Follow the strawhats as they get invited to the large event known as pirate expo! All star pirates are gathered in the pirate expo, the marines decide to interfere, what conspires in this event? A One Piece spin off movie.::wasifnoobtroller

Also Known As: One Piece: Stampede, One Piece: Estampida

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  • user

    im not complaining since we did get it free but can we possibly get the actual movie file instead of some guy in the theatre.

  • kelly-watson
    kelly watson

    For its charactor, it should have 11 stars.Due to that,some part are too quickily that I couldn’t completely feel the excited and amazed. A little action is weird I couldn’t understand. The exist doesn’t act normal. It isn’t just failure and then win.Altough all we know he will lose first , he still have a little hope that he could hurt the bad guy. That makes the win possible. This movie is different with Conan. It isn’t just for fans.It prefer to everybody who like hot blood anime.Come to watch the movie

  • zoran-juretic
    zoran juretic

    If you are one piece fans, this is a must watch movie.

  • patvakan-ghazinyan
    patvakan ghazinyan

    Every second on the screen is fun, everything gets you excited for the next scene.Amazing characters. Amazing plot. Everything combines into a fantastic fun movie.

  • katri-rissanen-peltonen
    katri rissanen peltonen

    If you are one piece fan, you better watch it. There are many interesting things 100% you love it.

  • robyn-williams
    robyn williams

    Best one piece movie ever Really touching Full of memories

  • jasna-zagar
    jasna zagar

    The movie is just insane. I recommend this to all anime and One Piece fans every where. You won’t be disappointed

  • mrs-lynn-morris
    mrs lynn morris

    The best one piece movie full of action scenes and I had a lot of fun

    • asrul

      Awsome movie. But i want want to watch one more time in cinema . OnePieceThebestAnime

  • dr-christine-gomez-dds
    dr christine gomez dds

    Ohh yey This anime movie is going to be best i think

  • jakub-kapera
    jakub kapera

    10/10 !! Oda and Toei did something truly amazing , love it .

  • theophanes-papagiannes
    theophanes papagiannes

    Honestly what did you expect from them to do in the 20th anniversary ? they blow everyone’s mind , 10/10 !! love it .

  • jacqueline-brandt
    jacqueline brandt

    Best one piece movie ever We have many characters in this film We have a big fun with one piece stampede

  • rhowzan-yogowrt-ch-yan
    rhowzan yogowrt ch yan

    Awesome movie definitely the best One Piece movie out there