOL film-noir parody!

  • matilde-monteiro
    matilde monteiro

    Liv Tyler. Liv Tyler. Liv Tyler. Yeah it’s hard to keep your mind off this fetching beauty (giving an radiantly picture-perfect performance), as she simply has tongues wagging. ‘One Night at McCool’s’ is a dementedly quirky and raunchy black comedy with old-fashion shades tied in to its familiar, but smartly crafted and chaotic narrative which has three men lusting after the one women and she’s milking it to her advantage. When you see Tyler, no wonder why they are infatuated and would do anything… that’s anything to see ‘her’ happy and living ‘her’ dreams. Just like Tyler, there’s something rather intoxicating about this feature in that we see the likes of Matt Dillon, John Goodman, Paul Reiser (who’s great) and especially Michael Douglas (who plays the hired assassin with cool-ease, but a questionable hairdo) really having a good time with their roles. The consuming plot opens up with the main three characters (Dillon, Goodman and Reiser) telling their story of how they came to encounter this divine presence and the eventual affects that she’s having on them to lead to an insane climax. There’s an unpredictable chain of events (ranging from fruity to sensual), where everything would virtually tie in together with a certain ironic (snowball) twist of fate for the characters (that see them leaving their reserved comfort zone to fulfill this girl). Howard Zwart’s direction is colorfully zippy balancing the script’s quick-fire gags and frenetically fun, if complicated situations. One of the best under-the-radar comedies in the last decade, which will have you under Tyler’s thumb.

  • dominik-kramberger
    dominik kramberger

    We have just returned from viewing One Night, how enjoyable, I haven’t laughed as much in years and my partner, who doesn’t enjoy comedy, really enjoyed herself. Every character is a delight and there is so much subtle symbolism, like the use of the ketchup bottle as a sex indicator. The women I know all love the idea of Liv Tyler winding so many men round her little finger.The ending is so sudden and unexpected, that I nearly choked with laughter.Put this one on your must see list.

  • francoise-dubois
    francoise dubois

    “One Night At McCool’s” is one of those films that had possibilities, but in the long run it ends up being rather juvenile. It probably doesn’t help matters much that I’m one of the few men (?) that doesn’t think Liv Tyler is all that hot. Seeing as her sexuality is the main point of the plot, I had a hard time believing that all these guys would fall for her so easily. I’m not sure if she is just a terrible actress or was purposefully acting bad in order to develop her conning character. The lame and overdone sex scenes must have been done to placate the teenage boys that Liv may have drawn to the theaters. Matt Damon and John Goodman’s characters are excellent, however, and provided quite a few laughs in their roles. The retelling of the same set of events through different viewpoints is always interesting and several comical retellings were what saved this movie from being a total wash.

  • paula-gomez
    paula gomez

    This movie is never going to be on a list of the top 50 films of all time, but if you’re compiling a list of “fun films”, this isn’t a bad place to start. Liv Tyler is amazing, captivating and luscious, and everyone else is dead-on right for their parts. It’s a 21st century counterpart to “Tom Jones” — in other words; just good, bawdy fun. I think that this may be Tyler’s breakthrough film on her way to major stardom. With no nudity she oozes sex in this film. It’s no wonder all the boys give her toys. How could they help but do that for a helpless, innocent such as Liv’s Jewel?

  • bayan-unsever-sener-sama
    bayan unsever sener sama

    This is a very good black comedy, with a great view on how different people have a different perception of the same situations. The three main characters each met a girl named Jewel, played by Liv Tyler, who is a different male fantasy for each of the three men. Each of the three men go through the same situations, but when they tell of them to other people, their perception of the situation is very different from what the other two say. That is a very good concept, probably not entirely original but it works very well in the movie. The plot is very good, very bizarre and extreme, which makes it a good black comedy. The acting is equally good, not one of the actors seemed out of place or out of their league. The comedy is very black, pitch black in some scenes, and a lot of people will definitely be offended by it, but fans of black comedy will probably enjoy it. Overall, this movie is not for everyone’s taste, but most people who like black comedy will probably love it, as it is definitely one of the better black comedies. 7/10

  • oliwier-heinrich
    oliwier heinrich

    I have to say I am surprised at the response of people on this website to this film. So much so I felt I should say something about it.Ok, this film certainly isn’t Ben-Hur or The Searchers, its not a profound and streaming epic, but for what it is I can think of none better.It is a very funny and almost bizarre film. It is original, the cast act their hearts out and it is very rewarding to watch, the direction is unique, almost perky, there are no plot twists you can guess well in advance – there are no real plot twists. There are developments but they are not meant to catch you off guard. The behaviour of the main males is entirely beleivable and Liv Tyler’s blatant sexuality is purposeful – if she didn’t come across as a woman who a man would do anything for the plot would be null and void. As it is – even the most vocal Liv Tyler haters will be won over by her performance.Each of the male unfortunates are so hilarious in their sheer devotion to Tyler, Goodman as the cop whose wife died years before and who sees in Tyler something he hasn’t felt in years. Reiser as a hot shot lawyer who wants to have felt something before he dies is completely hilarious in his Tyler fetish. And Matt Dillon as the slightly dim initial boyfriend manages to acheive gormlessness perfectly. Whether these are all instances of excellent casting or not, who cares. I laughed throughout this film. Admittedly not every line has you bent over in stitches and some of th emore obvious jokes seem designed for fans of the Farrelly Brothers type, but there is an overall atmosphere of farce to the film that you can’t help but feel glad you aren’t involved. To summarise what I am rambling on about – basically this film is not going to go down in history as one of the all time greats – but it does have cult potential. It is highly original, brilliantly acted and it is completely aware of what it is mocking – beautiful women getting what they want and the sad fact that men couldn’t care what they are forced to do as long as there is a stunning female waiting for them at the end.Personally I think anyone who feels strongly against this film can speak to me abou tit because I would be interested to find out why. Very very good. And I hope it does become a cult hit because it certainly deserves something after the way it has been slated.

  • dorel-tabacu
    dorel tabacu

    One Night at McCool’s is a very funny movie that is more intelligent than what it should be. Its form is more sophisticated than what I expected, and its randomness was superb. The thoughts behind the movie (mysogeny, sadism, stupid men) are are infantile. That’s what I have to say about this movie is that not only does it hate women, but it loathes men. It doesn’t have any sympathy for any of the men, really. It seems that way because of the form, but the ending says it all. Nobody cares.The form has the first 2/3 of the movie told in flashback by three characters: Dillon, the stupid bartender; Reiser, the mysogenistic stupid lawyer; and Goodman, the stupid, holier-than-thou cop. The story is therefore always perverted by their own self images and altered realities. Reiser’s BBQ fantasy is a great touch. In the end, we never really know the truth, and nothing is what it seems. Dillon was never that innocent, etc. Actually, the rest of the movie is funny too. From the randomness of the last 5 seconds of the movie to the overly-obviousness of Tyler’s manipulations, the movie seems to have an energy all its own. Everything is just out of the blue, and nothing seems to make sense. Do we really care if it does? No. It is also a very dark comedy, but has a shallow presentation. Think Nurse Betty, or Jawbreaker. Very candy coated outside, dark chewy inside. If you like your movies random, dark, or just purely mean, see this movie. This one will satisfy your urges for the strangeness that is One Night at McCool’s.8/10

  • marek-zimmer
    marek zimmer

    “One Night At McCools” is the kind of movie that you start watching and don’t expect very much. It helps to first check your brains at the door or at the side of the couch. But, much to your surprise, the movie is a winner. It’s a delightful film about four whacky characters that are so driven by their out-of-control basic instincts that you have to follow their trail and laugh along at them. And most of their instincts revolve around sex. Liv Tyler, playing the irresistible Jewell, delivers with little left to your imagination. In one of the sexiest performances I’ve seen on film in years, Liv keeps all men hot and aroused, both on and off the screen. Paul Reiser and John Goodman had some hysterical moments as two guys who are willing to give up everything for the woman of their dreams. And Matt Dillon did a fine job as the loser who had nothing going for him, but got sucked into the sex and violent world of the only woman who would give him the time of day. There was an unusual, for him, performance by Michael Douglas, as the con man and recipient of the long narrative tale told by Matt Dillon. It seemed that Michael was there to oversee the film, allowing the rest of the fine cast to do their thing and get the accolades. He played it very low key, which was perfect for a guy who’s not known as a comedic actor. So get yourselves ready for a very funny, light, and fast-paced sex romp. It’ll be one enjoyable night.

  • akribos-karakaxes
    akribos karakaxes

    I must admit, I liked this movie, and didnt find it all misogynist. It could be subtitled, three ways of looking at LiV Tyler. Three different men become obsessed with the same woman,and tell their stories to very different characters;One man(John Goodman) tells his story to a priest(the very funny Richard Jenkins).For Goodmans charcter, the Liv Tyler character is an idealized saint, the second coming of his sainted wife,Theresa.For Paul Riesers character(who tellls story to a shrink(a fine, understated performance by the great Reba Mcintire),the Liv Tyler character is simplyan object of (kinky)sexual fantasy.Finally Matt Dillons rather dimwitted charcter tells HIS side of the story to a sleazy hit man, played by Micheal Douglas.All three of these narratives of obsession are told simultaneously,and all are amusing. Finaly the film ends in a bizarrely funny climax, that I wont give away.

  • tuomas-antikainen
    tuomas antikainen

    ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL’S / (2001) *** (out of four)By Blake French: According to Harald Zwart, the director of “One Night at McCool’s,” this film is “a dark comedy about the power of women over men, and how a group of people can all perceive different realities. It’s the same story told from three different points of view, and each time we tell the story, we try to reveal a little bit more about what actually happened, which nobody really knows.” “One Night at McCool’s” marks the feature film directorial debut of Zwart, an award winning commercial and music video director who began making short films when he was eight years old. I always get nervous when a director of commercials and music videos turns to filmmaking. We have seen so many examples of how these guys think they are making another advertisement or music video for TV with their productions. Zwart resists that tendency. He captures a specific humorous truth in “One Night at McCool’s,” from an inventive, complex screenplay by the late Stan Seidel, even if it is often somewhat perplexing. “One Night At McCool’s” features three men who share their separate experiences about a particularly beautiful young woman. In some ways, this movie is the comedy version of “American Beauty,” but in others, it is a world apart. “It all started one night at McCool’s” explains each of the three men to their various listeners. There is Randy (Matt Dillon), a tender at the local bar, and his cousin, a lawyer named Carl (Paul Reiser), who stays until the place closes. Detective Dehling (John Goodman), arrives when the saloon becomes the crime scene of the dead boyfriend of a female fatal appropriately named Jewel (Liv Tyler). Randy is the first to see her, as an individual treats her unkindly. He stands up for her, and before you can say SEXY, they are having vigorous sex and she moves in with him. At first, Randy is reluctant: “The sex and the violence, all in one night – it’s a little much.” But who could turn a jewel like Jewel away. Jewel changes the lives of each of the three men. For Detective Dehling, she pulls him out of a hole of grief since his wife died. For Carl, she makes him forget his loving family and nice little suburban household. For Randy, she lights a few fires, both positive and negative, the later persuading him to contact a bingo playing hit man named Burmeister (Michael Douglas) to put an end to her deceptive ways. It is interesting how the movie perceives the three different chronicles-even the costuming of Jewel is relative to the man telling the story. Dehling sees Jewel as a beautiful, mesmerizing gift from God. Carl sees Jewel as two sexy legs and lots of cleavage. Randy is unsure what to make of her, an awakening to his otherwise boring, road to nowhere life. The most intriguing element of this movie is Jewel herself, however, deliciously played by the always delightful Liv Tyler (“Armageddon”). She is not really interested in the men, but what they can offer her. Her motives are all too simple, not truthfully diabolical or evil; she is simply a young lady who has learned at an early age that she can get what she wants out of life through her beauty. The film has a lot of fun with its material. From the enthusiastically entertaining cast, to its violently hilarious showdown, “One Night at McCool’s” takes advantage of most of its humorous ideas. What makes the movie even funnier is how the three men’s points of view differ. The actors have a lot of fun with their characters, too. Goodman is curiously whimsical; Reiser fits his kinky, squirmy part quite well; Douglas is sly and mysterious in one of the movie’s funniest performances; Dillon gives his character arrogant personality, even though Randy is a lackluster nobody; Liv Tyler is dazzling. She injects Jewel with the perfect amount of boastful charisma and tantalizing wit. She reminds us of Mena Suvari’s intimate performance in “American Beauty.” “One Night at McCool’s” is the first film to come from Michael Douglas’ new production company, Furthur Films. It is a creative, genuine, and sexy production. Along the way we often become caught up in the twisty structure, but that is a natural response to a movie that intentionally interweaves several angles to a single story. The movie ends on a note that is both black and comedic. This is another one of those comedies in which serious events take place in a humorous way; i.e., the black comedy. Many films of this genre come across as either too black or too lackadaisical. “One Night at McCool’s” is one of the few that actually work.